Quiz Answers, 24th June

Andy provides answers to his fiendish quiz (you’ll have to refer to the original post for any pictures).

1a – In 1967 the US formed the Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam. This combined US Navy vessels with an Infantry brigade. Who provided the Infantry, US Army or US Marines
US Army
1b – Name the Division that provided the Infantry
9th Infantry Division
2a – In 1838 Lieutenant Henry Bennett of the 45th Foot was the first British officer to die in the service of Queen Victoria; in which country was he killed?
England, at Bossenden Wood in Kent on 31st May (there’s a plaque commemorating him in Canterbury Cathedral).
2b – The practice of purchase of commissions in the British Army was finally abolished as part of whose reforms in 1871?
3a – What is the name or designation of this AFV?
M551 Sheridan
3b – What is the name or designation of this AFV?
M50 Ontos
4a – In AD69 a revolt broke out in the Roman province of Germania Inferior. What was the name of the tribe leading the revolt?
Batavii (or Batavian Revolt)
4b – Name either the leader of the tribe, or the Roman general who defeated them.
Revolt lead by: Gaius Julius Civilis
Roman general: Quintus Petillius Cerialis
5a – Name the German contingent of the Napoleonic Wars to which these troops belong
5b – Name their commander, killed at Quatre Bras
Frederick William, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (Painting by Johann Christian August Schwartz)
6a – Which battle, on 16 April 1746 effectively ended the Jacobite Rebellion
6b – Name the commander of the government forces at the battle
William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland
7a – During the Battle of Britain, which RAF Group was primarily responsible for the defence of London and South East England.
11 Group
7b – Name the commander of the group
Air Vice Marshal Keith Park
8a – To which Guards regiment do these soldiers belong?
Welsh Guards
8b – In what year was the regiment formed.
1915 (26th February)
9a – In the Lord of the Rings, what is described in a poem that begins:
“Grey as a mouse, Big as a house,
Nose like a snake, I make the earth shake”
I want the name as used in the book / film
Oliphaunt or Mûmakil
9b – One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.
How many rings were made for the One Ring to rule?
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die
10a – In the first English Civil War (1642–1646) Parliament fielded only one full regiment of Cuirassier, can you name the unit
Sir Arthur Hesilrigge’s, Ironsides or the London Lobsters
10b – This regiment served in the campaigns in the South West in 1643, can you name either the Royalist or Parliamentarian commanders in this theatre
Sir (later Baron) Ralph Hopton (Royalist)
Sir William Waller (Parliament)
11a – Which WW2 British unit used this field sign
7th Armoured Division (The Desert Rats)
11b – Once re-equipped for the Normandy campaign, what was the principle tank used by this unit.?
12a – The classic film “The African Queen” and the 1995/96 MWS Show game (resurrected in 2012) was based on the minor naval actions on which African lake?
Lake Tanganyika
12b – What was the name of the commander of the British forces on the lake?
Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Basil Spicer-Simson

Answers to Quiz 10th June 2020

Here are the answers to the quiz:

  1. Henry V – Georgia

The speech is from Henry V, Act III, Scene 1 and has Henry encouraging his troops to renew the attack after failing to break in to the town.  St. George was a Roman officer of Greek descent from Cappadocia, martyred in early persecutions of the church.  Also the patron saint of Ethiopia and Catalonia and quite a few other places, as well as England of course!

  1. Laurence Olivier – Lord Garnet Joseph Wolseley


  1. Austria-Hungary, Austria or Habsburg Empire acceptable – Prussia and Russia

Flags are the Austrian 1806 Ordinarfahne, 15th Prussian Fusiliers and Lithuanian Life Guard Regiment of the Russian Army

  1. Tatooine – Tuskan Raiders or Sand People


  1. Red Baron – Fokker Dr.I or Fokker Triplane (19 out of 80 victories), also Albatross DII, DIII, DV and Halberstadt DII

The nickname comes from his practice of painting his aircraft red, hence German propaganda portrayed his as Der Rote Kampfflieger – the red fighter pilot – as he was a Freiherr (Baron) the rest is history.

  1. Pharoah Ramesses II or Ramesses the Great – Hittite Empire of Muwatalli II

The battle was more probably a draw.  The war dragged on inconclusively until 1258BC.  The peace treaty that ended the war is preserved in both Egyptian and Hittite texts and is the earliest surviving peace treaty.  A copy hangs on the wall at the UN building.

  1. T-34/85 – IS-2 (short for Iosef Stalin)

The IS-2 mounted a formidable 122mm main turret gun

  1. Quebec – Westerham or the Marquis de Montcalm

Wolfe grew up at what is now Quebec House in Westerham – now in the care of the National Trust and well worth a visit

  1. First Battle of Bull Run – Chancellorsville in 1863

Jackson was a victim of friendly fire from spooked pickets of the 18th North Carolina Infantry, who mistook his party for federal cavalry in the evening light.  He was hit three times and died of complications and pneumonia a few days later

  1. Austria-Hungary – Lissa or Vis

The Italian fleet lost 2 ironclads

  1. Vittorio Veneto – Spartivento or Tuelada

The Italian Army had nearly 40,000 casualties in the battle, but inflicted 30,000 casualties on the defending Austrians before breaking their lines, capturing a further 300,000 men in their subsequent advance.  The machine gunners are in action on Monte Grappa, a diversionary attack to draw Austrian Reserves away from the main assault.  Austria-Hungary was forced to accept Allied terms and quit the war as a result of the battle.  It is seen by many Italians as the conclusion of the long struggle to re-unify Italy, the Risorgimento. 

Spartivento was an attack on the escort of a British convoy and ended as a draw with only minor damage inflicted on both sides.  Vittorio Veneto inflicted minor damage on the cruiser HMS Manchester from near misses and fired only 19 rounds of 15″ shell, but forced the British cruisers to retire behind a smoke screen.

  1. Yom Kippur יוֹם כִּיפּוּר – Day of Atonement, the phrase is לשנה הבאה בירושלים, L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim, “Next year in Jerusalem”

Answers to Quiz 27th May

1..  Churchill (tank is of North Irish Horse in Italy 1944)Renault Char B1 bis, Char B acceptable (tank at Musée des Blindés at Saumur)

2. 1870 – Sedan

3.  Avro Lancaster – Avro Lincoln

4.  Boromir – Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien

5.  1814 – Battle of Bladensburg

The end of the war in Europe allowed Britain to send a force of Peninsula veterans to America to put an end to what up to this point had been a backwater conflict.  They routed the US force, which was mainly composed of militia and added to its disgrace by fleeing right through the capital.  The fire-raising in Washington was a direct retaliation for the complete destruction of the settlement of Port Dover by US forces in Canada a few months earlier.

6.  HMS Vindictive – Acting Captain Alfred Carpenter or Able Seaman Albert (Edward) McKenzie

7.  122AD (72-172AD acceptable) – Emperor Pius Antoninus (the Antonine Wall)

The earliest known military presence at Chesters Fort, the Bath House of which is pictured above, was a wing of cavalry, ala Augusta ob virtutem appellata (“named Augusta because of its valour”).  Infantry Cohors I Delmatarum, from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Cohors I Vangionum from Upper Rhineland in Germany were also stationed here. 

The Antonine Wall was begun in 142, took 8 years to build and was abandoned only 12 years later – Caledonians were just too hard to control!

8.  Guernica (the canvas is now in the Reina Sofia Gallery in Madrid) – Condor Legion

9.  Jerusalem – The 3rd Crusade was launched with the aim of recovering the city for the Kingdom of Jerusalem

The hero of the film, Balian of Ibelin did command the defence against Salah ad-Din in the siege.  However, Balian was not a virtuous blacksmith from France!  He was the legitimate third son of a knight of French descent from the County of Jaffa, inherited his title as Lord of Ibelin in 1170 from his father and was in his late forties in 1187.  He died in 1193 and was a major power-broker and political operator in the region, with a role similar to Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, in the Wars of the Roses.

10.  Gettysburg – Major General Commanding George Gordon Meade

11.  秦始皇帝 pronounced Qin Shi Huangdi, meaning Emperor Qin (I) – 匈奴 pronounced Xiongnu or Hsiung-nu in DBM army lists!

12.  Hamburger/Burger – Hardtack (one pound a day) or Small Beer (one gallon a day – thin with low alcohol content – just enough to prevent bacteria growth – water would have quickly become full of bacteria on a voyage)

Hardtack also known as ship’s biscuit and occasionally as brewis, cabin bread, pilot bread, sea biscuit, soda crackers, sea bread (as rations for sailors)

Answers to the MWS Quiz 13th May 2020

Fregatten Jylland

Here are the answers to our quiz from 13th May 2020, with some trivia associated with the answers:

1.  Stalingrad – Vasily (Grigoryevich) Zaytsev

Prior to 10 November 1942, Zaytsev killed 32 Axis soldiers with a standard-issue rifle. Between 10 November 1942 and 17 December 1942, during the Battle of Stalingrad, he killed 225 enemy soldiers, including 11 snipers

2.  Any of T-65B or X-wing or Starfighter – TIE Advanced (x1)

3.  Alexander III or Alexander the Great – Darius (III)

4.  1956 – MiG 15, but Gloster Meteor and MiG 17 also acceptable

5.  Denmark – Heligoland or Helgoland

Steam frigates Niels Juel and Jylland and the corvette Hejmdal defeated Austrian steam frigates, SMS Schwarzenberg and Radetzky, Prussian Aviso Preussischer Adler, Gunboats Blitz, Basilisk – the victorious HDMS Jylland is preserved as a museum ship at Ebeltoft and is pictured above.

6.  Yorktown – Comte de Rochambeau

7.  (Gaius) Julius Caesar – Pharnaces II or Pontus

Caesar’s letter was to the Senate according to Appian; Caesar was on a roll as Dictator for the year and having his second term as a Consul at the time.

8.  Marston Moor – Prince Rupert of the Rhine

9.  Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty – HMS Caroline is the light cruiser (4th Light Cruiser Squadron in the action), HMS Indefatigable, HMS Queen Mary, HMS Invincible are the sunken Battlecruisers

Caroline fired two torpedoes at the close of the day action, which narrowly missed the Battleship Nassau.  She also narrowly avoided torpedoes fired by the German 6th and 9th Flotillas earlier in the action when 4th LCS counter-attacked them with gunfire.  She survived for many years as a drill ship before being renovated as a museum ship.

10.  1969 – Vought (or F4U) Corsair

11.  Charlton Heston – the Reconquista or Valencia

Rodrigo’s wife Jimena Díaz = Sophia Loren, almost certainly didn’t tie his corpse to a horse  to lead the army in battle when he died in 1099– a legend grew around this as she rode alongside his coffin on the journey to Burgos, where he was buried in the cathedral in 1102 – you can see what might well have been his sword, the Tizona, in the museum there.

12.  1974 – Henry William Paget, Earl or Lord Uxbridge, later 1st Marquess of Anglesey or Willem Frederik George Lodewijk, William, Prince of Orange – all variations are acceptable!

In a famous piece of understatement Uxbridge remarked “By God, sir, I’ve lost my leg!” — to which Wellington is reputed to have replied; “By God, sir, so you have!”