MWS Quiz 21/10/2020 – Answers

Marcus puts us out of our misery…

Q1A. What is the name of the fantasy world associated with this map?

Answer: Glorantha

Q1B. What are the main game systems associated with this world?

Answer: Runequest, HeroQuest & White Bear/Red Moon

Q2A. On 1/10/331 BC. Alexander fought one of his most famous battles in Mesopotamia. Which battle?

Answer: Gaugamela

Q2B. Who led the opposition?

Answer: Darius of Persia

Q3A. Who fought battles including, Dalan-baljit, Onon, Dalanhemurges, Huan-ertsi, Wei-Chuan & The Indus?

Answer: Genghis Khan

Q3B. What year (within 30) was he declared “Khan of Khan’s”?

Answer: 1206 (accept 1176 – 1236)

Q4A. Which Swedish King introduced conscription in 1620?

Answer: Gustavus Adolphus

Q4B. Can you name two army reforms introduced by him?

Answers (two from the following):

  • Uniforms/badges
  • Drill
  • Increased ratio of pikemen/musketeers
  • Permanent brigades
  • Shortened muskets
  • Ranks reduced from 10 to 6
  • Training to fire 2/3 volleys rather than rolling fire.
  • Artillery; the first artillery regiment, rationalization of calibres and light infantry support gun.

Q5A. The “Battle of the Dunes” took place near which port on 14/06/1658?

Answer: Dunkerque

Q5B. Which future monarch fought for the Spanish army in this battle?

Answer: James Duke of York, the future King James II

Q6A. What significant event is portrayed in this painting?

Answer: Battle of Fort Sumpter (First action of the American Civil War)

Q6B. Which states seceded only after this event, name any two?

Answer: Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina

Q7A. Who advocated the mass use of tanks in a paper of 1917 following the costly battle of Ypres?

Answer: J.F.C. Fuller

Q7B. Which battle commencing 20/11/17 put these ideas into practice?

Answer: Cambrai

Q8A. Can you identify this distinctive ship/class?

Answer: H.M.S. Nelson or H.M.S. Rodney (Nelson class)

Q8B. The design of this class was constrained by restrictions resulting from which treaty?

Answer: The Washington Naval Treaty of 1922; The first arms control treaty.

Q9A. What location was the site of a major amphibious assault from 15-29th September 1950?

Answer: Inchon

Q9B. Why did the defending forces dismiss this as a site for a potential assault?

Answer: North Koreans dismissed the site due to unfavourable tides/tidal range/mud-flats and the necessity to assault across a sea wall.

Q10A. Who wrote “The Hunt For Red October”?

Answer: Tom Clancy

Q10B. What was the name of the submarine commander played by Sean Connery in the film adaptation?

Answer: Marko Ramius


Can you name the following vehicles from the worlds of Gerry Anderson?

Answer: Sidewinder (bottom) and Fireflash (top)

Answer: Skydiver (UFO)

Answer: Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle (Captain Scarlet)

Answer: Hawk Interceptor (Space 1999)