Quiz Night 02-12-2020 – Answers

1A) – Which pair of brothers led the Anglo-Saxon forces at the Battle of Aylesford in AD.455 ?
Hengist and Horsa
1B) – Hengist and Horsa and are reputed to have landed in Kent at Ebbsfleet, near Pegwell Bay; which other famous invader is said to have come ashore in the same place 400 years earlier?
Julius Caesar (54AD)

2A) – What is this famous North Kent landmark ?
Reculver Towers
2B) – What is it the remains of ?
A medieval church (converted in C.12th from an Anglo-Saxon Monastery). Although it was built on the site of a Roman camp, the towers were not part of that.

3A) – Name this castle.
Deal Castle
3B) – Who was responsible for its construction ?
It is one of Henry VIII’s Device Forts.

4A) – During the siege of Rochester Castle in 1215, what was used to fire the props where the castle had been undermined, causing one of the towers to collapse ?
‘Forty slaughtered fat pigs’ were used to set fire to the props
4B) – The collapsed tower was subsequently rebuilt, but not as originally constructed – how did it differ?
The new tower was round rather than square.

5A) and 5B) – Name the commanders of the respective forces in the Battle of Maidstone (1648).
Earl of Norwich (Royalists) and Sir Thomas Fairfax (Parliamentarians)

6A) – Name the first warship to be built at Sheerness Dockyard in 1693.
HMS Medway
6B) – Name the last Royal Navy vessel to be built at Chatham Dockyard, completed in 1962.
HMS Ocelot

7A) – What defensive structure was built on Romney Marsh between 1804 and 1809 ?
The Royal Military Canal
7B) – How did the iconic Kentish defensive symbol, the Martello Tower, get its name?
The design was inspired by the Torra di Mortella in Corsica; the name was mis-spelled/corrupted to become Martello.

8A) – Garrison Point Fort (above) and Cliffe Fort were both fitted with a particular type of weapon in 1890 – what was that ?
Brennan Land-launched Torpedo
8B) – One of the Royal Navy’s main airship stations was in north Kent – where was it located ?
RNAS Kingsnorth

9A) – What’s the name of this type of radar installation ?
Chain Home
9B) – Sound mirrors were effectively the precursors to radar, and a number were built on the Kent coast between the wars. To increase their effectiveness, a number of new operators were recruited, all with a particular characteristic – what was that ?
They were all blind

10A) – Name this famous aircraft, built on the banks of the Medway at Borstal.
Shorts Sunderland

10B) – What type of tank is this ? A battalion of them was allocated to the defence of Fortress Maidstone in 1940-41.
Matilda Mk.II

11A) – What links the Walmington-on-Sea platoon in Dad’s Army directly to Kent?
They wear Royal West Kent Regiment cap badges
11B) – Where was the final overseas deployment of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, when they fought against the EOKA rebels ?

12A) – Which Imperial Admiral lived in this house in Whitstable?
Grand Moff Tarkin, or Peter Cushing
12B) – What famous science-fiction author was born in and spent much of his life in Kent, and set parts of some of his books in the county, including a balloon landing on Dymchurch beach?
HG Wells

Author: Brigadier Tony

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