The Saga of Iomhar MacAuley

John La continues the saga of his SAGA campaign following two battles against Jeremey’s Anglo Danes

War comes to the Isles

Winter has been kind, fresh recruits flock to our holy war banner, blessed by the Saints. Strong men from Steornabhag make up the most loyal retainers, wielding their great axes with strength and speed. Whilst travelling to market in Steornabhag, We were surprised to find the army of Beornsen blocking our path. Danish witchcraft perplexed our brave warriors as though they had drunk too much Uisge. The bravest of the brave, stout axemen of Talisker charged forward to remove the irritant bowmen, these cowardly men afraid of steel met the edges of mighty axes. What was this ! More witchcraft and sorcery or was it too much Uisge as the axes failed to meet their mark. Enraged our brave and mighty lads charged Beornsen himself who luckily survived the frenzied onslaught. A way had been cleared for our goods but Thornstein The Slaver’s path was blocked by cowardly bowmen. Single handed He took them on but the brave Slaver was finally overcome by the Milksop wretches. Beornsen was knocked to the ground from a challenge, badly wounded and he would pay dearly for this arrogant invasion of our peaceful realm.

Einar ‘Buttered Bread’ becomes a Man

Weakened by his ill considered attack, Beornsen’s lands were ripe for raiding. More new recruits had joined and our fleet of Birlinn’s was now three. We sailed east until we sighted Beornsen’s land. There was no resistance to our landing as the Danes fled in fear of our Mighty host. Beornsen’s men were waiting by ford to ambush us. More witchcraft made our mean hesitant but this time there was a steely determination. Beornsen’s best men and Beornsen himself charged the stout axemen of Talisker, steel met steel, steel met flesh in a whirring frenzy of axes. The fight finished with Beornsen in control of the ford and the waters ran red with the blood of brave warriors. Seeing Beornsen isolated on the ford, our viking cousins from Orkney issued a challenge and callow youth Einar ‘Buttered Bread’ was pushed to the front to take on Beornsen in single combat. Hampered by a serious wound, Beornsen failed to land a blow. Einar closed his eyes and swung his mighty axe, it shattered Beornsen’s helm, cleaving him in two, kicking the remains of Beornsen’s head into the waters below. Arise Einar ‘Skull Splitter’! whose reputation has spread far and wide across the lands. With the death of their impulsive Leader, the Danish resistance crumbled beneath a hail of javelins and axes. It had been a profitable raid and Ui Naill cousins from Donegal have joined our growing army. Much Uisge was drunk in celebration. We spend time planning and training as the nights draw in.

Meanwhile storm clouds gather to the south and east. Winter is coming.

Author: Brigadier Tony

Club Webmaster