Work in Progress Wednesday

This week we start with a surprise new project from Tony. He’s been collecting various makes of Star Wars toys and miniatures. The speeders are looking particularly good.

But  it doesn’t stop there for Tony as he has also painted up some 15mm crates.

Sci-fi crates to act as loot containers in Stargrave

And the crates don’t stop there, Stephen has used some more of the Robogear terrain and added some free cargo container paper model textures for the outside.

28mm Sci-Fi crates are a must for any respectable skirmish game

And last but not least this week, Marcus has made some more progress on his scratch built spaceship. Can’t wait to see what he chooses for a colour scheme.

The Soaring Sow is definitely taking shape

I really should make more progress on my own spaceship.

See you next Wednesday.