Dragon Hunt briefing and rules

You have been drawn to this valley by tales of a Dragon terrorising the locals. Your objective is to gain fame, renown, and maybe even Sainthood, by killing the Dragon.

Then again, Dragons often have huge treasure hoards, picking up any loose gold or gems that might be lying around while you’re at it sounds like a good idea; unless you choose to be a Paladin, as Paladins are above such worldly things as wealth.

Treasure hoards are represented by tokens, which vary in value.

You may choose a force of up to 18 points from the Dragon Rampant book.It must contain a minimum of 3 units.

Your leader’s unit (i.e., you) can be of any type, except Scouts or Ravenous Hordes.

Your name can be George if you so wish, but it isn’t compulsory.

Any unit can take one Pack Animal upgrade, at 2 points.

Paladin Upgrade. 4 points

Only available to the unit containing your leader. Effect as Slayer upgrade (may reroll once any misses in Attacks or Shooting) against Dragons only and Courage becomes 2+. Has no use for treasure tokens.

Pack Animal Upgrade. 2 points

Add one pack animal to the unit. A unit can only control one pack animal. The pack animal moves at the same speed as the controlling unit. The pack animal does not count as a strength point. If a unit suffers a casualty the pack animal, and any token it is carrying, is removed on a roll of 2 on 2D6. If a unit routs from the table, or is wiped out, the pack animal remains in place and may be captured by any unit that does not currently have a pack animal moving into contact with it.

A unit with a Pack Animal can carry 2 treasure tokens, other units can only carry 1 treasure token

The winner will be the player with the most Glory points:

Event Glory
Killing the Dragon (removing its last strength point) 24
Each treasure token in your control at the end of the game * Token value
Each unit of own troops destroyed – the points value of the unit
Quests fulfilled or failed As rules page 51.

* Except Paladins, who care not for wealth, and are willing to lay down their very lives for the greater good.

For Quests the Dragon, any Fauna and any other player’s units count as “enemy” or “opponent’s” units.

Dragon Scenario Rules.

The Dragon is a Greater Warbeast, but is not limited to the 10 point maximum for a unit.

The Dragon is very fond of its treasure, so won’t be quite as ready to flee the table as the standard rules would have it. The usual Rally test outcome for the Dragon is replaced by:

    • If pass remove battered marker if Rallying, otherwise no effect.
    • If failed and Final Score > 0: retreat half move and become Battered
    • If failed and Final Score <=0 retreat full move, and must end > 12” from any player’s troops.

Retreats are directly away from the unit that has just caused loses to the Dragon, or, in the case of a failed Rally test, directly towards the Lair. The Dragon may pass over player’s troops to achieve this.

 Treasure, Flora and Fauna

Ensure there is at least one area of cover per player.

Prepare one event chip and one treasure token per area of cover and four high value treasure tokens for the dragon’s lair.

Place one treasure token and one event chit in each area of cover. Place the four high value treasure tokens at the dragon’s lair.

When a unit moves within 12” of the lair, deploy the Dragon at the lair.

When a unit moves within 12” of an event chit, remove it and draw a card:

Card Unit  Unit Type # of cards in deck
Joker Deploy Dragon at the Lair Greater Warbeast (Flame / Spore & Cunning, Flying, Fear) 1
King Spiders Lesser Warbeasts (Venomous, Melee) 3
Queen Wolves Lesser Warbeasts (Cunning) 3
Jack Bats Lesser Warbeasts (Cunning, Flying) 1
Number cards Nothing   2 per player

Note, the number of cards for each unit of Fauna was based on what was available in my collection.

Deploy the relevant unit at the centre of the terrain piece or entrance to the Lair.

Faunae (not the Dragon) conduct an immediate Wild Charge test.

When a unit of Spiders, Wolves, or Bats is eliminated, return its card to the deck and shuffle.

Deployed Fauna will act as follows.

Condition Action
Player unit in LOS and within move distance Wild Charge Test
Player unit in LOS and > move distance away. Move towards nearest such unit.
No Player unit in LOS Move D8” in direction indicated by fall of the die

Turn sequence

Prepare a card deck comprising one card for each player, and a Joker.

Assign one card to each player.

Draw cards to determine sequence. Dragon and other fauna activate on the Joker.

Activation failure (other than wild charge) ends player turn (including Dragon).