Open Day 2019

Open Day Coordinator Dave Sime gives the low-down on this year’s games…

Open Day, 22nd June 2019

Below is the list of games for the 2019 Open Day – over the next few weeks each game sponsor will be giving us more details on their respective games.

  • Alan K – Tudor Ireland (28mm)
  • Jeremey – Return to the ’80s (all will be revealed on the day…)
  • Pete – Vietnam (10mm)
  • Stephen – Norman Invasion of Ireland (SAGA, 28mm)
  • Tony F – ‘Flying Musketeers’ – air combat over Suez, 1956 (1/600th)
  • Marcus – Scuba Dive
  • John Le – English Civil War (15mm FoG or MEG)
  • Miton Hundred Wargames Club – Napoleonics (15mm)

Just to whet your appetites, here are a selection of the games from last year’s event…

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