Work in Progress Wednesday

On time this week so let’s have a look at this Wednesday’s offerings.

Above we have some Ghulams from Stephen for use with Saga/Lion Rampant and below the Emir and his Imam.

Next up Eric has been painting more Space Marines to add to his WH40K army and for Kill Team

Primaris Space Marine

With still a few more to go …

John has added to his Kontraband forces for Zona Alpha.

Second from left is the Leader, and is an Empress Chechen with head swap. Rest are Eureka minis with Anvil Industries backpacks

Tony has laid the foundations of a new 6mm sci-fi town. The town is currently the size of an A4 sheet of paper but Tony says he has big plans for this.

6mm town in the making

And last but not least this week, Andy has made some progress on his medieval units.

Slow but steady progress

Catch you all next week.