Work in Progress Wednesday (bit late)

Well this week got away from me. It galloped off in the distance before I had a chance to jump on.

Late it maybe, but here’s this weeks efforts from the club. Above is the star of the show, Tony’s contribution to our Stargrave scratchbuilt spaceship competition. This one is going to be tough to beat.

Next up Stephen has finally attained some scrub terrain features, often over looked is a bit of scrub, so well done Stephen.

Nice looking bit of scrubland with many game uses

Next up Andy has moved on from the Dark Ages (when did that actually end?) and is in the medieval period with some medieval sergeants.

Most figures are Fireforge plastics, but the standard bearers (who don’t have their standards yet) are 1st Corps

Marcus has continued painting up 6mm tanks to go with the modification of the Two Fat Lardies rules ‘What a Tanker’ he has been working on.

Some Brigade Models tanks, but also some Brigade Model turrets on unknown old tank hulls

And lastly (becoming a tradition now) my further efforts for a Napoleonic era balloon, I changed the net to something more in scale with the balloon.

Complete with Pendraken Miniatures 10mm British Infantry

Next week should be back on schedule with Work in Progress Wednesday actually being on Wednesday.