Diary Booking Notes

You might find it useful to bring a tape measure, preferably marked in cms and inches, dice and pen / pencil / paper. Although game hosts should provide everything for the game there are never enough tape measures to go round (and every wargamer knows that you can never have enough dice !).

Club meetings are free to paid up members and to new attendees for their first two visits.

If nothing is shown club regulars always bring a game you can participate in.

Field of Glory games take place at most meetings, anyone welcome to join in, for details ask Paul, Pete, Colin, Bret or John

With more games happening at each meeting, we’re starting to find pressure on availability of tables. To ensure fairness, priority will be given to those that have been pre-booked. If someone turns up to a meeting without putting a game in the diary we will of course make every effort to accommodate that game, but there is a risk that we may not be able to do so, to avoid disappointment please diarise your games (you need to email Tony Francis, Andy King or Jeremey Claridge or post on the groups.io mailing list). Importantly, please include the number of tables you require for the game.

Andy has updated the audit of the tables available at the hall (as of 08/07/2023), there are:

      • 13 canteen style tables 60″ x 30″
      •  5 canteen style tables 60″ x 27″
      • 20 card tables 22″ x 22″
      • 3 gaming boards at 72″ x 48″.

The gaming boards each need to be balanced on either two tables or four card tables. So there’s easily scope for half-a-dozen games to go on at once.