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Brigade Models
Page last updated : 4th August 2022

Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Previews, new releases, interesting stuff ... and cakes !

5th August, 2022 10:00 AM
Castle Upgrades
We have a trio of new add-ons for the budding 1/1000th scale castle builders out there. First up is a new large bastion to fit the Vauban Fortifications range. This is the Baluarte de San Domingo, part of the walls of the Colombian coastal city of Cartagena de Indias. We’ve tweaked it slightly to fit […]
29th July, 2022 10:00 AM
Racing the Dunes
New this week is the big bunch of 6mm 4×4, 6×6 and half-track vehicles for the Sincanmo Federation, mirroring the 15mm release last year. There are 22 different variants in total when you include all of the turret and weapon options, enough to keep the most demanding desert warlord in business. The 6×6 and half-track […]
22nd July, 2022 01:14 PM
Armoured Monorail
First … we’ve finally cleared the backlog (well, as good as) – we’re down to eight outstanding orders, of which two are finished and just need boxing up, two need one piece of resin each (we simply ran out of steam yesterday evening), and four new ones that arrived overnight. Everything else will go the […]
15th July, 2022 02:24 PM
Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…
Tony is back at work after his holiday, so we thought it was time for a quick update on orders. We’re steadily working through the backlog that built up while he was away, so far we’ve managed to clear almost all orders up to July 6th (and a few after that). Of those, only a […]
8th July, 2022 10:00 AM
EuroFed Battlefleet
Tony’s still on holiday, so there’s not much going on at the moment. We had a good day at the Joy of Six last Sunday – unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the show itself, one of the downsides of being a trader, but it was certainly busy with plenty of visitors. There […]
1st July, 2022 10:00 AM
Desert Micro Warriors
Our other new set of models for Sunday’s Joy of Six show is this rather large collection of Sincanmo dune buggies. There are 14 different chassis in three configurations – half-track, 4×4 and 6×6 – and a total of 22 variants once the turret and weapon options are added up. We don’t yet have a […]
29th June, 2022 10:00 AM
The Iron Horse Gets Guns
So we promised some new items for the Joy of Six on Sunday, and here is the first. Our 6mm monorail came out several years ago and we’ve added a few extra bits and pieces since the initial release. The latest addition gives it some teeth, with a set of six armed and armoured carriages. […]
24th June, 2022 10:00 AM
Holiday, Celebrate!
So for the next couple of weeks it’s summer holiday time again for the Brigadieress and I, starting today. We’re not away for the whole of the fortnight and I’m hoping to get into work for a day or so each week to try and keep the backlog down. Nevertheless, there will be an inevitable […]
23rd June, 2022 11:21 PM
Castles in the Sky
Castles in the Sky is the title of the latest Osprey release in the blue book wargames series, written by Eric Farrington. Rather than us telling you what it’s about, this is what their website has to say about it: A wargaming ruleset for epic pre-WW1 battles in the sky. It’s the dawn of the […]
21st June, 2022 10:00 AM
Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day
Coming up this Saturday is our local club’s Open Day. Maidstone Wargames Society has a history dating back over 50 years (the Golden Jubilee was rather disrupted by the pandemic) and a current membership of around 30. The Open Day is an annual showcase where the club puts on a number of games so that […]

Hammer's Slammers
HS15-1818c - Atgeir Missile Trailer
HS15-4264 - Desert Raider Missile Teams
HS15-4265 - Desert Raider Mortar Teams
HS15-4266 - Desert Raider Gun Crew
HS15-4269 - Desert Raider Drivers
HS15-2901 - Garaad 8x8 Armoured Car
HS15-2901a - Garaad 8x8 Air defence
HS15-2901b - Ugass 8x8 Command Car
HS15-2902 - Naib 6x6 Technical
HS15-2902a - Naib 6x6 Troop Carrier
HS15-2902b - Naib 6x6 Command Car
HS15-2902c - Naib 6x6 AA Truck
HS15-2902d - Naib 6x6 Ambulance
HS15-2903 - Aamir Half-track
HS15-2903a - Aamir Half-track Troop Carrier
HS15-2903b - Aamir Half-track Command Car
HS15-2903c - Aamir AA Half-track
HS15-2903d - Aamir Half-track Ambulance
HS15-2904 - Qaadi 4x4 Utility
HS15-2904a - Qaadi 4x4 Missile Car
HS15-2904b - Qaadi 4x4 Scout
HS15-2904c - Qaadi 4x4 EW Car
HS15-2904d - Qaadi 4x4 Buzzbomb Car
HS15-2904e - Qaadi 4x4 Mortar Car
HS15-2904f - Qaadi 4x4 Recovery Car
HS6-4261 - Desert Lizard Riders
HS6-4262 - Desert Raider Heavy Weapons
HS6-2902 - Naib 6x6 Technical
HS6-2902a - Naib 6x6 Troop Carrier
HS6-2902b - Naib 6x6 Command Car
HS6-2902c - Naib 6x6 AA Truck
HS6-2902d - Naib 6x6 Ambulance
HS6-2903 - Aamir Half-track
HS6-2903a - Aamir Half-track Troop Carrier
HS6-2903b - Aamir Half-track Command Car
HS6-2903c - Aamir AA Half-track
HS6-2903d - Aamir Half-track Ambulance
HS6-2904 - Qaadi 4x4 Utility
HS6-2904a - Qaadi 4x4 Missile Car
HS6-2904b - Qaadi 4x4 Scout
HS6-2904c - Qaadi 4x4 EW Car
HS6-2904d - Qaadi 4x4 Buzzbomb Car
HS6-2904e - Qaadi 4x4 Mortar Car
HS6-2904f - Qaadi 4x4 Recovery Car

Imperial Skies
CITS-001 - Castles in the Sky
VANFP-3401 - Uruguayan Fleet Pack
VANFP-3411 - Uruguayan Torpedo Flotilla
VAN-1301 - Moreno class Battleship
VAN-1302 - Buenos Aires class Heavy Cruiser
VAN-1303 - Patagonia class Light Cruiser
VAN-1304 - Mendoza class Destroyer
VAN-1305 - Rosales class Torpedo Frigate
VAN-1306 - Libertad class Battlecruiser
VAN-1307 - Guerrico class Frigate
VAN-3401 - General Artigas class Battleship
VAN-3402 - Montevideo class Battlecruiser
VAN-3403 - Capitan Miranda class Cruiser
VAN-3404 - Paysandu class Destroyer
VAN-3405 - Flores class Frigate
VAN-5019 - Nightingale class Hospital Ship
VANF-3401 - Uruguayan National Flag
VANF-3402 - Uruguayan Naval Jack
VANF-3403 - Artigas Flag
VANF-3404 - Flag of the Treinta y Tres

SFSP-5003 - Merchant Convoy #3
SFS-301 - Magdeburg class Battleship
SFS-302 - Dortmund class Battlecruiser
SFS-303 - Thüringen class Battlecruiser
SFS-395 - German Capital Ship Parts
SFS-450 - Voltigeur class Corvette
SFS-470 - Aigle class Dropship
SFS-5027 - Neptune Conveyor Heavy Freighter
SFS-6008 - Argos Space Station

15mm SF
SF15-408b - Catroux Command Vehicle
SF15-408g - Catroux Ambulance
SF15-715 - Sharkey Ambulance
SF15-715a - Rangatira Command Vehicle
B15-050 - Tolero Dwelling Pack
B15-051 - Tolero Dwelling 1
B15-052 - Tolero Dwelling 2
B15-053 - Tolero Dwelling 3

6mm SF
SF300-901 - Cargo Containers
SF300-902 - Transmitter Tower
B300-148 - Desert Medical Centre
B300-151 - Stairs and Steps
B300-152 - Arches
B300-507 - Medical Centre
B300-606 - Moonbase Medical Centre
B300-1122 - 8-car Armoured Train
B300-1123 - 4-car Armoured Train
B300-1137 - Scout Cars
B300-1138 - Tank Cars
B300-1139 - Artillery Cars
B300-1140 - Infantry Cars
B300-1141 - Command Cars
B300-1142 - Armoured Locomotive
BP300-1201 - DORC Starter Set
B300-1201 - Small Accommodation Platform
B300-1202 - Laboratory Platform
B300-1203 - VTOL Landing Pad
B300-1204 - Desalination Plant
B300-1205 - Workshop/utility Platform
B300-1206 - Command Centre
B300-1250 - Walkways
B300-1251 - Spare Platform Legs
B300-1252 - Stairs and Ramps

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8176 - Victorian Hospitals
SSS-8177 - Modern Hospital
SSS-8188 - Glasgow People's Palace
SSS-8189 - Springfield Library
SSS-8191 - Gasholders
SSS-8190 - Small French Chateaux
SSS-8180 - Hamburg Kaspeicher B Warehouse
SSS-8181 - Hamburg Water Tower
SSS-8182 - Hamburg Grain Elevator
SSS-8183 - Hamburg Elbe Tunnel Entrance
SSS-8184 - Hamburg Water Level Tower
SSS-8178 - Castel del Monte (modern)
SSS-8178a - Castel del Monte (original)
SSS-8179 - Schloss Glücksburg
SSS-8185 - Krzyztopor Castle
SSS-8186 - Forte de Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat
SSS-8187 - Nehaj Fortress
SSS-8175 - Aldeburgh Martello Tower
SSS-8121e - Triangular Keep
SSS-8192 - Dansker
SSS-8152e - Baluarte de San Domingo

1/700th Scenery
B700-006 - European Houses
B700-170 - Lascaris Towers
B700-173 - Fort Paté
B700-175 - Aldeburgh Martello Tower

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