Quiz Night 16-12-2020 – Answers

Jeremey puts us out of our misery with the answers to last weeks Quiz

Round 1
Still Playing with Toy Soldiers (1 point for each correct answer)

1. The earliest discovered toy soldiers date to what year?
2000BC two sets of painted soldiers carved from wood; one of Egyptian heavy infantry and one of Numidian light infantry in the tomb of Prince Emsah
2. In what year was toy soldier company ‘Britains’ formed?
3. What year did the first Salute show take place?

Round 2
Do You Know a Little German? (1 point for each correct answer)

Translate the following German words:
4. Sturmtiger – Storm Tiger
5. Kampfschwimmer – Combat Swimmers
6. Hummel – Bumblebee
7. Kriegsspiel – War Game

Round 3
It’s Never that Old! (1 point for each wargame in the correct order)

8. Rank these Rules in the Order They Were Published:
Basic Impetus
Field of Glory
Warmaster Ancients

Warmaster Ancients (2005)
Basic Impetus (2006)
Field of Glory (2008)

Round 4
A Lesson from History (1 point for each wargame in the correct order)

9. During the battle of Aqaba Lawrence of Arabia was knocked unconscious. What caused his injuries?
Lawrence fell from his own camel after accidently shooting it in the head
10. On the 15th August 1943 allied forces suffered 313 casualties capturing Kiska Island from the Japanese. What is this encounter most famous for?
The Japanese defenders had left 2 weeks earlier

Round 5
Call Yourself a Member? (1 point for each correct answer)

11. As of today how many show prizes has the club won:
21 – Correct
12. Between 2002-2010, according to the club diary, which miniature size was used the most for games?
6mm (51)
15mm (72) – Correct
25/28mm (47)

Round 6
A Birds Eye View (1 point for each correct answer)

13. What Castle is This? Bodiam Castle
14. What Castle is This? Pevensey Castle
15. What Castle is This? Barnard Castle (couldn’t resist)

Round 7
A Viking We Will Go! (1 point for each correct answer)

16. Name these three films featuring Vikings from the soundtrack

The Vikings (1958)

The 13th Warrior

How to Train Your Dragon

Round 8
Carry On Sergeant! (1 point for each correct answer)

What did these famous people serve in, the Army, Airforce or Navy?
17. Roald Dahl – Airforce
18. Alec Guinness – Navy
19. Tony Bennett – Army

Round 9
I May not Know Much About Art (1 point for each correct answer)
20. Which Battle? Battle of Quatre Bras
21. Which Battle? Battle of Crecy
22. Which Battle? Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit)

Round 10
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! (1 point for each correct answer)

23. What was the name of the largest ship to take part in the battle of Trafalgar?
Santisima Trinidad
24. How many guns did it have at the time of the Battle?

Round 11
A Tight Squeeze! (1 point for each correct answer)

How many crew in each tank?
25. T80 – Crew of 3
26. Hertzer – Crew of 4
27. Tron – Crew of 2

Round 12
He’s Making It Up! (1 point for each correct answer, but -1 point for each fake you thought was real!)

28. Which of these battles are real?
1. Battle of Syme naval battle in 411 BC (Sparta and Athens)
2. Battle of Loos WWI 1915
3. Battle of Upton Creek – FAKE
4. Battle of Pease Bottom 1873 (USA and Sioux)
5. Battle of Wobble Field – FAKE
6. Battle of Pudding Valley – FAKE
7. Battle of Meelick Island Connacht and Leinster 1650
8. Battle of Angry Rock – FAKE
9. Battle of Flushing naval battle Eighty Years’ War 1573
10. Battle of Linton Moor – FAKE

Now that’s a Big Gun! (And if you had a go of the Tiebreaker)

How Heavy is Mons Meg (in pounds)? 15,366 pounds

Do let us know how you did, the club winning score was 19!

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