MWS Quiz 27th January 2021 – Answers

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

Q1A. What is the name of this Battle of Trafalgar veteran on her way to the breaker’s yard? (See picture above)

Answer: HMS Temeraire

Q1B. In what decade of the 19th Century was she broken up for scrap?

Answer : 1830s

Q2A: What was the first major battle of the First English Civil War?

Answer: Edgehill

Q2B: In which Month / Year did it occur.

Answer: October 1642 (Half a point if you only got 1642).

Q3A: Name the future Roman Emperor who commanded one of the Legions in the invasion of Britain in 43 AD.

Answer: Vespasian (Titus Flavius Vespasianus)

Q3B: Name the Legion he commanded in that invasion

Answer: Legio II Augusta

Q4A: What was the unique feature of 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron in 1941/42

Answer: Its aircraft were entirely funded by donations from the people of Kent (over £100,000 raised by November 1941)

Q4B: With what type of aircraft was it equipped?

Answer: Spitfire (IA, IIA and VB)

Q5A: How’s your Greek mythology? Bad things come in threes. Can you name any of the three Gorgons?

Answer: Medusa, Stheno or Euryale

Q5B: Can you name any of the three Furies (Erinyes) appearing in Virgil’s Aeneid?

Answer: Alecto, Megaera or Tisiphone

Q6A: Which Royal Navy officer is credited with the first recorded use of the expression “O.M.G.”, in 1917?

Answer: John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher.

Q6B: One of the ships on which he served is preserved at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, can you name her?

Answer: H.M.S. Warrior

Q7A: What was the name of the Royal Navy’s first nuclear powered submarine?

Answer: H.M.S. Dreadnought

Q7B: In which month and year was she commissioned?

Answer: April 1963 (half a point if you only got 1963).

Q8A: WW2: What role did Acting Major William Martin, Royal Marines, play in the Allied invasion of Sicily?

Answer: He was “The Man Who Never Was”, a false identity given to a body left off the Spanish coast used to leak false information to the German Abwehr.

Q8B: Can you give this person’s real name?

Answer: Officially Glyndwr Michael, also accept John Melville or Tom Martin, both of whom perished in the accidental loss of HMS Dasher in the Clyde in March 1943 two months before the deception operation and were identified as potential candidates in 2003/4.

Q9A: What is the name of the armour worn by this cavalryman?

Picture Q09A

Answer: A Cuirasse

Q9B: To which type of cavalry in Napoleon’s service does he belong?

Answer: Carabiniers-à-Cheval

Q10A. Can you identify the name of this space fighter, or the TV or film series in which it features?

Question 10a

Answer: Starfury (Babylon 5)

Q10B. Can you identify the name of this space fighter, or the TV or film series in which it features?

Question 10b

Answer: Kazon fighter (Star Trek: Voyager)

Q11A: Can you identify this British tank?

Question 11a

Answer: Crusader III (half a point if you only got Crusader)

Q11B: Can you identify this Italian tank?

Question 11b

Answer: M 13/40 (Half a point if you only got M 13)

Q12A: Can you name the TV Series from the cast picture?

Question 12a

Answer: MASH

Q12B: What was the number of the unit depicted in the series?

Answer: 4077th

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