MWS Quiz 24th February 2021 – Answers

Here are the answers to Peter’s latest quiz…

Q1a: “Green Grow The Rushes Oh” was widely sung by American troops in which war?

Answer: 1846 War with Mexico

Q1b: What nickname did the Spanish/Mexican population give these troops?

Answer: “Gringos”

Q2a: What TV series usually ends with a rendition of ‘Over The Hills & Far Away’?

Answer: Sharpe

Q2b: In which century was it first regularly sung by British troops?

Answer: 18th – it was a folk tune in the 17th (at least), but ‘army lyrics’ were 1706.

Q3a: Many regiments in the 19th Century had a band. Apart from signalling & boosting morale, what other key function did they often perform in combat?

Answer: Helping with the wounded.

Q3b: How did the Romans employ musicians in actual combat with Carthage?

Answer: Used to help scare the Carthaginian elephants.

Q4a: For a full orchestral staging, what unusual instruments do you need for a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture?

Answer: Cannon!

Q4b: What was the WW2 ‘Red Orchestra’?

Answer: German intelligence name for a loose network of Soviet spy rings across Germany & Europe.

Q5a: The song ‘Lili Marlene’ was already very popular among German troops before WW2. Where did the British army first start to take it up?

Answer: North Africa.

Q5b: “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn is sung during the closing credits of which famous Cold War film?

Answer: Dr Strangelove.

Q6a: Why did Beethoven’s 5th Symphony have such massed appeal in Britain during WW2?

Answer: The opening 4 beats formed the morse letter V (for Victory).

Q6b: Which award-winning Sci-Fi film used five notes as its main theme/signature?

Answer: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Q7a: A special version of ‘Men of Harlech’ is sung in a famous scene from which film?

Answer: Zulu.

Q7b: What is the full title of the British army unit primarily depicted in the film?

Answer: 24th Regt of Foot (2nd Warwickshires). Note – they only became South Wales Borderers in 1881.

Q8a: Hollywood notwithstanding, the song ‘Garryowen’ was most famously adopted by which unit?

Answer: U.S. 7th cavalry

Q8b: ‘The British Grenadiers’ was introduced to the UK by William III, but actually first adopted by which British army unit in 1716?

Answer: Royal Artillery.

Q9a: Hail The Conquering Hero’ was played in the film ‘Waterloo’ on what occasion?

Answer: Duchess of Richmond’s ball in Brussels (entry of the Duke of Wellington)

Q9b: For which victorious British Commander was it originally devised/dedicated?

Answer: Duke of Cumberland, post-Culloden

Q10a: General Grant famously said he could only remember two tunes. Which was his favourite?

Answer: Dixie (he couldn’t remember the name of the other one!)

Q10b: ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ has been the national anthem of the USA since 1931. Which war was it written to commemorate?

Answer: The War of 1812

Q11a: Music has often been used to intimidate the enemy. Which track was played by the 1st / 9th (Air Cavalry) in their Hollywood debut?

Answer: ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ by Wagner; during the air-assault in the film ‘Apocalypse Now’

Q11b: Where was ‘rock music’ actually first used officially as a psyops weapon?

Answer: 1989 assault on Panama (attack on General Noriega’s palace)

Q12a: Which BBC series was one of the first ever to use all-electronic theme music?

Answer: Dr Who

Q12b: Why was ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ banned by the BBC in 1942?

Answer: Because it was thought that the clapping chorus caused too much production loss by factory workers!


MWS Quiz 27th January 2021 – Answers

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

Q1A. What is the name of this Battle of Trafalgar veteran on her way to the breaker’s yard? (See picture above)

Answer: HMS Temeraire

Q1B. In what decade of the 19th Century was she broken up for scrap?

Answer : 1830s

Q2A: What was the first major battle of the First English Civil War?

Answer: Edgehill

Q2B: In which Month / Year did it occur.

Answer: October 1642 (Half a point if you only got 1642).

Q3A: Name the future Roman Emperor who commanded one of the Legions in the invasion of Britain in 43 AD.

Answer: Vespasian (Titus Flavius Vespasianus)

Q3B: Name the Legion he commanded in that invasion

Answer: Legio II Augusta

Q4A: What was the unique feature of 131 (County of Kent) Fighter Squadron in 1941/42

Answer: Its aircraft were entirely funded by donations from the people of Kent (over £100,000 raised by November 1941)

Q4B: With what type of aircraft was it equipped?

Answer: Spitfire (IA, IIA and VB)

Q5A: How’s your Greek mythology? Bad things come in threes. Can you name any of the three Gorgons?

Answer: Medusa, Stheno or Euryale

Q5B: Can you name any of the three Furies (Erinyes) appearing in Virgil’s Aeneid?

Answer: Alecto, Megaera or Tisiphone

Q6A: Which Royal Navy officer is credited with the first recorded use of the expression “O.M.G.”, in 1917?

Answer: John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher.

Q6B: One of the ships on which he served is preserved at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, can you name her?

Answer: H.M.S. Warrior

Q7A: What was the name of the Royal Navy’s first nuclear powered submarine?

Answer: H.M.S. Dreadnought

Q7B: In which month and year was she commissioned?

Answer: April 1963 (half a point if you only got 1963).

Q8A: WW2: What role did Acting Major William Martin, Royal Marines, play in the Allied invasion of Sicily?

Answer: He was “The Man Who Never Was”, a false identity given to a body left off the Spanish coast used to leak false information to the German Abwehr.

Q8B: Can you give this person’s real name?

Answer: Officially Glyndwr Michael, also accept John Melville or Tom Martin, both of whom perished in the accidental loss of HMS Dasher in the Clyde in March 1943 two months before the deception operation and were identified as potential candidates in 2003/4.

Q9A: What is the name of the armour worn by this cavalryman?

Picture Q09A

Answer: A Cuirasse

Q9B: To which type of cavalry in Napoleon’s service does he belong?

Answer: Carabiniers-à-Cheval

Q10A. Can you identify the name of this space fighter, or the TV or film series in which it features?

Question 10a

Answer: Starfury (Babylon 5)

Q10B. Can you identify the name of this space fighter, or the TV or film series in which it features?

Question 10b

Answer: Kazon fighter (Star Trek: Voyager)

Q11A: Can you identify this British tank?

Question 11a

Answer: Crusader III (half a point if you only got Crusader)

Q11B: Can you identify this Italian tank?

Question 11b

Answer: M 13/40 (Half a point if you only got M 13)

Q12A: Can you name the TV Series from the cast picture?

Question 12a

Answer: MASH

Q12B: What was the number of the unit depicted in the series?

Answer: 4077th

MWS Quiz Retrospective – 5th August 2020 Answers

Here’s the answers to the latest of Peter’s quizzes from last year. 

01a         Which unit took the main part of the fight against the Persians at Thermopylae?

Answer: Spartans (plus 1200-odd Thebans)

01b         What is the common name for the Persian Guard troops who eventually broke through?

Answer: The Immortals

02a         Which order of Crusader knights were also part-time doctors?

Answer: Knights (Hospitalers) of St John

02b         When their last HQ in Europe was taken by the Turks, what were the elite Turkish forces called?

Answer: Janissaries

03a         Which units of mainly German mercenaries were raised in the Renaissance era to combat the Swiss?

Answer: Landsknechts

03b         Which renaissance-era unit is still serving in Europe today? Not ‘Beefeaters’ (Yeoman of the Guard?

Answer: The Swiss Guard (1st set-up by Julius 2nd in 1506)

04a         18thC: The American militia units were commonly known as what?

Answer: Minutemen

04b         Which hero of the irregular SYW against the French & Indians on the US/Canadian border fought against the US?

Answer: Colonel Robert Rogers

05a         The 95th Rifles was one of two rifle-armed units of the British Army in the Peninsular. What was the other one?

Answer:  60th (Royal American) Regiment

05b         What was the French Guard equivalent unit commonly called, to distinguish them from general Voltigeur/light infantry?

Answer: Tirailleurs

06a         What is the name of the ‘super-orc’ units created by Saruman (Christopher Lee)

Answer:  Uruk-Hai

06b         What is the common name of the shadowy group of super-humans from the north to which Aragorn initially belongs?

Answer: Dunedain or Rangers of the North

07a         What was unusual about the Union 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regt in the early years of the war?

Answer: They were armed as lancers

07b         What was unusual about the CSA Marine Corps

Answer: They never went to sea; only fought one naval action, as gunners on CSS Virginia.

08a         Which British Army unit only lasted from 1912 to 1918?

Answer: Royal Flying Corps

08b         Which other specialised unit only lasted from 1915 until 1922?

Answer: Machine Gun Corps

09a         What knick-name did the Germans give to WW2 British Parachute forces?

Answer: The Red Devils

09b         What did they call their own parachutists?

Answer: Green Devils (the Fallschirmjager, ‘Hunters From The Sky’)

10a         To which human organisation does the hero belong:  Steve Zodiac (Fireball XL5)

Answer: WSP – World Space Patrol

10b         To which human organisation does the hero belong:  Troy Tempest (Stingray)

Answer: WASP – World Aquanaut Security Patrol

10c         To which human organisation do the heroes belong:  Tracey family (Thunderbirds)

Answer: IR – International Rescue

10d         To which human organisation does the hero belong:  Colonel Straker (UFO)

Answer: SHADO – Supreme HQ Alien Defence Organisation

10e         Name any two of the Angels in Captain Scarlet

Answer: Destiny, Melody, Rhapsody, Symphony, Harmony

11a         What is the US equivalent unit to our SAS

Answer: 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) more commonly known as Delta Force

11b         And their not-Soviet-really counterparts


12a         MWS Game of a famous siege lasting almost 2yrs

Answer: Beds of Jonquils (Masada) AD73

MWS Quiz Retrospective 8th July 2020 – Answers

Here are the answers to Peter’s quiz from July last year.

Q01a      What was the name of the disastrous battle in the early 1stC AD in which three Roman legions were destroyed

Answer: Teutoburger Wald 

Q01b     Give the date (within 5 yrs), and/or one of the commanders

Answer: AD9, Publius Quinctilius Varus,    Arminius

Q02a      Identify this WW2 aircraft

Question 2a

Answer: De Havilland Mosquito

Q02b     What was it’s nickname

Answer: The Wooden Wonder

Q03a      Name this character from The Lord of the Rings

Question 3a

Answer: Treebeard

Q03b     Where was his home

Answer: Fangorn (Forest)

Q04a      Name the Avalon-Hill boardgame which covers major ship-to-ship combats from the age of sail?

Answer: Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Q04b     When was the song “Hearts of Oak” made popular? Give the war and/or year.

Answer: During the Seven Years War; 1759, the year of victories

Q05a      What was the first major battle of The Hundred Years War which saw widespread use of the longbow

Answer: Crecy (1346)

Q05b     How long is it generally agreed that the war lasted

Answer: 116 years (minus points for anyone who says 100!)

Q06a      General Sherman said “…the man must be stopped…even if it takes 10,000 men and bankrupts this treasury…”. Which Confederate general was he talking about?

Answer: Nathan Bedford Forest

Q06b     Which post-war organisation is this person said to have helped to found?

Answer: Ku Klux Klan

Q07a      What is the official name of this branch of a fictional military force?

Question 7a

Answer: USCMC / ‘Colonial Marines’

Q07b     What is the name or number of the planet to which they accompany Ellen Ripley

Answer: LV426 / ‘Hadley’s Hope’

Q08a      Which 17thC French engineer gave his name to an entire system of fortifications?

Answer: Vauban

Q08b     What is the term for a covered trench heading towards the enemy, which gave rise to specialised engineer units of the same name

Answer: Sap

Q09a      Although imitated later, the 18ft pike was the favoured weapon of mercenaries from which country during the early Renaissance Wars?

Answer: Swiss

Q09b     Before embarking on their lucrative & violent career as mercenaries, how did they contribute to the unification of France under a single crown?

Answer: Killed the Duke of Burgundy (at the battle of Nancy, 1477)

Q10a      Which war was expected to be so short that troops would be “…Home before the leaves fall from the trees…”?

Answer: WW1

Q10b     Who is credited with saying that

Answer: Kaiser Wilhelm II

Q11a      What is this Napoleonic soldier commonly called

Question 11a

Answer: Polish Lancer (1st Polish Light Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard)

Q11b     Which nationality originally supplied the 2nd ‘Red’ Lancer Regt?

Answer: Dutch

Q12a      In 2012, the MWS put on a game featuring the daring WW2 attack on which bridges

Answer: Orne River and Caen Canal bridges (“Pegasus Bridge”)

Q12b     Who was the actor who played Major Howard in the film ‘The Longest Day’, and why was he a good choice

Answer: Richard Todd; he served in 7th Para Batalion, reinforcing the glider borne troops who seized the bridges

Quiz Night 16-12-2020 – Answers

Jeremey puts us out of our misery with the answers to last weeks Quiz

Round 1
Still Playing with Toy Soldiers (1 point for each correct answer)

1. The earliest discovered toy soldiers date to what year?
2000BC two sets of painted soldiers carved from wood; one of Egyptian heavy infantry and one of Numidian light infantry in the tomb of Prince Emsah
2. In what year was toy soldier company ‘Britains’ formed?
3. What year did the first Salute show take place?

Round 2
Do You Know a Little German? (1 point for each correct answer)

Translate the following German words:
4. Sturmtiger – Storm Tiger
5. Kampfschwimmer – Combat Swimmers
6. Hummel – Bumblebee
7. Kriegsspiel – War Game

Round 3
It’s Never that Old! (1 point for each wargame in the correct order)

8. Rank these Rules in the Order They Were Published:
Basic Impetus
Field of Glory
Warmaster Ancients

Warmaster Ancients (2005)
Basic Impetus (2006)
Field of Glory (2008)

Round 4
A Lesson from History (1 point for each wargame in the correct order)

9. During the battle of Aqaba Lawrence of Arabia was knocked unconscious. What caused his injuries?
Lawrence fell from his own camel after accidently shooting it in the head
10. On the 15th August 1943 allied forces suffered 313 casualties capturing Kiska Island from the Japanese. What is this encounter most famous for?
The Japanese defenders had left 2 weeks earlier

Round 5
Call Yourself a Member? (1 point for each correct answer)

11. As of today how many show prizes has the club won:
21 – Correct
12. Between 2002-2010, according to the club diary, which miniature size was used the most for games?
6mm (51)
15mm (72) – Correct
25/28mm (47)

Round 6
A Birds Eye View (1 point for each correct answer)

13. What Castle is This? Bodiam Castle
14. What Castle is This? Pevensey Castle
15. What Castle is This? Barnard Castle (couldn’t resist)

Round 7
A Viking We Will Go! (1 point for each correct answer)

16. Name these three films featuring Vikings from the soundtrack

The Vikings (1958)

The 13th Warrior

How to Train Your Dragon

Round 8
Carry On Sergeant! (1 point for each correct answer)

What did these famous people serve in, the Army, Airforce or Navy?
17. Roald Dahl – Airforce
18. Alec Guinness – Navy
19. Tony Bennett – Army

Round 9
I May not Know Much About Art (1 point for each correct answer)
20. Which Battle? Battle of Quatre Bras
21. Which Battle? Battle of Crecy
22. Which Battle? Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit)

Round 10
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! (1 point for each correct answer)

23. What was the name of the largest ship to take part in the battle of Trafalgar?
Santisima Trinidad
24. How many guns did it have at the time of the Battle?

Round 11
A Tight Squeeze! (1 point for each correct answer)

How many crew in each tank?
25. T80 – Crew of 3
26. Hertzer – Crew of 4
27. Tron – Crew of 2

Round 12
He’s Making It Up! (1 point for each correct answer, but -1 point for each fake you thought was real!)

28. Which of these battles are real?
1. Battle of Syme naval battle in 411 BC (Sparta and Athens)
2. Battle of Loos WWI 1915
3. Battle of Upton Creek – FAKE
4. Battle of Pease Bottom 1873 (USA and Sioux)
5. Battle of Wobble Field – FAKE
6. Battle of Pudding Valley – FAKE
7. Battle of Meelick Island Connacht and Leinster 1650
8. Battle of Angry Rock – FAKE
9. Battle of Flushing naval battle Eighty Years’ War 1573
10. Battle of Linton Moor – FAKE

Now that’s a Big Gun! (And if you had a go of the Tiebreaker)

How Heavy is Mons Meg (in pounds)? 15,366 pounds

Do let us know how you did, the club winning score was 19!

Quiz Night 02-12-2020 – Answers

1A) – Which pair of brothers led the Anglo-Saxon forces at the Battle of Aylesford in AD.455 ?
Hengist and Horsa
1B) – Hengist and Horsa and are reputed to have landed in Kent at Ebbsfleet, near Pegwell Bay; which other famous invader is said to have come ashore in the same place 400 years earlier?
Julius Caesar (54AD)

2A) – What is this famous North Kent landmark ?
Reculver Towers
2B) – What is it the remains of ?
A medieval church (converted in C.12th from an Anglo-Saxon Monastery). Although it was built on the site of a Roman camp, the towers were not part of that.

3A) – Name this castle.
Deal Castle
3B) – Who was responsible for its construction ?
It is one of Henry VIII’s Device Forts.

4A) – During the siege of Rochester Castle in 1215, what was used to fire the props where the castle had been undermined, causing one of the towers to collapse ?
‘Forty slaughtered fat pigs’ were used to set fire to the props
4B) – The collapsed tower was subsequently rebuilt, but not as originally constructed – how did it differ?
The new tower was round rather than square.

5A) and 5B) – Name the commanders of the respective forces in the Battle of Maidstone (1648).
Earl of Norwich (Royalists) and Sir Thomas Fairfax (Parliamentarians)

6A) – Name the first warship to be built at Sheerness Dockyard in 1693.
HMS Medway
6B) – Name the last Royal Navy vessel to be built at Chatham Dockyard, completed in 1962.
HMS Ocelot

7A) – What defensive structure was built on Romney Marsh between 1804 and 1809 ?
The Royal Military Canal
7B) – How did the iconic Kentish defensive symbol, the Martello Tower, get its name?
The design was inspired by the Torra di Mortella in Corsica; the name was mis-spelled/corrupted to become Martello.

8A) – Garrison Point Fort (above) and Cliffe Fort were both fitted with a particular type of weapon in 1890 – what was that ?
Brennan Land-launched Torpedo
8B) – One of the Royal Navy’s main airship stations was in north Kent – where was it located ?
RNAS Kingsnorth

9A) – What’s the name of this type of radar installation ?
Chain Home
9B) – Sound mirrors were effectively the precursors to radar, and a number were built on the Kent coast between the wars. To increase their effectiveness, a number of new operators were recruited, all with a particular characteristic – what was that ?
They were all blind

10A) – Name this famous aircraft, built on the banks of the Medway at Borstal.
Shorts Sunderland

10B) – What type of tank is this ? A battalion of them was allocated to the defence of Fortress Maidstone in 1940-41.
Matilda Mk.II

11A) – What links the Walmington-on-Sea platoon in Dad’s Army directly to Kent?
They wear Royal West Kent Regiment cap badges
11B) – Where was the final overseas deployment of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, when they fought against the EOKA rebels ?

12A) – Which Imperial Admiral lived in this house in Whitstable?
Grand Moff Tarkin, or Peter Cushing
12B) – What famous science-fiction author was born in and spent much of his life in Kent, and set parts of some of his books in the county, including a balloon landing on Dymchurch beach?
HG Wells

MWS Quiz 18/11/2020 Answers

Here are the answers to Mark’s fiendish quiz. The best score when Mark ran this quiz on the 18th was 11 points, did anyone do better?

Question 1

1.a. This is the cap badge of the famous Tyneside Scottish regiment, an honour title held by a variety of British army units since 1914, excluding the current holder, how many units have held this title, bonus point if you can name them?

3 – Durham Light Infantry, Northumberland Fusiliers, Black Watch

1.b. Which regiment currently holds the title?

Royal Artillery (204 battery)

Question 2

2.a. Name the weapon.

MP 18

2.b. This weapon was mainly used during which WWI offensive?

Kaiserschlacht (1918)

Question 3

3.a. Which 100 years’ war battle does this painting represent?

Crecy 1346

3.b. Genoese crossbowmen are said to have led the French assault but where quickly beaten back by English/Welsh longbowmen. The Genoese are said to have been wiped out to a man, but not by the Longbowmen, what happened to them?

Overrun by French knights 

Question 4

4.a. Can you name the maker and mark of this tank?

Vickers-Armstrong Mark E

4.b. This tank was built for the British army but was rejected by Army Command, odd as the tank was highly advanced for the time, the Russians bought a large number and used it as the basis for their infantry support tanks, such as the T26. Why did British Army Command reject this tank?

It didn’t have a 3 man turret, which was a requirement at the time.

Question 5

5.a. Can you name this aircraft?

Boulton Paul Defiant (The aircraft pictured is the only complete original aircraft remaining and was restored at the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS) at Rochester Airport between 2009 & 2012, link)

5.b. The picture shows this aircraft in night fighter livery, while the aircraft was a reasonably successful night fighter, it was very vulnerable to attack from enemy fighters, why?

It had no forward facing machine guns.  

Question 6

6.a. The Siege of Newcastle took place during the first English Civil War in 1644, the city eventually fell to a Covenanter army, with the Royalists holding the castle keep in the centre of the city and surrendering under favourable terms, on 26th October 1644. How long did the siege take to the nearest month?

8 months: February to October 1664

6.b. This wasn’t the first time Newcastle had been besieged by a Scottish Covenanter army, can you tell me in which war this previous event took place?

The Second Bishops’ War 1640

Question 7

7.a. Can you tell me the official German name or designation of this infantry support tank?

Sturmpanzer 43 or SdKfz 166

7.b. What nickname did allied intelligence use, bonus point if you can tell me the German nickname?

Allied intelligence: Brummbar (Grouch), German nickname: Stupa

Question 8

8.a. This is Sergeant Edward Stanley Dixon of the Tyne Electrical Engineers (TEE), he served with the TEE throughout WWI returning to Gallowgate in 1919, where he went on to play professional football scoring 50 goals for his club. Which club did he play for?

Newcastle United

8.b. The TEE’s primary role was coastal and AA defence, however a few did serve on the Western Front, famously earning the nickname ‘the suicide brigade’, why?

They used oxyacetylene search lights to search for raiding parties in no-mans land.

Question 9

9.a. This is a picture of Lord Collingwood, another famous son of Newcastle, he regularly served with and succeeded Nelson and led one of the British lines at the battle of Trafalgar, the other line being led by Nelson in the Victory, what was the name of Collingwood’s ship?

H.M.S. Royal Sovereign

9.b. Which nations fought in the battle?

British, French and Spanish

Question 10

10.a. This special edition of a very famous Newcastle beverage was produced to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle of Otterburn. Which year is the battle said to have took place?


10.b. The battle of Otterburn was fought between a Scottish army lead by Sir James Douglas and English army led by Sir Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy? It is claimed that Douglas previously took something from Percy as they fought next the Newcastle City Wall, what did Douglas take from Percy?

His pennon (blue lion rampant)

Question 11

11.a. This is a picture of Housteads Roman fort, what is it’s Roman/Latin name (latest interpretation)?


11.b. When did building begin on the stone version of the fort?

124 AD, allow 5 years either way.

Question 12

12.a. This is a picture of the last HMS Newcastle (not including the forthcoming type 26 frigate), what Type of ship was she?

Type 42 Destroyer

12.b. How many royal navy ships have borne the name Newcastle, and when was the first Newcastle launched (bonus)?

There have been 8 ships bearing the name H.M.S Newcastle, the first launched in 1653.

MWS Quiz Answers 04/11/2020

Here are the answers to Peter’s latest quiz. How did you do?

Q1. Not him again!

a) Name three Errol Flynn ‘historical’ films from 1936-40

Answer: They Died with Their Boots On, Charge of the Light Brigade, Robin Hood, Capt. Blood, The Sea Hawk, Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex, Dawn Patrol, Santa Fe Trail (appalling!)

b) How many times has John Wayne played a colonel? +/-2

Answer: 11 (Green Berets, 2x WW2, 7x 19thC, 1x 1950s a/c)

Q2. Ancients

a) In 1963 and 1964, two films were made which portrayed the last years of Julius Caesar. Who played Mark Anthony in each film?

Answer: Richard Burton (Cleopatra), Sid James (Carry On Cleo)

b) One of them also portrayed another significant leader of the ancient world – who?

Answer: Richard Burton also played Alexander The Great

Q3. Naval contemplation

a) Name two RN combat films set in the Napoleonic period.

Answer: Billy Budd, Master & Commander, Capt. Horatio Hornblower, HMS Defiant

b) Name two films which feature a major German surface ship.

Answer: Sink The Bismark, Above Us The Waves, Shout At The Devil, Battle of the River Plate, Submarine X-1

Q4. Lie of the Land.

a) Which battle area is this meant to portray?

Question 4A

Answer: Ardennes forest (Battle of the Bulge)

b) Which of the following tanks has NOT been used to portray a WW2 German tank in a movie?

Question 4B

Answer:  None, – they all have!

 M7 Priest SP (Ice Cold In Alex), M47 (Battle oof the Bulge), T34 (Kelly’s Heroes), M48 (Patton), T54 (various East. European), Leopard 1 (Bridge Too Far), SU100 (Wheels of Terror), Tiger 1, 2, Panther (Theirs Is The Glory)

Q5. Take Two

a) Which two leading Hollywood actors have portrayed Genghis Khan?

Answer: Omar Sharif, John Wayne

b) John Cleese and John Wayne both portrayed the same (type) of officer in the same historical locations – twice! What were the positions they played?

Answer: Roman centurions (Life of Brian – 1979, Greatest Story Ever Told – 1965) and US Town Marshals (Silverado, loads!)

Q6. The Caine Family

a) How many serving military ranks has Michael Caine been *credited* with portraying? ANS WITHIN +/-1

Answer: Nine: Pvt – A Hill In Korea (1956), Too Late The Hero (1970, WW2 Burma), Sgt – Ipcress File, Funeral In Berlin, Lt – Zulu (1964), Capt. – Play Dirty (1969, WW2 desert), Escape To Victory (1981), Maj. – The Black Windmill, Sdn Ldr – Battle of Britain (1969), Lt. Col – Bridge Too Far (1974), Col – Eagle Has Landed, Gen. – Dear Dictator (2017)

b) Which army ranks as he not held on screen?

Answer: Corporal, Field Marshal

Q7. Reach for the sky

a) In which film did this ‘fake Albatross & FOKKER DVII ‘ first appear?

Question 7A

Answer: The Blue Max

b) The AVRO Vulcan appeared in which film?

Question 7B

Answer: Thunderball

Q8. Sub-standard

a) Name three films featuring what are meant to be U-Boats (not original newsreel clips)?

Answer: The Cruel Sea, Enemy Below, The Sea Wolves, In Which We Serve, Das Boot, U571, McKenzie Break, Murphy’s War, Bear Island, Mystery Submarine, Greyhound, Enigma, The Imitation Game, The Land That Time Forgot, Assault on a Queen, Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark

b) Name two films featuring atomic submarines (Not including the two in ‘Hunt For Red October’! which were featured in an earlier quiz)

Answer: 20,000 Leagues, The Spy Who Loved Me, Fantastic Voyage, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea, It Came From 20,000 Fathoms, Godzilla(s), Crimson Tide, K19 Widow-maker, Grey Lady Down, Ice Station Zebra, Bedford Incident, The Abyss, On The Beach

Q9. Hit the Beach

a) Robert Mitchum appeared in two films featuring WW2 beach assaults; name them?

Answer: The Longest Day, Anzio

b) Name one WW2 film in which John Wayne dies.

Answer: Sands of Iwo-Jima, Fighting SeaBees, The Sea Chase

Q10. Uniformity

a) Name one film which correctly features the following: WW2 German paratroopers or WW2 German Alpine Corps?


WW2 German paratroopers: The Eagle Has Landed

WW2 German Alpine Corps: Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, Force 10 From Navarone

b) Name one film which correctly features the following: 11thC Knights or French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Uniforms?


11thC Knights: The Warlord, El Cid

French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Uniforms: The Duellists, War & Peace (Soviet version – raided numerous museums!)

Q11. Vive L’Empereur

a) The CS Forrester book ‘The Gun’ was made into which film, and who played the leader of the Spanish Guerrillas?

Answer: The Pride & The Passion / Frank Sinatra

b) Name two Hollywood actors who have played the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Answer: Rod Steiger, Ian Holm, Charles Boyer, Herbert Lom, Eli Wallach, Marlon Brando, Claude Rains, Dennis Hopper

Q12. So, how do you get to be King (or Queen) then?

a) Name three actors who have played Henry VIII

Answer: Keith Michel, Charles Laughton (x3), Richard Burton, Robert Shaw, James Robertson Justice, Charlton Heston, Sid James

b) Name three people who have portrayed Elizabeth I

Answer: Glenda Jackson, Flora Robson, Bette Davis, Judy Dench, Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Florence Eldridge – and Quentin Crisp!

MWS Quiz 21/10/2020 – Answers

Marcus puts us out of our misery…

Q1A. What is the name of the fantasy world associated with this map?

Answer: Glorantha

Q1B. What are the main game systems associated with this world?

Answer: Runequest, HeroQuest & White Bear/Red Moon

Q2A. On 1/10/331 BC. Alexander fought one of his most famous battles in Mesopotamia. Which battle?

Answer: Gaugamela

Q2B. Who led the opposition?

Answer: Darius of Persia

Q3A. Who fought battles including, Dalan-baljit, Onon, Dalanhemurges, Huan-ertsi, Wei-Chuan & The Indus?

Answer: Genghis Khan

Q3B. What year (within 30) was he declared “Khan of Khan’s”?

Answer: 1206 (accept 1176 – 1236)

Q4A. Which Swedish King introduced conscription in 1620?

Answer: Gustavus Adolphus

Q4B. Can you name two army reforms introduced by him?

Answers (two from the following):

  • Uniforms/badges
  • Drill
  • Increased ratio of pikemen/musketeers
  • Permanent brigades
  • Shortened muskets
  • Ranks reduced from 10 to 6
  • Training to fire 2/3 volleys rather than rolling fire.
  • Artillery; the first artillery regiment, rationalization of calibres and light infantry support gun.

Q5A. The “Battle of the Dunes” took place near which port on 14/06/1658?

Answer: Dunkerque

Q5B. Which future monarch fought for the Spanish army in this battle?

Answer: James Duke of York, the future King James II

Q6A. What significant event is portrayed in this painting?

Answer: Battle of Fort Sumpter (First action of the American Civil War)

Q6B. Which states seceded only after this event, name any two?

Answer: Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina

Q7A. Who advocated the mass use of tanks in a paper of 1917 following the costly battle of Ypres?

Answer: J.F.C. Fuller

Q7B. Which battle commencing 20/11/17 put these ideas into practice?

Answer: Cambrai

Q8A. Can you identify this distinctive ship/class?

Answer: H.M.S. Nelson or H.M.S. Rodney (Nelson class)

Q8B. The design of this class was constrained by restrictions resulting from which treaty?

Answer: The Washington Naval Treaty of 1922; The first arms control treaty.

Q9A. What location was the site of a major amphibious assault from 15-29th September 1950?

Answer: Inchon

Q9B. Why did the defending forces dismiss this as a site for a potential assault?

Answer: North Koreans dismissed the site due to unfavourable tides/tidal range/mud-flats and the necessity to assault across a sea wall.

Q10A. Who wrote “The Hunt For Red October”?

Answer: Tom Clancy

Q10B. What was the name of the submarine commander played by Sean Connery in the film adaptation?

Answer: Marko Ramius


Can you name the following vehicles from the worlds of Gerry Anderson?

Answer: Sidewinder (bottom) and Fireflash (top)

Answer: Skydiver (UFO)

Answer: Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle (Captain Scarlet)

Answer: Hawk Interceptor (Space 1999)

Quiz Answers 02-09-2020

Andy puts us out of our collective miseries with the answers to the last quiz.

1a In Norse mythology Odin has two ravens which fly the earth seeking information for him. What are their names (Norse or English versions accepted)?
• Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory)

1b Odin is also accompanied by two wolves, can you name them?
• Geri and Freki (Meaning the “ravenous” or “greedy” one)

2a In naval terms, what is “The Perisher”?
• The Royal Navy Submarine Command Course (SMCC), previously the Commanding Officers Qualifying Course (COQC).

2b If you fail the Perisher, you get something and there is something you can never do again. One point if you can name either of them?
• A bottle of whisky
• You may never serve again on a Royal Navy submarine in any role.

3a What is the designation of this unusual WW2 Aircraft?

• Blohm & Voss (Bv) 141

3b What is the name or designation of this aircraft, it’s more successful competitor?

• Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu (“Eagle Owl”)

4a In the classic TV series Porridge, Ronnie Barker played the habitual criminal, Norman Stanley Fletcher. But what does a Fletcher traditionally make?
• Arrows (literally: glues the fletches to the arrow shaft)

4b In the series Open All Hours, he played the corner shop keeper, Albert Arkwright. But what does an Arkwright traditionally make?
• Chests

5a Hammer’s Slammers games are fairly popular at the Club, what is the name of the author of the original short stories on which the game is based?
• David Drake

5b What is the nickname given to the Slammer’s Military Police unit?
• White Mice

6a In WW2, what was PQ17?
• An Arctic convoy (in June / July 1942, it was attacked by German forces and lost 2/3 of its merchant ships).

6b Can you name the port that was its intended destination?
• Arkhangelsk (Archangel)

7a In 2006 the club show game was “Day trip to the Malvinas”, based on the Falklands War. Which ship served as the flagship of the Royal Navy Task Group 317.8 sent to liberate the islands?
• H.M.S. Hermes

7b Name the commander of the Task Group at sea?
• Rear-Admiral John Forster “Sandy” Woodward

8a Which regiment of the British Army, now part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, was known as “Pontius Pilate’s bodyguard”?
• The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) / the Royal Regiment of Foot

8b Which regiment of the British Army, now part of the King’s Royal Hussars, was known as “The Cherry Pickers”?
• 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)

9a The Victoria Cross is the highest award for valour in the British armed forces. In which decade of the 19th century was it instituted?
• 1850’s (warrant issued 29 January 1856, backdated to 1854)

9b If you were awarded the Victoria Cross as a result of service in the Royal Navy in the 19th century, what colour ribbon would you wear?
• Dark Blue. It was Red (Crimson) for Army recipients only until the end of WW1.

10a In 1859 there was a confrontation known as the “Pig War” between the United States and which country?
• United Kingdom

10b Where did this confrontation take place?
• The San Juan islands between Vancouver Island and the American mainland.
• The only casualty of this confrontation was the pig!

11a Which WW2 British division used this field sign?

• 11th Armoured Division

11b Can you name this tank, used by this division later in the war?

• Comet

12a In the British Army, which rank wears this insignia?

• Colonel

12b In the Royal Navy, what is the precise rank indicated by this insignia?

• Surgeon Commander (Three yellow bands = Commander, Red stripes = medical branch)