MWS Quiz Answers 04/11/2020

Here are the answers to Peter’s latest quiz. How did you do?

Q1. Not him again!

a) Name three Errol Flynn ‘historical’ films from 1936-40

Answer: They Died with Their Boots On, Charge of the Light Brigade, Robin Hood, Capt. Blood, The Sea Hawk, Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex, Dawn Patrol, Santa Fe Trail (appalling!)

b) How many times has John Wayne played a colonel? +/-2

Answer: 11 (Green Berets, 2x WW2, 7x 19thC, 1x 1950s a/c)

Q2. Ancients

a) In 1963 and 1964, two films were made which portrayed the last years of Julius Caesar. Who played Mark Anthony in each film?

Answer: Richard Burton (Cleopatra), Sid James (Carry On Cleo)

b) One of them also portrayed another significant leader of the ancient world – who?

Answer: Richard Burton also played Alexander The Great

Q3. Naval contemplation

a) Name two RN combat films set in the Napoleonic period.

Answer: Billy Budd, Master & Commander, Capt. Horatio Hornblower, HMS Defiant

b) Name two films which feature a major German surface ship.

Answer: Sink The Bismark, Above Us The Waves, Shout At The Devil, Battle of the River Plate, Submarine X-1

Q4. Lie of the Land.

a) Which battle area is this meant to portray?

Question 4A

Answer: Ardennes forest (Battle of the Bulge)

b) Which of the following tanks has NOT been used to portray a WW2 German tank in a movie?

Question 4B

Answer:  None, – they all have!

 M7 Priest SP (Ice Cold In Alex), M47 (Battle oof the Bulge), T34 (Kelly’s Heroes), M48 (Patton), T54 (various East. European), Leopard 1 (Bridge Too Far), SU100 (Wheels of Terror), Tiger 1, 2, Panther (Theirs Is The Glory)

Q5. Take Two

a) Which two leading Hollywood actors have portrayed Genghis Khan?

Answer: Omar Sharif, John Wayne

b) John Cleese and John Wayne both portrayed the same (type) of officer in the same historical locations – twice! What were the positions they played?

Answer: Roman centurions (Life of Brian – 1979, Greatest Story Ever Told – 1965) and US Town Marshals (Silverado, loads!)

Q6. The Caine Family

a) How many serving military ranks has Michael Caine been *credited* with portraying? ANS WITHIN +/-1

Answer: Nine: Pvt – A Hill In Korea (1956), Too Late The Hero (1970, WW2 Burma), Sgt – Ipcress File, Funeral In Berlin, Lt – Zulu (1964), Capt. – Play Dirty (1969, WW2 desert), Escape To Victory (1981), Maj. – The Black Windmill, Sdn Ldr – Battle of Britain (1969), Lt. Col – Bridge Too Far (1974), Col – Eagle Has Landed, Gen. – Dear Dictator (2017)

b) Which army ranks as he not held on screen?

Answer: Corporal, Field Marshal

Q7. Reach for the sky

a) In which film did this ‘fake Albatross & FOKKER DVII ‘ first appear?

Question 7A

Answer: The Blue Max

b) The AVRO Vulcan appeared in which film?

Question 7B

Answer: Thunderball

Q8. Sub-standard

a) Name three films featuring what are meant to be U-Boats (not original newsreel clips)?

Answer: The Cruel Sea, Enemy Below, The Sea Wolves, In Which We Serve, Das Boot, U571, McKenzie Break, Murphy’s War, Bear Island, Mystery Submarine, Greyhound, Enigma, The Imitation Game, The Land That Time Forgot, Assault on a Queen, Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark

b) Name two films featuring atomic submarines (Not including the two in ‘Hunt For Red October’! which were featured in an earlier quiz)

Answer: 20,000 Leagues, The Spy Who Loved Me, Fantastic Voyage, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea, It Came From 20,000 Fathoms, Godzilla(s), Crimson Tide, K19 Widow-maker, Grey Lady Down, Ice Station Zebra, Bedford Incident, The Abyss, On The Beach

Q9. Hit the Beach

a) Robert Mitchum appeared in two films featuring WW2 beach assaults; name them?

Answer: The Longest Day, Anzio

b) Name one WW2 film in which John Wayne dies.

Answer: Sands of Iwo-Jima, Fighting SeaBees, The Sea Chase

Q10. Uniformity

a) Name one film which correctly features the following: WW2 German paratroopers or WW2 German Alpine Corps?


WW2 German paratroopers: The Eagle Has Landed

WW2 German Alpine Corps: Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, Force 10 From Navarone

b) Name one film which correctly features the following: 11thC Knights or French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Uniforms?


11thC Knights: The Warlord, El Cid

French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Uniforms: The Duellists, War & Peace (Soviet version – raided numerous museums!)

Q11. Vive L’Empereur

a) The CS Forrester book ‘The Gun’ was made into which film, and who played the leader of the Spanish Guerrillas?

Answer: The Pride & The Passion / Frank Sinatra

b) Name two Hollywood actors who have played the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Answer: Rod Steiger, Ian Holm, Charles Boyer, Herbert Lom, Eli Wallach, Marlon Brando, Claude Rains, Dennis Hopper

Q12. So, how do you get to be King (or Queen) then?

a) Name three actors who have played Henry VIII

Answer: Keith Michel, Charles Laughton (x3), Richard Burton, Robert Shaw, James Robertson Justice, Charlton Heston, Sid James

b) Name three people who have portrayed Elizabeth I

Answer: Glenda Jackson, Flora Robson, Bette Davis, Judy Dench, Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Florence Eldridge – and Quentin Crisp!

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