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Brigade Models
Page last updated : 7th October 2021

Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Previews, new releases, interesting stuff ... and cakes !

October 15th, 2021 10:00 AM
Sand Troopers
So today we’re releasing the first of the new 15mm Desert Raider figures. Seven packs are available including riflemen and support weapons, command figures, tripod-mounted tri-barrel teams, snipers and the impressive Lizard Riders. We will have stocks of the new figures at SELWG, although the hoped-for new vehicles to accompany them won’t quite be ready. […]
October 8th, 2021 10:00 AM
Temple of Doom
We have two new 6mm buildings today, just to keep the city builders amongst you occupied. The first is a small temple in the Desert Outlands range, somewhere to find some peace and solitude in the depths of the Outlands. The other is far different – a large tower which we’ve dubbed a Corporate Tower, […]
October 6th, 2021 08:14 AM
Raiders Ready
SELWG is just 11 days away now, so we’re ramping up production for the show. As I feared, there’s a lot to do in stocking up the last 18 months’ worth of new releases so I’m still not 100% sure if we’ll manage to get everything finished. One thing we will definitely have is these […]
October 1st, 2021 10:00 AM
Third Time Lucky
This week we’re updating one of our oldest designs, the Pomerania Superdreadnought. It’s always been a very popular model, but has been in and out of production at various times and has had several updates over its 25+ year history. The original version came out before the dawn of time (ie sometime in the 1990s) […]
September 29th, 2021 10:38 AM
First Show, New Venue, New Protocols
So, as mentioned, we’re off to SELWG in just over two weeks in the new Lee Valley venue. It’ll be a new experience, our first show for 18 months and the first under COVID protocols. The venue’s safety guidance is here – we’ll also be providing hand sanitiser on the stand and asking you not […]
September 24th, 2021 10:00 AM
Wide Brazilian Sky
Progress is slower than we hoped on the South American Imperial Skies project, but the next of the fleets to get a makeover is the largest of the countries, Brazil. It has a total of 12 different models in the fleet, including four brand new ones, ranging from the Timbira class Torpedo Sloop at the […]
September 18th, 2021 10:00 AM
Fort Week – Scilly Season
Dammit … this post was scheduled for Thursday but didn’t appear due to a technical glitch (I’m not sure why, and probably never will be). So ignore the bit about penultimate, as it’s appearing out of sequence ! Our penultimate offering in this week of historical fortifications is Star Castle, built in 1593 on the […]
September 17th, 2021 10:00 AM
Fort Week – Final Friday
We round off Fort Week with the most modern of the new releases, Fort St Benedict in Kraków. Although now part of Poland, the fort was built by the Austro-Hungarians in the mid-19th century as part of the Kraków fortress. It takes its name from the nearby church, and is the only surviving fortress of […]
September 15th, 2021 10:00 AM
Fort Week – I’ll Have Mine on Toast
As we reach the mid-point of Fort Week, I’ve run out of alliterative titles so I’m now resorting to puns. This is Fort Paté, a Vauban fortification on an islet in the Gironde estuary in France built at the end of the 17th century. Along with Fort Médoc and the citadel of Blaye, it defended […]
September 14th, 2021 10:00 AM
Fort Week – Tower Tuesday
Our second offering for fort week is this collection of defensive towers from Malta. Known as the Lascaris Towers, they were built in the 17th Century by the Order of St John. Our set consists of two small watchtowers and a larger artillery tower, of which there are several examples of both on the island. […]

Hammer's Slammers
HS15-3901a - Burun II AA Tank
HS15-3901b - Shtorm MRLS
HS15-3901c - Groza II Artillery
HS15-3904a - Shershnem Assault Gun
HSD6-3805 - Prosperity Rebel Detachment
HSD6-3901 - New Ukrainian Heavy Armour Detachment
HSD6-3902 - New Ukrainian Support Detachment
HSD6-3903 - New Ukrainian Light Recce Detachment
HSD6-4201 - Hashemite National Brigade Detachment
HSD6-4202 - Hashemite Desert Raider Detachment
HS6-3801 - Colonial Light Tank
HS6-3802 - Pioneer Amphibious APC
HS6-3860 - Armed Civilians
HS6-3901 - Vyriz Medium Tank
HS6-3901a - Burun II AA Tank
HS6-3901b - TOS-6 Rocket Launcher
HS6-3901c - Groza II Artillery
HS6-3902 - Bulava Heavy Tank
HS6-3903 - Zhalo Light Tank
HS6-3904 - Shershnem Tank Destroyer
HS6-3905 - Yastrub MICV
HS6-4260 - Desert Raiders

Imperial Skies
VANFP-801 - Brazilian Fleet Pack #1
VANFP-802 - Brazilian Fleet Pack #2
VANFP-3201 - Ecuadorian Air Guard Squadron
VANFP-811 - Brazilian Torpedo Squadron
VANFP-3211 - Ecuadorian Torpedo Flotilla
VAN-224 - Alvarado class Dreadnought
VAN-801 - Sao Paulo Class Battlecruiser
VAN-802 - Minas Gerais Class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-803 - Gustavo Sampaio Class Light Cruiser
VAN-804 - Barroso Class Patrol Sloop
VAN-805 - Pernambuco class Frigate
VAN-806 - Júlio de Noronha class Cruiser
VAN-807 - Tamandare class Torpedo Cruiser
VAN-808 - Paraná class Frigate
VAN-809 - Rei Andreas class Battleship
VAN-810 - Japura class Destroyer
VAN-811 - Timbira class Torpedo Sloop
VAN-812 - Amazonas Class Light Armoured Cruiser
VAN-1608 - Constitucion class Battlecruiser
VAN-3201 - Tunguruhua class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-3202 - Zamora class Light Cruiser
VAN-3203 - Chimborazo class Destroyer
VAN-3204 - Isla class Frigate
VAN-3205 - Isabela class Torpedo Cutter
VAN-5001 - Majestic class Passenger Liner
VAN-5004 - Amazone class Patrol Cutter
VAN-5006 - Kaiserin Elisabeth Liner
VAN-5009 - Rochefort class Heavy Merchant
VAN-5010 - Stirling Castle class Liner
VAN-5014 - Cactus class Light Freighter
VAN-5015 - Hudson class Coal Tender
VAN-5016 - Visborg class Freighter
VAN-5017 - Svalbard class Coaler
VAN-5018 - Q-7 class Crane Lighter
VAN-7046a - French Twin Small Turrets
VAN-7049 - French Triple Heavy Turrets
VANF-3201 - Ecuadorian 8th National Flag (1860-1900)
VANF-3202 - Ecuadorian 9th National Flag (1900-2009)

ABS-006 - A Billion Suns
SFS-151 - Harrier class Attack Corvette
SFS-152 - Vigilant class Scoutship
SFS-162 - Valkyrie Fighter
SFS-260 - Eagle Class Interceptor
SFS-300 - Pomerania III class Dreadnought
SFS-352 - Thetis class Scoutship
SFS-651 - Galashewe class Scoutship
SFS-1203 - Admiral Lazarev class Battlecruiser
SFS-1251 - Steregushchiy class Scoutship
SFS-1431 - Barantas class Destroyer
SFS-1450 - Ngurah class Corvette
SFS-1451 - Diponegoro class Scout Corvette
SFS-5020 - Vasilisk Fuel tanker
SFS-5022 - Coreopsis Grain Transporter
SFS-5023 - Free Drogher Freighter
SFS-5024 - Trefoiler Light Tanker
SFS-5025 - Sidereal Wanderer Cargo Ferry
SFS-5026 - Nova Arrow Passenger Liner

15mm SF
SF15-013 - Killer Plants
B15-1006 - Concrete Barriers

6mm SF
IC-1103 - Yenpalo Fire Support Group
SF300-111 - Athena Dropship
SF300-112 - Heracles Assault Shuttle
SF300-202 - M-83 Curtiss Heavy Tank
SF300-208 - M-84 Kochte MBT
SF300-406 - Javelot Scout Car with twin MGs
SF300-406a - Javelot Scout Car with Gatling
SF300-406b - Javelot Scout Car with missiles
SF300-406c - Musaraigne Utility Car
SF300-406e - Javelot Scout Car with mortar
SF300-406f - Javelot Tow Truck
SF300-412 - Lièvre 6x6 Pickup Truck
SF300-412a - Blaireau 6x6 Utility
SF300-412b - Belette 6x6 with Twin MGs
SF300-412c - Belette 6x6 with Gatling
SF300-412d - Belette 6x6 with Missiles
SF300-608d - Hippo Heavy Truck - AA version
SF300-608e - Hippo Heavy Truck - MRLS version
SF300-1101a - Xarledi Heavy Support Tank
SF300-1101b - Xarledi Light Support Tank
SF300-1101c - Xarledi AA Tank
SF300-1101d - Xarledi Missile Support Tank
SF300-9000 - Cyclo Pickup
SF300-9000a - Armed Cyclo
SF300-9000b - Cyclo Van
SF300-9000c - Cyclo Taxi
SF300-9000d - Police Cyclo
SF300-9000e - Cyclo Tow Truck
BP300-1006 - Laser Towers Pack
B300-1006 - Laser Tower
B300-1006a - Radar Tower
B300-146 - Blast Pen
B300-147 - Fuel Tanks
B300-149 - Corporate Tower
B300-188 - Guard Towers
B300-188a - Corner Guard Towers
BP300-802 - Walled Village Set
B300-806 - Large Residence
B300-807 - Small Temple
B300-1106 - Lunar Station
B300-1135 - Lunar Carriages
B300-1136 - Hazardous Waste Transporter Cars

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8162 - Gaol
SSS-8163 - Workhouse
SSS-8168 - Castel San Angelo (Taranto)
SSS-8169 - Palazzo del Governo (Taranto)
SSS-8164 - Hotel de Ville
SSS-8165 - Terraced Town Buildings
SSS-8166 - French Market Square
SSS-8170 - Lascaris Towers
SSS-8171 - Fort St Benedict
SSS-8174 - Matara Star Fort
SSS-8172 - Star Castle
SSS-8173 - Fort Paté
SSS-8167 - Castillo de San Antón
SSS-8119d - Castle Starter Set 3
SSS-8121d - Conisborough Keep

ACC-003O - Small six-sided dice - orange
ACC-025 - Clear round-base flying stand

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