Society Quiz 10th June 2020

 Here is our latest virtual quiz for you to try.

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  1. With whom did Shakespeare credit the words “The game’s afoot: Follow your spirit; and upon this charge, cry ‘God for Harry! England! and Saint George!” at the siege of Harfleur in 1415? For a bonus point name the present day country in the region that was the birthplace of St. George, who also have him as their patron saint.
  2. Who played the role of Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, who proclaimed himself the Mahdi, in the 1966 epic? For a bonus point name the commander of the British Army sent to relieve his siege of Khartoum in 1885.
  3. Which nation’s troops carried ‘Ordinarfahne’ of the type shown in picture 1 during the Napoleonic wars? For a bonus point name both of the countries which also featured eagles on their standards in pictures 2 and 3.
    Picture 1
    Picture 2

    Picture 3
  4. On which planet of the Star Wars universe was the 1997 MWS show game, featuring a scratchbuilt sandcrawler, set? For a bonus point name the people blamed by the Empire for the destruction of the sandcrawler featured in the original Star Wars film.
  5. By what nickname was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, considered the ace-of aces in WW1 fighter combat, commonly known? For a bonus point name the aircraft that he flew at the end of his career with which he is most associated, or any other fighter in which he scored a victory.
  6. Who claimed victory for the Egyptian Army at the Battle of Qadesh in 1274BC? For a bonus point name the rival empire he claimed to have defeated at the battle or its ruler.
  7. What is the Russian WW2 tank in picture 4? For a bonus point name the tank in picture 5.
    Picture 4

    Picture 5
  8. What battle of 1759 is depicted in picture 6? For a bonus point name the town in Kent where the British commander killed in the battle grew up, or the commander of the defeated French force.

    Picture 6
  9. At which battle of 1861 did Brigadier General Thomas Jackson get his nickname as a result of General Bee ordering his men to “Rally behind the Virginians! There stands Jackson like a stone wall”? For a bonus point name the Battle at which Jackson was killed.
  10. What nation did Prussia attack in 1866? For a bonus point name the battle at which the fleet of Prussia’s ally, Italy, was decisively defeated by the Fleet of Admiral Tegetthof.
  11. Which decisive battle on the Italian Front in November 1918 precipitated the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian army, in which Italian troops are seen in action in picture 7? For a bonus point name the battle in November 1940 in which a battleship named after the battle fought, the photograph in picture 8 is of her at gunnery practice with her sistership Littorio.
    Picture 7

    Picture 8
  12. By what name is the war that resulted from the surprise attack by Egypt and Syria on Israel in 1973 known? For a bonus point give the English meaning of the associated religious festival or the phrase often used at the end of the service that ends the fast on that day.

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