Barrow or Cairn?

Jeremey takes us through a recent scratch build of an ancient Barrow, or should that be Cairn?

During the last few months I’ve started to build up my collection of terrain. Having a fantasy undead army I thought I’d have a go at building a burial mound of sorts.

As is my usual methodology when building terrain I created a number of rock shapes out of some EVA foam and stuck them together with the hot glue gun.

Stage 1 – the basic burial mound

The whole thing was then glued to a piece of thin wooden board, and then spray painted with grey primer. Unlike other polystyrene foams the EVA foam does not melt when sprayed.

Stage 2 – undercoated grey

I then had to decide what colour to paint the rocks. The temptation is always to go with grey but I try and avoid that. I chose to go with the brown/beige look.

Stage 3 – painting the individual rocks

The method I used was one I’d tried before when painting a dungeon. I used a few different shades of brown to give a variety to the mound.

Stage 4 – dry brushing

The next stage is to chose a light beige colour (bone, linen etc.) and to dry brush the whole thing. This dry brushing blends the different rock shades together, you can go lighter if desired. I did return to this later feeling that the dry brushing needed to be lighter.

Stage 5 – basing

Simple stage up next with painting the base brown. I always do my bases this way and then apply PVA glue before flocking.

Stage 6 – flocking

With the PVA glue applied I then sprinkled the flock on the base. I also stuck some flock to the rocks to give the impression it has been around for a while.

The finished burial mound

Here we have the finished burial mound, this was a simple piece of terrain to build. I was pleased with how the rock colours worked especially after applying another lighter dry brush.


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