MWS Quiz 21/10/2020

This week Marcus sets the questions. Answers in a couple of day’s time.

Q1A. What is the name of the fantasy world associated with this map?

Q1B. What are the main game systems associated with this world?

Q2A. On 1/10/331 BC. Alexander fought one of his most famous battles in Mesopotamia. Which battle?

Q2B. Who led the opposition?

Q3A. Who fought battles including, Dalan-baljit, Onon, Dalanhemurges, Huan-ertsi, Wei-Chuan & The Indus?

Q3B. What year (within 30) was he declared “Khan of Khan’s”?

Q4A. Which Swedish King introduced conscription in 1620?

Q4B. Can you name two army reforms introduced by him?

Q5A. The “Battle of the Dunes” took place near which port on 14/06/1658?

Q5B. Which future monarch fought for the Spanish army in this battle?

Q6A. What significant event is portrayed in this painting?

Q6B. Which states seceded only after this event, name any two?

Q7A. Who advocated the mass use of tanks in a paper of 1917 following the costly battle of Ypres?

Q7B. Which battle commencing 20/11/17 put these ideas into practice?

Q8A. Can you identify this distinctive ship/class?

Q8B. The design of this class was constrained by restrictions resulting from which treaty?

Q9A. What location was the site of a major amphibious assault from 15-29th September 1950?

Q9B. Why did the defending forces dismiss this as a site for a potential assault?

Q10A. Who wrote “The Hunt For Red October”?

Q10B. What was the name of the submarine commander played by Sean Connery in the film adaptation?


Can you name the following vehicles from the worlds of Gerry Anderson? One point for each.