MWS Quiz Retrospective 8th July 2020 – Answers

Here are the answers to Peter’s quiz from July last year.

Q01a      What was the name of the disastrous battle in the early 1stC AD in which three Roman legions were destroyed

Answer: Teutoburger Wald 

Q01b     Give the date (within 5 yrs), and/or one of the commanders

Answer: AD9, Publius Quinctilius Varus,    Arminius

Q02a      Identify this WW2 aircraft

Question 2a

Answer: De Havilland Mosquito

Q02b     What was it’s nickname

Answer: The Wooden Wonder

Q03a      Name this character from The Lord of the Rings

Question 3a

Answer: Treebeard

Q03b     Where was his home

Answer: Fangorn (Forest)

Q04a      Name the Avalon-Hill boardgame which covers major ship-to-ship combats from the age of sail?

Answer: Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Q04b     When was the song “Hearts of Oak” made popular? Give the war and/or year.

Answer: During the Seven Years War; 1759, the year of victories

Q05a      What was the first major battle of The Hundred Years War which saw widespread use of the longbow

Answer: Crecy (1346)

Q05b     How long is it generally agreed that the war lasted

Answer: 116 years (minus points for anyone who says 100!)

Q06a      General Sherman said “…the man must be stopped…even if it takes 10,000 men and bankrupts this treasury…”. Which Confederate general was he talking about?

Answer: Nathan Bedford Forest

Q06b     Which post-war organisation is this person said to have helped to found?

Answer: Ku Klux Klan

Q07a      What is the official name of this branch of a fictional military force?

Question 7a

Answer: USCMC / ‘Colonial Marines’

Q07b     What is the name or number of the planet to which they accompany Ellen Ripley

Answer: LV426 / ‘Hadley’s Hope’

Q08a      Which 17thC French engineer gave his name to an entire system of fortifications?

Answer: Vauban

Q08b     What is the term for a covered trench heading towards the enemy, which gave rise to specialised engineer units of the same name

Answer: Sap

Q09a      Although imitated later, the 18ft pike was the favoured weapon of mercenaries from which country during the early Renaissance Wars?

Answer: Swiss

Q09b     Before embarking on their lucrative & violent career as mercenaries, how did they contribute to the unification of France under a single crown?

Answer: Killed the Duke of Burgundy (at the battle of Nancy, 1477)

Q10a      Which war was expected to be so short that troops would be “…Home before the leaves fall from the trees…”?

Answer: WW1

Q10b     Who is credited with saying that

Answer: Kaiser Wilhelm II

Q11a      What is this Napoleonic soldier commonly called

Question 11a

Answer: Polish Lancer (1st Polish Light Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard)

Q11b     Which nationality originally supplied the 2nd ‘Red’ Lancer Regt?

Answer: Dutch

Q12a      In 2012, the MWS put on a game featuring the daring WW2 attack on which bridges

Answer: Orne River and Caen Canal bridges (“Pegasus Bridge”)

Q12b     Who was the actor who played Major Howard in the film ‘The Longest Day’, and why was he a good choice

Answer: Richard Todd; he served in 7th Para Batalion, reinforcing the glider borne troops who seized the bridges