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Wessex Games released their Aeronef rules in early 1999. They are set in an alternate history in the late 19th Century when the aircraft has been invented several decades earlier than the Wright Brothers actually managed. The nations and empires of the world battle for supremacy of the skies in giant aerial ships known as Aeronefs, lighter-than-air dirigibles ('Digs') and small fighter and bomber aircraft.

Our range of 'Nefs, Digs and aircraft complements the rules and also the official range of models released by Wessex.


Steve Blease runs a blog, Les Guerres Extraordinaires, dedicated to detailing the Wessex VSF background, also relevant of course to Aeronef


We are currently out of stock of the Nef rulebook (and therefore Starter Packs as well) and Captain's Handbook because both are out of print. However, we are able to offer the PDF editions (same rules, different layout) supplied on a CD and of course starter packs with PDF CDs.


Models are not supplied with bases. Not everyone wants the plastic bases (we think they're great, but we realise some people may want to base their models differently or for other rules systems). Rather than making you pay for bases you don't want, we supply them seperately in our Accessories range.

For fighter stands, see item SFS-7001 in the Spaceships range

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