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Page last updated : 12th June 2018

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The Accursed Hosts of Anwyn

The Fir Bolg are the dead hosts of Anwyn. They are spirits doomed to eternally wander the land. Some have preserved their ancient flesh by feeding on the living, others must bind themselves to skeletons from the graves and battlefields of Goria, in order to once more walk the ground above. Within the ranks of the Fir Bolg you will find skeletons, zombies, necromancer priests and the terrifying dark heroes of the undead host.

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Fir Bolg
CLT-501 Morrigan, Priestess of the Horned God £4.00
CLT-502 Cernunnos The Horned One £4.00
CLT-503 Mordred the Damned £4.00
CLT-504 Kluruch Wraithlord £4.00
CLT-505 Chrau Diliu £4.00
CLT-507 Modron, concubine of the Old Horned God £4.00
CLT-510 Skeleton leader with axe £3.50
CLT-519 Moch, Carrion Lord on Undead steed £6.00
CLT-520 Bloodwedd Darksickle £4.00
CLT-521 Morthron Widowspear, Fir Bolg Champion £4.00
CLT-522 Fir Bolg Standard Bearer £4.00
CLT-523 Shadow Lord, Fir Bolg Champion £3.50
CLT-524 Skeleton Standard Bearer £3.50
CLT-525 Wraith on steed £5.00
CLT-526 Fir Bolg Musician £3.50
CLT-527 Skeleton Drummer £3.50
CLT-528 Flesh Eater Champion £3.50
CLT-529 Flesh Eater Leader £3.50
CLT-530 Mounted Fir Bolg Musician £5.00
CLT-531 Skeleton Spear Leader £3.50
CLT-549 Zombie Blood Cauldron £6.00
CLT-550 Zombie Blister Pack #1 £4.00
CLT-551 Zombie Blister Pack #2 £4.00
CLT-552 Zombie Blister Pack #3 £4.00
CLT-553 Skeleton Archers Blister Pack £4.00
CLT-554 Skeleton Warscythes Blister Pack £4.00
CLT-555 Skeleton Spears Blister Pack #1 £4.00
CLT-556 Skeleton Spears Blister Pack #2 £4.00
CLT-557 Flesh Eaters Blister Pack #1 £4.00
CLT-558 Flesh Eaters Blister Pack #2 £4.00
CLT-559 Skeletons with Sickles Blister Pack £4.00
CLT-560 Skeletons with Spears Blister Pack £4.00
CLT-580 Zombie Shields (pack of 12) £3.00
CLT-581 Skeleton Shields (pack of 12) £3.00

Army and Unit Packs

CLTP-500 Fir Bolg Large Army Pack £75.00
CLTP-501 Fir Bolg Medium Army Pack £50.00
CLTP-510 Morrigan Zombie Warband £12.00
CLTP-511 Morthron Skeleton Spearmen Warband £12.00
CLTP-512 Kruluch Flesh Eater Warband £12.00
CLTP-513 Moch Wraithlord Cavalry Pack £18.00
CLTP-514 Fir Bolg Command Pack £12.00
CLTP-515 Skeleton Spearman Warband £12.00

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