MWS Quiz 13th May 2020

Who is this British Admiral?  See Question 9! © Imperial War Museum Q 19570

The Society has been having some virtual quiz nights while we have been unable to meet.

We thought we would share this if you want to give it a try – answers will be published next week.

  1. The story of which famous WW2 battle is featured in the 1973 film Enemy at the Gates? For a bonus point name the real life Red Army sniper who is the hero of the film.
  2. Which fighter type, now the name of a popular set of wargames rules, was the mainstay of the rebel forces in the original battles to restore the Republic in Star Wars? For a bonus point name the fighter type used by Darth Vader during the same period.
  3. Which King of Macedon brought an end to the Persian Empire in the 4th Century BC? For a bonus point name the Persian King he defeated.
  4. In what year did war break out between Israel and her neighbours, in co-ordination with an Anglo-French assault on the Suez Canal? For a bonus point name the main jet fighter aircraft flown by the Egyptian Air Force during the war.
  5. Which country picked a fight with Prussia, Austria-Hungary and the North German Confederation in 1864? For a bonus point name the island, at that time owned by Britain, off which a naval action was fought during this war.
  6. At which Battle in 1781 did the British Army suffer its decisive defeat in the American Revolutionary War? For a bonus point name the commander of the French forces in the battle.
  7. Who famously wrote “Veni, Vedi, Vici” about his army’s victory in 47BC? For a bonus point name the king or the country of the army he was referring to.
  8. What battle, fought on 2nd July 1644 made Oliver Cromwell’s reputation as a cavalry commander? For a bonus point name the senior commander of the defeated Royalist Army.
  9. Who commanded the British Battlecruisers at the Battle of Jutland in 1916, later that year succeeding Admiral Jellicoe as Grand Fleet commander? He is pictured above.  For a bonus point name the light cruiser which fought at the battle and is preserved as an IWM museum ship in Belfast, or one of the British Battlecruisers that was sunk.
  10. Last year’s show game featured the 100 hours war between Honduras and El Salvador. In what year was the war fought?  For a bonus point name the manufacturer (or 3 letter designation) and the name of the main fighter flown by the Honduran Air Force.
  11. Which well-known wargamer played the role of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as ‘El Cid’, in the Hollywood blockbuster of 1961? For a bonus point give the Spanish name of the long conflict in which El Cid fought, or the city he was defending when he died.
  12. In what year did Abba win the Eurovision Song contest with the song ‘Waterloo’? For a bonus point name the commander of the British Cavalry who had his leg shot off by a cannonball at the end of this battle, or the wounded Dutch commander of I Corps.