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Page last updated : 8th September 2021

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Our 1/300th vehicles (or 6mm, depending on the terminology you prefer) range is aimed at Wessex Games' Iron Cow universe. We've modelled not only the vehicles in the rulebook, but we've also extended the range of forces available to the commanders of each nation. You can find IC2103 stats for the vehicles not represented in the rulebook here.

Steve Blease has the 2136ad blog dedicated to detailing the Iron Cow background, which also covers other rulesets from Wessex. There is also the New Guinea War campaign on the Wessex website pitting the Pacific Federation against the Indonesian Republic.

We also stock the excellent Strike Legion ruleset by Legionnaire Games, along with its supplements and add-ons.

The range, now over 200 models, will continue to grow and grow - even though we keep releasing models, the list of potential new vehicles is getting longer, not shorter ! These include :

  • More EuroFed and Dutch ONESS, from the scenario Kicking Up Dust
  • VTOLs for all nations
  • Small mechs and armoured fighting suits
  • EuroFed Aoun Cybertanks
  • More additions to our own ranges of buildings

  • Hammer's Slammers

    If you're looking for our range of 6mm Hammer's Slammers models, they've now been moved to their own dedicated section of the website - click here to find them, or follow the link on the left-hand menus.

    Air Support

    With the release of our Squadron Commander starfighter rules and associated models, ground commanders now have access to a range of 1/300th fighters that can be used for air superiority or ground attack missions. For convenience these models are listed in the vehicle pages below as well.

    To allow you to get an idea of the relative sizes of the vehicles, we've added a group picture of some of the tanks next to each other and another of APCs. All vehicle sizes quoted are for hulls only and don't include overhanging guns, etc.

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    Rules and Starter Packs (23)
    Company Packs (54)
    Mechs (1)
    British (ONESS) (18)
    American Republic (33)
    German (ONESS) (38)
    European Federation (43)
    Chinese Democratic Socialist Union (20)
    South African Confederation (27)
    Pacific Federation (26)
    Neo-Soviet (39)
    Polish (ONESS) (21)
    Indonesian Republic (17)
    Mercenaries (23)

    Yenpalo (11)
    Infantry and Heavy Weapons (21)
    Civilian Vehicles (6)
    Fortifications (7)
    Desert Buildings and Scenery (48)
    Town Walls (11)
    Advanced Buildings (11)
    Colony Base (3)
    Desert Domes (14)
    Research Base (7)
    Moonbase (6)
    Underground Structures (9)
    Desert Outlands (8)
    Monorail (16)


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