Society Quiz 27th May

Here is another virtual quiz for you to try.

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  1. Name the Prime Minister the tank type in picture 01 is named after?  For a bonus point name the type of tank you can see in the picture 02.
    Picture 01

    Picture 02
  2. In which year did Emperor Napoleon III declare war on Prussia?  For a bonus point name the climactic battle of the initial campaign at which the newly appointed French commander, General Ducrot, summed up the tactical situation as ‘Nous sommes dans un pot de chambre, et nous y serons emmerdés’ (“We are in a chamber pot, and we’re going to be shit on”)
  3. What is the name of the famous WW2 bomber in picture 03?  For a bonus point name its less famous successor in the picture 04.
    Picture 03

    Picture 04
  4. Name the son of the last Steward of Gondor (as played by Sean Bean) who was killed by Uruk-Hai.  For a bonus point name his brother and the part of Gondor the Rangers he commanded were named after.
  5. In what year did the British Army set fire to all of the government buildings in Washington DC, including the presidential mansion (now the White House), during the War of 1812?  For a bonus point name the catastrophic defeat suffered by the American Army that led to the capture of Washington.
  6. Our 2018 show game was ‘twisting the dragon’s tail’ featuring the Royal Navy assault on the Zeebrugge Mole in 1918.  What was the name of the cruiser that was the centre-piece of the action?  For a bonus point name either of the members of her crew who won Victoria Crosses in the action in pictures 05 and 06.
    Picture 05

    Picture 06
  7. In which year did construction begin on Hadrian’s Wall?  Answers within 50 years will be acceptable (picture 07 is the bathhouse at Chesters Fort).  For a bonus point name the emperor who brought what is now southern Scotland briefly under Roman control and built a wall from the Forth to the Clyde.

    Picture 07
  8. The bombing of which Spanish Town in 1937 is depicted in picture 08 by Picasso?  For a bonus point name the unit responsible for the bombing.

    Picture 08
  9. The siege in 1187 of which city was featured in the semi-fictional 2005 epic, Kingdom of Heaven?  For a bonus point, what military campaign began in 1189 in response to the fall of the city?
  10. Which battle, fought in Pennsylvania in 1863 is famous for an infantry assault led by Major-General George Pickett, as depicted in picture 09?  For a bonus point name the commander of the Union Army in the battle as shown in picture 10.
    Picture 09

    Picture 10
  11. Who ordered the construction of the first Great Wall in China in 221BC?  For a bonus point what name were the nomadic tribal groups it was intended to keep out known by to the Chinese (the answer is not Mongols!).
  12. According to Jules (as played by Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction), what is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast?  For a bonus point name the regulation food or drink of the Elizabethan Navy.

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