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The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers
Page last updated : 23rd November 2017

About the SFSFW

The SFSFW is a body dedicated to promoting the fantasy and science fiction genre within wargaming and the hobby in general. It is a fully international society with members in many countries. Benefits of membership include a subscription to the society's house magazine Ragnarok, discounts from over twenty manufacturers including GZG, Wessex, and Pendraken and free entry to the society show Bifrost. Full details of the very reasonable membership rates (including overseas) and other information can be found on the society's homepage - They now have facilities to allow you to pay subscriptions by PayPal and bypass all this cheque malarkey - especially good for prospective overseas members !


"About time too !", we hear you cry. As of now, we offer a 5% discount to all paid up members of the SFSFW. If you're a member, click the button below to activate your discount. When you complete the checkout process in PayPal, enter your membership number (find it on the address label of the envelope your Rag comes in if you've forgotten) in the 'comments' box. If you don't include your membership number, you won't be able to claim the discount. The discount will actually be taken off of the postage costs (so UK will become 5%, Europe 10% and the rest of the world 15%) but it all amounts to the same thing - this was the easiest way to get it through the PayPal system.

If you click the button by accident and you aren't actually a member, click it again to cancel

SFSFW Awards

The SFSFW give out annual awards to manufacturers within the SF and fantasy gaming industry, voted for by the members. Having won our first award last year (for this website) we've not only retained that title but added the Best SF Manufacturer (under 20mm) category in which we've been 2nd for the last couple of years, pipping GZG by a couple of percentage points. Not only that, we also managed 2nd place (only just behind the winners) in the Best Service category. We're again very surprised and proud, so thanks to everyone that voted for us. Lets hope we can maintain the high levels we've set so we can win some more next year.

Left - Tony picks up the award at Bifrost 2003


Ragnarok 44

Rag 45 has just arrived, featuring amongst other things Steve Blease's reviews of both Iron Stars and our Yenpalo starships.

Ragnarok 37

The cover of Ragnarok 37 featured the Aeronef game run at Bifrost 2001 (and again at 2004) by ourselves and other members of the club to which we Brigadiers all belong, Maidstone Wargames Society.


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