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Brigade Models
Page last updated : 27th April 2017

Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Previews, new releases, interesting stuff ... and cakes !

April 28th, 2017 08:00 AM
Alien Fire Support
Today sees the first of our Salute releases hit the website. The new 15mm Yenpalo Xarledi grav tank is now available, along with the support railgun and mortar teams. The Xarledi is a very alien-looking heavy grav tank with remote mass-driver turret and two twin railgun mounts on either side. It has a resin turret […]
April 21st, 2017 09:51 AM
Last Minute Additions
Phil’s just emailed me to say he’s remade the mould for our long out-of-production Kerberos spacestation, so we’ll have several examples of that for sale tomorrow. The Kerberos is a three-spoked ring station which is a single-piece resin casting, and he tells me that the new ones he’s had out of the mould so far […]
April 20th, 2017 08:00 AM
Stocked Up
Firstly, an apology – Easter has played havoc with my normal weekly schedule, so I’m a bit behind in getting orders to the post office – not casting and buyfilling the orders, that I’m on top of, but there’s a big pile of them in the office that need to be posted. Hopefully I will […]
April 19th, 2017 08:00 AM
That’s All, Folks !
There was an outside chance that we would have even more stuff for Salute to show you, but in the end it hasn’t happened. As I’ve mentioned to several people at shows over the last few months, I have been working on some dockyard buildings – mostly based on Chatham Naval Dockyard, not all that […]
April 18th, 2017 08:00 AM
Let’s have a brief change of pace from Salute for once – Beasts of War are inviting nominations for their 3rd annual awards, and you can win a prize for suggesting something for any of their categories. Far be it from us to seek to influence the jury, but maybe someone could sneak something of […]
April 17th, 2017 08:00 AM
Upgrading the Federation
When I mentioned yesterday that we’d reached the end of the new items for Salute, that wasn’t quite true (turns out that I’d got my order of publishing posts mixed up !)- although we really are almost done now. Today’s offering is a set of upgraded models for our European Federation spaceship fleet. This will […]
April 16th, 2017 08:00 AM
Squadron Commander (2)
This might (or might not) be the last of our Salute previews – you never know. Following on from the previews of the new British Squadron Commander models, we’re offering some opposition in the shape of two Neo-Soviet fighters. Like the Brits these are reworkings of the smaller models from the Spaceship range. The models […]
April 15th, 2017 08:00 AM
Squadron Commander (1)
Our Squadron Commander range has been static for a while, but it’s had a revival in sales recently, partly we suspect because of ‘gamers using the models as air support for 6mm ground games (the models are the same scale). So it’s time we added some new models, and today we have two British fighters. […]
April 14th, 2017 08:00 AM
Alien Big Brother
There’s a bit of an alien theme pervading our Salute SF releases this year – we’ve already previewed our first 6mm Yenpalo models and then followed them up with some nifty 15mm support weapons. Well, having made the 6mm tank, did you really think we wouldn’t make a 15mm version ? And now it has […]
April 13th, 2017 08:00 AM
Yenpalo Support
A couple of days ago we previewed the first of our Yenpalo aliens which have been scaled down to 6mm. Today we return to their 15mm cousins, who are gaining some heavy firepower in the form of crew-served railguns and automatic mortars. Each comes in a pack of two teams consisting of a two-part weapon […]

VANFP-1002 - Netherlands Fleet Pack
VANFP-1011 - Netherlands Torpedo Squadron
VAN-119 - Vanguard class Battleship
VAN-216 - Lexington class Battlecruiser
VAN-322 - Kaiser class Dreadnought
VAN-418 - Gaulois class Dreadnought
VAN-506 - Borodino class Battleship
VAN-514 - Poltava class Dreadnought
VAN-515 - Admiral Nakhimov class Battlecruiser
VAN-604 - Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-605 - Akashi class Light Cruiser
VAN-1001 - De Ruyter Class Catamaran Heavy Cruiser
VAN-1002 - Zeeslang Class Catamaran Destroyer
VAN-1003 - Tromp Class Catamaran Light Cruiser
VAN-1004 - van Speijk Class Catamaran Frigate
VAN-1005 - Flores Class Torpedo Catamaran
VAN-7006 - Battleship Masts
VAN-7012 - British Medium Turrets
VAN-7013 - British Heavy Barbettes
VAN-7014 - British Funnels
VAN-7034 - German Large Rounded Twin Turrets
VAN-7035 - German Large Rounded Single Turrets
VAN-7036 - German Small Rounded Twin Turrets
VAN-7037 - German Small Rounded Single Turrets
VAN-7038 - German Battleship Funnels
VAN-7046 - French Secondary Turrets
VAN-7047 - French Single Medium Turrets
VAN-7048 - French Double Medium Turrets
VAN-7055 - Russian Heavy Battleship Twin Turrets
VAN-7056 - Russian Heavy Battleship Single Turrets

Imperial Skies
ISK-001 - Imperial Skies Rulebook
ISK-010 - Imperial Skies Turn Rulers
ISK-011 - Imperial Skies Logo Dice

SFS-1222 - Slava class Missile Cruiser
SFS-1231 - Yerevan class Heavy Destroyer
SFS-1250 - Burun class Missile Corvette

15mm SF
RGS-005 - Rogue Stars
PP15-1213 - Bars Platoon Pack
SF15-010 - Furoraptors
SF15-011 - Shomix Herd Animals
SF15-012 - Uniformed Starship Crew
SF15-714 - Grav Bikes
SF15-1211 - Vombat Tank/APC
SF15-1213 - Bars Tank
SF15-1260 - Guards Infantry
SF15-1261 - Guards Support Weapons
SF15-1262 - Guards Command
SF15-1271 - Guards Rifle Platoon
SF15-1272 - Conscript Mechanised Platoon
SF15-1273 - Guards Assault Platoon
SF15-1510 - Shinigami Combat Car
SF15-1101 - Xarledi Grav Tank
SF15-1164 - Yenpalo Railgun Teams
SF15-1165 - Yenpalo Mortar Teams
B15-139 - Building Detail Widgets
B15-210 - Small Utility Shed
B15-411a - Small Domed Dwelling A
B15-411b - Small Domed Dwelling B

6mm SF
IC-701 - PacFed Strike Team
IC-711 - PacFed Tank Company
IC-712 - PacFed Infantry Company
IC-713 - PacFed Artillery Company
IC-714 - PacFed Strike Company
IC-715 - PacFed Scout Company
IC-1515 - Mercenary Kirin Lance
HS-1600 - Hammer's Slammer Army Pack
HS-1600u - Friesland Defence Force Army Pack
HS-1601 - Tank Detachment
HS-1601u - Uparmoured Tank Detachment
HS-1602 - Combat Car Detachment
HS-1602u - Uparmoured Combat Car Detachment
HS-1603 - Mobile Infantry Detachment
HS-1604 - Artillery Detachment
HS-1611 - M2A4 Blower Tank
HS-1611a - M2A4F Command Tank
HS-1611b - M2A4UA Uparmoured Tank
HS-1611c - M2A4FUA Uparmoured Command Tank
HS-1612 - M9A1 Combat Car
HS-1612a - M9A4 Command Car
HS-1612b - M9 Cargo Car
HS-1612c - M9A4 Ambulance
HS-1612d - M9A7 Uparmoured Combat Car
HS-1613 - A21 Jeep
HS-1613a - A21M Mortar Jeep
HS-1614 - M53 20cm Artillery Hog
SF300-1701 - Lightning Division Detachment
SF300-1711 - M2A7 Blower Tank
SF300-1712 - M9A14 Crew Car
SF300-311 - Eisenfaust Laser Tank
SF300-312 - Kastenwagen Platoon APC
SF300-414 - Larminat Laser Tank
SF300-701 - Cougar Grav Tank
SF300-701a - Tiger AA Tank
SF300-702 - Komodo Heavy Grav Tank
SF300-703 - Wombat Grav MICV
SF300-704 - Angelshark class VTOL
SF300-704a - Angelshark with Gatlings
SF300-705 - Bennelong Command Vehicle
SF300-705a - Bilby Radar Vehicle
SF300-706 - Ocelot Light Grav Tank
SF300-707 - Quoll Recce Vehicle
SF300-708 - Tanami Self-propelled Gun
SF300-708a - Kakadu Rocket Launcher
SF300-709 - Minigwal Fast Attack Vehicle
SF300-710 - Koala Heavy Attack Vehicle
SF300-710a - Koala-M Heavy Attack Vehicle
SF300-712 - Raeside Utility Grav Vehicle
SF300-712b - Raeside Grav Pick-up
SF300-712c - Raeside Scout
SF300-712d - Raeside with Missile Turret
SF300-770 - PacFed Armoured Infantry
SF300-1509a - Kirin Combat Walker with Gatlings
SF300-1509b - Kirin Combat Walker with Lasers
SF300-1509c - Kirin Combat Walker with Powerguns
B300-137 - Large House with Arched Entrance
B300-138 - Large House with Attached Garage
B300-601 - Habitation Sphere

10mm SF
B10-404 - Small Multi-dome Dwelling
B10-405 - Small Oval Dwelling
B10-411a - Small Domed Dwelling A
B10-411b - Small Domed Dwelling B

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8077 - Large Engine Shed
SSS-8078 - Roundhouse Engine Shed
SSS-8079 - Double rail track
SSS-8080 - Railway crossings
SSS-8076 - Harbour Defences
SSS-8074 - Hadrian's Wall
SSS-8075 - Roman Fort
SSS-8072 - Vietnamese Village
SSS-8073 - Vietnamese Firebase

ACC-024 - White plastic flying stand

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