MWS Quiz 18/11/2020

Last week Mark J set the questions, with a “North East” theme. Answers in a couple of days.

Question 1

1.a. This is the cap badge of the famous Tyneside Scottish regiment, an honour title held by a variety of British army units since 1914. Excluding the current holder, how many units have held this title, bonus point if you can name them?

1.b. Which regiment currently holds the title?

Question 2

2.a. Name the weapon.

2.b. This weapon was mainly used during which WWI offensive?

Question 3

3.a. Which 100 years’ war battle does this painting represent?

3.b. Genoese crossbowmen are said to have led the French assault but where quickly beaten back by English/Welsh longbowmen. The Genoese are said to have been wiped out to a man, but not by the Longbowmen, what happened to them?

Question 4

4.a. Can you name the maker and mark of this tank?

4.b. This tank was built for the British army but was rejected by Army Command, odd as the tank was highly advanced for the time, the Russians bought a large number and used it as the basis for their infantry support tanks, such as the T26. Why did British Army Command reject this tank?

Question 5

5.a. Can you name this aircraft?

5.b. The picture shows this aircraft in night fighter livery, while the aircraft was a reasonably successful night fighter, it was very vulnerable to attack from enemy fighters, why?

Question 6

6.a. The Siege of Newcastle took place during the first English Civil War in 1644, the city eventually fell to a Covenanter army, with the Royalists holding the castle keep in the centre of the city and surrendering under favourable terms, on 26th October 1644. How long did the siege take to the nearest month?

6.b. This wasn’t the first time Newcastle had been besieged by a Scottish Covenanter army, can you tell me in which war this previous event took place?

Question 7

7.a. Can you tell me the official German name or designation of this infantry support tank?

7.b. What nickname did allied intel use, bonus point if you can tell me the German nickname?

Question 8

8.a. This is Sergeant Edward Stanley Dixon of the Tyne Electrical Engineers (TEE), he served with the TEE throughout WWI returning to Gallowgate in 1919, where he went on to play professional football scoring 50 goals for his club. Which club did he play for?

8.b. The TEE’s primary role was coastal and AA defence, however a few did serve on the Western Front, famously earning the nickname ‘the suicide brigade’, why?

Question 9

9.a. This is a picture of Lord Collingwood, another famous son of Newcastle, he regularly served with and succeeded Nelson and led one of the British lines at the battle of Trafalgar, the other line being led by Nelson in the Victory, what was the name of Collingwood’s ship?

9.b. Which nations fought in the battle?

Question 10

10.a. This special edition of a very famous Newcastle beverage was produced to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle of Otterburn. Which year is the battle said to have took place?

10.b. The battle of Otterburn was fought between a Scottish army lead by Sir James Douglas and English army led by Sir Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy? It is claimed that Douglas previously took something from Percy as they fought next the Newcastle City Wall, what did Douglas take from Percy?

Question 11

11.a. This is a picture of Housteads Roman fort, what is it’s Roman/Latin name (latest interpretation)?

11.b. When did building begin on the stone version of the fort?

Question 12

12.a. This is a picture of the last HMS Newcastle to serve (not including the forthcoming type 26 frigate), what Type of ship was she?

12.b. How many royal navy ships have borne the name Newcastle, and when was the first Newcastle launched (bonus)?

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