MWS Quiz 04/11/2020

Peter set the questions for our last quiz on November 4th, with a film theme. In his own words, scoring is problematic- say, 2pts for spot-on, 1pt for ‘close’! Let’s see how you get on. Answers in a few days.

Q1. Not him again!

a) Name three Errol Flynn ‘historical’ films from 1936-40

b) How many times has John Wayne played a colonel? +/-2

Q2. Ancients

a) In 1963 and 1964, two films were made which portrayed the last years of Julius Caesar. Who played Mark Anthony in each film?

b) One of them also portrayed another significant leader of the ancient world – who?

Q3. Naval contemplation

a) Name two RN combat films set in the Napoleonic period.

b) Name two films which feature a major German surface ship.

Q4. Lie of the Land.

a) Which battle area is this meant to portray?

Question 4A

b) Which of the following tanks has NOT been used to portray a WW2 German tank in a movie?

Question 4B

Q5. Take Two

a) Which two leading Hollywood actors have portrayed Genghis Khan?

b) John Cleese and John Wayne both portrayed the same (type) of officer in the same historical locations – twice! What were the positions they played?

Q6. The Caine Family

a) How many serving military ranks has Michael Caine been *credited* with portraying? ANS WITHIN +/-1

b) Which army ranks has he not held on screen?

Q7. Reach for the sky

a) In which film did this ‘fake Albatross & FOKKER DVII ‘ first appear?

Question 7A

b) The AVRO Vulcan appeared in which film?

Question 7B

Q8. Sub-standard

a) Name three films featuring what are meant to be U-Boats (not original newsreel clips)?

b) Name two films featuring atomic submarines (Not including the two in ‘Hunt For Red October’! which were featured in an earlier quiz)

Q9. Hit the Beach

a) Robert Mitchum appeared in two films featuring WW2 beach assaults; name them?

b) Name one WW2 film in which John Wayne dies.

Q10. Uniformity

a) Name one film which correctly features the following: WW2 German paratroopers or  WW2 German Alpine Corps?

b) Name one film which correctly features the following: 11thC Knights or French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Uniforms?

Q11. Vive L’Empereur

a) The CS Forrester book ‘The Gun’ was made into which film, and who played the leader of the Spanish Guerrillas?

b) Name two Hollywood actors who have played the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Q12. So, how do you get to be King (or Queen) then?

a) Name three actors who have played Henry VIII

b) Name three people who have portrayed Elizabeth I