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Page last updated : 8th September 2021

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Welcome to our range of small scale scenery - the models are built to 1/1000th scale but they are compatible with 2mm figures or 1/1200th scale ships. They are also ideal as scenery/targets for larger scale aircraft models (anywhere from 1/700th up to 1/144th or 1/100th) where they provide a sense of forced perspective and higher altitude. A large number of customers also use them with 3mm scale vehicles and figures.

The buildings are generally cast in lead-free white-metal, with the larger models are cast in polyurethane resin. They generally have a slightly rough finish which is ideal for wash and drybrush painting techniques. We recommend a spray undercoat followed by an inkwash and drybrushing - all that's needed then is to pick out details such as doors and windows.

We have a further range of models on our Shapeways Store. These items are 3D-printed and allow us to produce items that would be difficult or impossible in the traditional mediums of metal or resin such as open girder structures.

We also see these models as ideally suited to architectural models or museum dioramas, and we would welcome orders for those uses as well as traditional gaming purposes.

Please note that because of the way our moulds are arranged, we are unable to supply individual models from the packs - we can only sell complete packs as displayed here.

This page has recently been rearranged and all of the items placed in categories to make it easier to browse (the list of products had got so long as to be rather unwieldy !). You will find some items may appear in more than one category if applicable.

Further plans for the range include :

  • Additional European countries (German Medieval style, Russian village houses, Northern France/Low Countries)
  • Japanese Pagodas
  • Caribbean Villas
  • Fantasy medieval
  • Science-fiction (based on our existing 6mm buildings)

For North American customers, most of the range is available from Pico Armor in Bloomingdale, IL.

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English Buildings (16)
Industrial Buildings (9)
Railways (13)
Middle Eastern Buildings (4)
Mediterranean Buildings (5)
French Buildings (5)
American Buildings (1)
Eastern Front (2)
German Buildings (4)
Belgian Buildings (3)
Early British-Irish Buildings (4)
Airfields (6)
Dockside and Harbour (19)
Historical Forts and Military Installations (9)

English Forts and Castles (11)
French Coastal Forts (5)
Spanish Forts and Castles (4)
ACW Coastal Forts (6)
Victorian SF Forts and Installations (7)
Modular Castles (26)
European City Buildings (6)
Roman Buildings (16)
South-East Asia (2)
Central and South America (1)
Vauban Fortifications (11)
Science-Fiction Buildings (1)
Miscellaneous (7)


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