Society Quiz 02-09-2020

Are we sitting comfortably ? Andy takes the quizmaster’s chair again this week. Answers in a future post.

1a In Norse mythology Odin has two ravens which fly the earth seeking information for him. What are their names (Norse or English versions accepted)?
1b Odin is also accompanied by two wolves, can you name them?

2a In naval terms, what is “The Perisher”?
2b If you fail the Perisher, you get something and there is something you can never do again. One point if you can name either of them?

3a What is the designation of this unusual WW2 Aircraft?

3b What is the name or designation of this aircraft, it’s more successful competitor?

4a In the classic TV series Porridge, Ronnie Barker played the habitual criminal, Norman Stanley Fletcher. But what does a Fletcher traditionally make?
4b In the series Open All Hours, he played the corner shop keeper, Albert Arkwright. But what does an Arkwright traditionally make?

5a Hammer’s Slammers games are fairly popular at the Club, what is the name of the author of the original short stories on which the game is based?
5b What is the nickname given to the Slammer’s Military Police unit?

6a In WW2, what was PQ17?
6b Can you name the port that was its intended destination?

7a In 2006 the club show game was “Day trip to the Malvinas”, based on the Falklands War. Which ship served as the flagship of the Royal Navy Task Group 317.8 sent to liberate the islands?
7b Name the commander of the Task Group at sea?

8a Which regiment of the British Army, now part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, was known as “Pontius Pilate’s bodyguard”?
8b Which regiment of the British Army, now part of the King’s Royal Hussars, was known as “The Cherry Pickers”?

9a The Victoria Cross is the highest award for valour in the British armed forces. In which decade of the 19th century was it instituted?
9b If you were awarded the Victoria Cross as a result of service in the Royal Navy in the 19th century, what colour ribbon would you wear?

10a In 1859 there was a confrontation known as the “Pig War” between the United States and which country?
10b Where did this confrontation take place?

11a Which WW2 British division used this field sign?

11b Can you name this tank, used by this division later in the war?

12a In the British Army, which rank wears this insignia?

12b In the Royal Navy, what is the precise rank indicated by this insignia?

Author: Brigadier Tony

Club Webmaster