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Brigade Models
Page last updated : 11th May 2021

Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Previews, new releases, interesting stuff ... and cakes !

July 23rd, 2021 10:00 AM
Filling the Gap
One of the best selling fleets in our range of spaceships isn’t a military force – it’s actually our range of merchant ships. The selection is getting even bigger this week with a selection of five new medium-sized vessels. These conveniently fill the size gap between our existing small and large merchant types, and are […]
July 17th, 2021 08:38 AM
Somebody’s Watching Me
Slightly later than normal (I had a day off sightseeing in London yesterday), today sees the addition of these imposing Guard Towers to our 6mm Town Walls range. Unlike the open topped Watchtowers, these are taller and are fully enclosed so the guards can keep an eye out in air-conditioned comfort. They add an even […]
July 9th, 2021 10:06 AM
Upholding the Constitucion
So the South American thing we mentioned earlier in the week… it starts here. We’re getting off the ground gently with a new battlecruiser for the Chilean fleet, the Constitucion class. You may remember that the Chilean fleet has already been updated with a number of new vessels, but the Constitucion gives it a second […]
July 6th, 2021 10:00 AM
Welcome to the New World
A major change has happened to our website this week – our range of Victorian sci-fi flying craft has moved under the banner of Imperial Skies, to more closely tie them to the rules. All the product codes remain the same, but web addresses have changed – we’ve set up a series of redirects so […]
July 2nd, 2021 10:00 AM
Ride of the Valkyrie
First up, some service news; it’s holiday time, so turnaround time on orders may be a little longer for the next couple of weeks. We won’t be stopping completely, but it may take a few extra days to get your order out of the door. Onto the good stuff now – we have a few […]
June 25th, 2021 10:00 AM
Quiet Riot
The peace is shattered, there’s panic on the streets and no-one is safe. A familiar theme from the Hammerverse, where insurrection is just a powergun bolt away… Of course, one man’s terrorist is another’s Freedom Fighter, so we present a bunch of 6mm ne’er-do-wells that we’ve termed Armed Civilians. There are six different sculpts in […]
June 22nd, 2021 11:16 PM
More European Shipping News
As if we hadn’t already had enough, there’s yet another twist coming to the Brexit/VAT/shipping saga for our EU customers. However, for once it’s (mostly) good news – it has a painful initial effect, but in the long run it will make purchasing much easier for our EU customers. First, the bad news – as […]
June 18th, 2021 10:00 AM
Castillo de San Antón
Phil’s been very busy lately, designing all manner of new forts, castles and other bits for our Small Scale Scenery range. Today’s offering is the Castillo de San Antón, a rather uniquely shaped starfort built in the late C.16th to defend the Bay of Coruña in northern Spain (and not to be confused with our […]
June 11th, 2021 10:00 AM
Alien Support
Today’s release consists of four new support variants of the 6mm Yenpalo Xarledi grav tank. These give the aliens some heavy fire support, air-defence cover and missile capability. There is also a new Yenpalo Fire Support Group with three of each model. IC-1103 – Yenpalo Fire Support Group – £13.50 SF300-1101a – Xarledi Heavy Support […]
June 4th, 2021 10:00 AM
Conisborough Keep
Today we have a new addition to the modular Medieval Castle range. This is a new keep based on the one at Conisborough Castle near Doncaster. The castle dates from the 11th century, just after the Norman Conquest, although the unusual 6-towered keep was built later by Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey. We’ve restored […]

Hammer's Slammers
HSDEC-031 - Fasolini's Company
HSDEC-041 - Alaudae Legion
HSDEC-311 - Foster's Mercenaries
HSDEC-321 - Harris' Commando
HSDEC-361 - Ander's Legion
HSDEC-371 - Guardforce O'Higgins
HSDEC-381 - Prosperity
HSDEC-391 - New Ukrainians
HSDEC-401 - Broglie's Legion
HSD15-701 - TAS Mobile Police Detachment
HSD15-702 - TAS Starmarines Heavy Detachment
HSD15-703 - TAS Starmarines Support Detachment
HSD15-704 - TAS Tank Destroyer Detachment
HSD15-1401 - Brigada Independencia Tank Detachment
HSD15-1402 - Brigada Independencia Mech Infantry Detachment
HSD15-2501 - CdB Armoured Detachment
HSD15-2502 - CdB Mechanised Infantry Detachment
HSD15-2503 - CdB Mobile Infantry Detachment
HSD15-3701 - Guardforce O'Higgins Fianóglach Detachment
HSD15-3702 - Guardforce O'Higgins Armoured Detachment
HSD15-3703 - Guardforce O'Higgins Infantry Detachment
HSD15-3801 - Prosperity Armoured Squadron Detachment
HSD15-3802 - Prosperity Mechanised Infantry Detachment
HSD15-3803 - Prosperity Defence Detachment
HSD15-3804 - Prosperity Marine Detachment
HSD15-4101 - Auroran Heavy Armoured Detachment
HSD15-4102 - Auroran Armoured Detachment
HSD15-4103 - Auroran Infantry Detachment
HS15-3801 - Colonial Light Tank
HS15-3801a - Colonial Engineering Vehicle
HS15-3802 - Pioneer Amphibious APC
HS15-3803 - Powergun on Cruciform Mount
HS15-3803a - Calliope on Cruciform Mount
HS15-3901 - Vyriz Medium Tank
HS15-3901a - Burun II AA Tank
HS15-3901b - Shtorm MRLS
HS15-3901c - Groza II Artillery
HS15-3902 - Bulava Heavy Tank
HS15-3903 - Zhalo Light Tank
HS15-3904 - Shershnem Tank Destroyer
HS15-3904a - Shershnem Assault Gun
HS15-3905 - Yastrub MICV
HSD6-3701 - Guardforce O'Higgins Fianóglach Detachment
HSD6-3702 - Guardforce O'Higgins Armoured Detachment
HSD6-3703 - Guardforce O'Higgins Infantry Detachment
HSD6-3801 - Prosperity Armoured Squadron Detachment
HSD6-3802 - Prosperity Mechanised Infantry Detachment
HSD6-3804 - Prosperity Marine Detachment
HSD6-3901 - New Ukrainian Heavy Armour Detachment
HSD6-3902 - New Ukrainian Support Detachment
HSD6-3903 - New Ukrainian Light Recce Detachment
HSD6-4001 - ben Mehdi's Legion Tank Destroyer Detachment
HSD6-4002 - ben Mehdi's Legion Mechanised Infantry Detachment
HSD6-4003 - ben Mehdi's Legion Support Detachment
HS6-2016 - GS-1100C Cargo Carrier
HS6-3801 - Colonial Light Tank
HS6-3802 - Pioneer Amphibious APC
HS6-3901 - Vyriz Medium Tank
HS6-3901a - Burun II AA Tank
HS6-3901b - TOS-6 Rocket Launcher
HS6-3901c - Groza II Artillery
HS6-3902 - Bulava Heavy Tank
HS6-3903 - Zhalo Light Tank
HS6-3904 - Shershnem Tank Destroyer
HS6-3905 - Yastrub MICV
HS6-2017 - GS-934 Recce Car
HS6-2018 - GS-700 Jeep
HS6-2018a - GS-710M Mortar Jeep

Imperial Skies
VANFP-205 - US Pursuit Pack
VANFP-502 - Russian Fleet Pack #2
VANFP-5001 - British Merchant Convoy
VANFP-512 - Russian Defence Battery
VANFP-513 - Russian Escort Flotilla
VAN-130 - Anson class Battlecruiser
VAN-201 - Tallahasee Class Patrol Frigate
VAN-202 - Des Moines Class Destroyer
VAN-203 - Michigan Class Light Cruiser
VAN-204 - Kentucky Class Armoured Cruiser Dig
VAN-208 - Brooklyn class Destroyer
VAN-209 - Maryland class Cruiser
VAN-210 - Decatur class Frigate
VAN-211 - Saginaw class Frigate
VAN-213 - Baton Rouge class Cruiser
VAN-218 - Olympia class Light Cruiser
VAN-219 - Nashville class Frigate
VAN-220 - Raleigh class Fast Cruiser
VAN-221 - Augusta class Fast Destroyer
VAN-222 - Huntsville class Torpedo Destroyer
VAN-223 - Scranton class Torpedo Corvette
VAN-501 - Petrapavlovsk Central Battery Cruiser
VAN-502 - Archangelsk Class Dig Cruiser
VAN-503 - Murmansk class Patrol Pinnace
VAN-504 - Dobrovolets class Destroyer
VAN-505 - Derskyi class Heavy Destroyer
VAN-507 - Smolensk class Seaplane Tender
VAN-508 - Novik class torpedo Boat
VAN-509 - Shevardino Aerial Battery
VAN-510 - Raevski Aerial Redoubt
VAN-511 - Strashchni class Destroyer
VAN-516 - Kronstadt class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-517 - Burnyi class Destroyer
VAN-705 - Lussin class Rocket Patrol Boat
VAN-716 - Maros class Patrol Sloop
VAN-5001 - Majestic class Passenger Liner
VAN-5005 - Pearless class Bulk Merchant Vessel
VAN-5006 - Kaiserin Elisabeth Liner
VAN-5007 - Frampton class Bulk Freighter
VAN-5008 - Shillito class Freighter
VAN-5009 - Rochefort class Heavy Merchant
VAN-5010 - Stirling Castle class Liner
VAN-7051 - Russian Single Gun Barbettes
VAN-7052 - Russian Twin Gun Barbettes
VAN-7057 - Russian Heavy Cruiser Turrets
VANF-503 - Russian Imperial Flag
VANF-504 - Russian Naval Jack

ABS-006 - A Billion Suns
SFS-1160 - Shynil Light Interceptor
SFS-1161 - Axopo Heavy Fighter
SFS-6007 - Jump Gates

15mm SF
SF15-013 - Killer Plants
SF15-608c - Hippo Troop Carrier
SF15-608d - Hippo with AA Tribarrels
SF15-608e - Hippo with Rocket Launcher
SF15-1210 - Polevka Tracked Jeep
SF15-1553 - Triple Powergun
B15-1006 - Concrete Barriers
B15-185 - Watchtower
SF15-942 - Engineering Cranes
SF15-943 - Cargo Cases
SF15-944 - Barrels

6mm SF
IC-216 - AmRep Ridgway Troop
SF300-202 - M-83 Curtiss Heavy Tank
SF300-208 - M-84 Kochte MBT
SF300-209a - Ridgway with Heavy Cannon
SF300-209b - Ridgway with Plasma Cannon
SF300-209c - Ridgway with Missiles
SF300-608d - Hippo Heavy Truck - AA version
SF300-608e - Hippo Heavy Truck - MRLS version
B300-146 - Blast Pen
B300-147 - Fuel Tanks
BP300-802 - Walled Village Set
B300-806 - Large Residence
B300-1105 - Track Junction
B300-1106 - Lunar Station
B300-1135 - Lunar Carriages
B300-1136 - Hazardous Waste Transporter Cars

Squadron Commander
SCP-1101 - Yenpalo Shynil Flight
SCP-1102 - Yenpalo Axopo Flight
SCR-1101 - Shynil Light Interceptor
SCR-1102 - Axopo Heavy Fighter

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8162 - Gaol
SSS-8163 - Workhouse
SSS-8159 - Sheds and Workshops
SSS-8164 - Hotel de Ville
SSS-8165 - Terraced Town Buildings
SSS-8166 - French Market Square
SSS-8123e - Tower Gatehouses
SSS-8123f - Freestanding Tower Gatehouses
SSS-8160 - Roman Barracks
SSS-8161 - Basilica of Maxentius
SSS-8152d - Straight Bastions

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