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Brigade Models
Page last updated : 9th February 2022

Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Previews, new releases, interesting stuff ... and cakes !

20th May, 2022 10:00 AM
Steps of Emotion
This week’s offerings are a small collection of useful 6mm scenic items. First up is a set of eight cargo containers in various sizes, scaled down versions of our 15mm ones. You get four large, two small and two mini containers. The large one fits neatly on one of our monorail flat cars, while the […]
8th May, 2022 10:00 AM
The Last, Best Hope
After a false start (I made a mistake on the original master…), this week we have a new addition to our spaceships range, the Argos space station. It has a cylindrical resin main hull with four metal solar panels, two either side. The station is unarmed (or at least has no visible weaponry), but you […]
5th May, 2022 04:35 PM
With the release of the German battleship and battlecruisers recently, we have some useful metal parts from those models that we’re making available as an accessory set. Each set has a pair of heavy twin guns, two pairs of solar side panels, two different bridges and a vertical fin. We’ll only be selling these as […]
3rd May, 2022 10:00 AM
Culture Vulture
This week we have another assortment of Small Scale Scenery releases – two from the UK, and another pair from over the channel in France – all with a slight air of culture to them. Starting up north with the largest building, we have the rather grand Glasgow People’s Palace. Opened in 1898, it was […]
16th April, 2022 10:00 AM
This World of Water
Some time ago someone commented on Facebook asking why many/most sci-fi wargames buildings seem to be desert themed. He has a point, and I won’t pretend that we’re not guilty of this – we have three main desert themed building ranges (although it must be said in our defence that they outsell all our other […]
8th April, 2022 04:39 PM
Baroque Grandeur
Today’s releases are a trio of fortresses and castles, at opposite ends of the size scale. Most impressive is the massive Castle Krzyżtopór (not the easiest pronunciation for a non-Polish speaker), a huge baroque pile in Ujazd, southern Poland. It was built in the mid-17th century (the exact dates seem uncertain) by a nobleman, Krzysztof […]
5th April, 2022 10:00 AM
Surgeon General Update
We’ve just made our first donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, money raised from the sale of models in the Surgeon General range which we set up at the end of last year. We’re really pleased with this start – and the range is a permanent fixture, so the models will continue to raise […]
1st April, 2022 10:00 AM
Desert Ambulances
Our 15mm Sincanmo Federation Dune Buggies came out at the end of last year, with over a dozen vehicles in three configurations. Today we have some new options, including a couple that fall under our Surgeon General fundraiser range. The first two are 6×6 and half-track ambulances with fully enclosed rear cabs. They could also […]
25th March, 2022 10:00 AM
Teutonic Battlewagons
New this week are three German spaceships, replacements for older models. The new versions all have resin hulls with metal parts, so are easy to assemble and base. The three ships are the Magdeburg battleship and the Dortmund and Thüringen battlecruisers, which join the existing Pomerania dreadnought and Zugspitze carrier. Each can be found in […]
18th March, 2022 10:00 AM
Hanseatic Harbour
Today we have a themed set of releases for one of Europe’s major trading centres, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The port sits at the end of the Elbe estuary, and is probably 50 or so kilometres from the North Sea. The river is a good kilometre or more wide until it reaches […]

Hammer's Slammers
HS15-4260 - Desert Raider Riflemen
HS15-4261 - Desert Raider Support Weapons
HS15-4262 - Desert Raider Command
HS15-4263 - Desert Raider Tripod Tri-barrel Teams
HS15-4264 - Desert Raider Missile Teams
HS15-4265 - Desert Raider Mortar Teams
HS15-4266 - Desert Raider Gun Crew
HS15-4267 - Desert Raider Lizard Riders
HS15-4268 - Desert Raider Brigadier
HS15-4269 - Desert Raider Drivers
HS15-4270 - Desert Raider Sniper Teams
HS15-2901 - Garaad 8x8 Armoured Car
HS15-2901a - Garaad 8x8 Air defence
HS15-2901b - Ugass 8x8 Command Car
HS15-2902 - Naib 6x6 Technical
HS15-2902a - Naib 6x6 Troop Carrier
HS15-2902b - Naib 6x6 Command Car
HS15-2902c - Naib 6x6 AA Truck
HS15-2903 - Aamir Half-track
HS15-2903a - Aamir Half-track Troop Carrier
HS15-2903b - Aamir Half-track Command Car
HS15-2903c - Aamir AA Half-track
HS15-2904 - Qaadi 4x4 Utility
HS15-2904a - Qaadi 4x4 Missile Car
HS15-2904b - Qaadi 4x4 Scout
HS15-2904c - Qaadi 4x4 EW Car
HSD6-3805 - Prosperity Rebel Detachment
HSD6-4201 - Hashemite National Brigade Detachment
HSD6-4202 - Hashemite Desert Raider Detachment
HS6-3860 - Armed Civilians
HS6-4260 - Desert Raiders
HS6-4261 - Desert Lizard Riders
HS6-4262 - Desert Raider Heavy Weapons

Imperial Skies
VANFP-801 - Brazilian Fleet Pack #1
VANFP-802 - Brazilian Fleet Pack #2
VANFP-3201 - Ecuadorian Air Guard Squadron
VANFP-3401 - Uruguayan Fleet Pack
VANFP-811 - Brazilian Torpedo Squadron
VANFP-3211 - Ecuadorian Torpedo Flotilla
VANFP-3411 - Uruguayan Torpedo Flotilla
VAN-224 - Alvarado class Dreadnought
VAN-801 - Sao Paulo Class Battlecruiser
VAN-802 - Minas Gerais Class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-803 - Gustavo Sampaio Class Light Cruiser
VAN-804 - Barroso Class Patrol Sloop
VAN-805 - Pernambuco class Frigate
VAN-806 - Júlio de Noronha class Cruiser
VAN-807 - Tamandare class Torpedo Cruiser
VAN-808 - Paraná class Frigate
VAN-809 - Rei Andreas class Battleship
VAN-810 - Japura class Destroyer
VAN-811 - Timbira class Torpedo Sloop
VAN-812 - Amazonas Class Light Armoured Cruiser
VAN-1301 - Moreno class Battleship
VAN-1302 - Buenos Aires class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-1303 - Patagonia class Light Cruiser
VAN-1304 - Mendoza class Destroyer
VAN-1305 - Rosales class Torpedo Frigate
VAN-1306 - Libertad class Battlecruiser
VAN-1307 - Guerrico class Frigate
VAN-1608 - Constitucion class Battlecruiser
VAN-3201 - Tunguruhua class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-3202 - Zamora class Light Cruiser
VAN-3203 - Chimborazo class Destroyer
VAN-3204 - Isla class Frigate
VAN-3205 - Isabela class Torpedo Cutter
VAN-3401 - General Artigas class Battleship
VAN-3402 - Montevideo class Battlecruiser
VAN-3403 - Capitan Miranda class Cruiser
VAN-3404 - Paysandu class Destroyer
VAN-3405 - Flores class Frigate
VAN-3406 - ROU 22 class Torpedo Pinnace
VAN-5004 - Amazone class Patrol Cutter
VAN-5014 - Cactus class Light Freighter
VAN-5015 - Hudson class Coal Tender
VAN-5016 - Visborg class Freighter
VAN-5017 - Svalbard class Coaler
VAN-5018 - Q-7 class Crane Lighter
VAN-5019 - Nightingale class Hospital Ship
VAN-7046a - French Twin Small Turrets
VAN-7049 - French Triple Heavy Turrets
VANF-3201 - Ecuadorian 8th National Flag (1860-1900)
VANF-3202 - Ecuadorian 9th National Flag (1900-2009)
VANF-3401 - Uruguayan National Flag
VANF-3402 - Uruguayan Naval Jack
VANF-3403 - Artigas Flag
VANF-3404 - Flag of the Treinta y Tres

SFSP-5003 - Merchant Convoy #3
SFS-151 - Harrier class Attack Corvette
SFS-152 - Vigilant class Scoutship
SFS-162 - Valkyrie Fighter
SFS-260 - Eagle Class Interceptor
SFS-300 - Pomerania III class Dreadnought
SFS-352 - Thetis class Scoutship
SFS-450 - Voltigeur class Corvette
SFS-470 - Aigle class Dropship
SFS-651 - Galashewe class Scoutship
SFS-1203 - Admiral Lazarev class Battlecruiser
SFS-1251 - Steregushchiy class Scoutship
SFS-1431 - Barantas class Destroyer
SFS-1450 - Ngurah class Corvette
SFS-1451 - Diponegoro class Scout Corvette
SFS-5020 - Vasilisk Fuel tanker
SFS-5022 - Coreopsis Grain Transporter
SFS-5023 - Free Drogher Freighter
SFS-5024 - Trefoiler Light Tanker
SFS-5025 - Sidereal Wanderer Cargo Ferry
SFS-5026 - Nova Arrow Passenger Liner
SFS-5027 - Neptune Conveyor Heavy Freighter

15mm SF
SF15-408b - Catroux Command Vehicle
SF15-408g - Catroux Ambulance
SF15-715 - Sharkey Ambulance
SF15-715a - Rangatira Command Vehicle
B15-050 - Tolero Dwelling Pack
B15-051 - Tolero Dwelling 1
B15-052 - Tolero Dwelling 2
B15-053 - Tolero Dwelling 3

6mm SF
IC-1103 - Yenpalo Fire Support Group
SF300-111 - Athena Dropship
SF300-112 - Heracles Assault Shuttle
SF300-406 - Javelot Scout Car with twin MGs
SF300-406a - Javelot Scout Car with Gatling
SF300-406b - Javelot Scout Car with missiles
SF300-406c - Musaraigne Utility Car
SF300-406e - Javelot Scout Car with mortar
SF300-406f - Javelot Tow Truck
SF300-412 - Lièvre 6x6 Pickup Truck
SF300-412a - Blaireau 6x6 Utility
SF300-412b - Belette 6x6 with Twin MGs
SF300-412c - Belette 6x6 with Gatling
SF300-412d - Belette 6x6 with Missiles
SF300-1101a - Xarledi Heavy Support Tank
SF300-1101b - Xarledi Light Support Tank
SF300-1101c - Xarledi AA Tank
SF300-1101d - Xarledi Missile Support Tank
SF300-9000 - Cyclo Pickup
SF300-9000a - Armed Cyclo
SF300-9000b - Cyclo Van
SF300-9000c - Cyclo Taxi
SF300-9000d - Police Cyclo
SF300-9000e - Cyclo Tow Truck
BP300-1006 - Laser Towers Pack
B300-1006 - Laser Tower
B300-1006a - Radar Tower
B300-146 - Blast Pen
B300-147 - Fuel Tanks
B300-148 - Desert Medical Centre
B300-149 - Corporate Tower
B300-188 - Guard Towers
B300-188a - Corner Guard Towers
B300-507 - Medical Centre
B300-606 - Moonbase Medical Centre
BP300-802 - Walled Village Set
B300-806 - Large Residence
B300-807 - Small Temple

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8176 - Victorian Hospitals
SSS-8177 - Modern Hospital
SSS-8168 - Castel San Angelo (Taranto)
SSS-8169 - Palazzo del Governo (Taranto)
SSS-8164 - Hotel de Ville
SSS-8165 - Terraced Town Buildings
SSS-8166 - French Market Square
SSS-8170 - Lascaris Towers
SSS-8171 - Fort St Benedict
SSS-8174 - Matara Star Fort
SSS-8178 - Castel del Monte (modern)
SSS-8178a - Castel del Monte (original)
SSS-8179 - Schloss Glücksburg
SSS-8172 - Star Castle
SSS-8175 - Aldeburgh Martello Tower
SSS-8173 - Fort Paté
SSS-8167 - Castillo de San Antón
SSS-8119d - Castle Starter Set 3
SSS-8121d - Conisborough Keep

1/700th Scenery
B700-006 - European Houses
B700-170 - Lascaris Towers
B700-173 - Fort Paté
B700-175 - Aldeburgh Martello Tower

ACC-003O - Small six-sided dice - orange
ACC-025 - Clear round-base flying stand

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