Gaslands Race Day – Linton Arena

John Lambert previews his Open Day racing spectacular

Play the game that’s taking the Gaming world by storm!

Event 1 Death Race – Pick a team for a race to the finish. Crashes,explosions and low tactics guaranteed featuring Crowd favourite – Swampy with new gunner Tex.

Event 2 Arena of Death – Newly installed machine gun turrets kindly provided by the one and only MR Grant Rutherford. No one gets out of here alive, unless you are the last Driver standing of course!

Event 3 Try and Evade the Monster Truck – Squash, Crunch, Splat!
Free chrome spray available for all participants!


This mean machine enters the arena to the strains of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Is that a Machine gun or a minigun, “Well ask yourself Punk. Do you feel lucky!”

A 5 litre engine in a cut down Beetle with Nitro booster and hot start, what more could you want. See you in my mirror!

Well Judge, Jury and Executioner really! With Nitro Ram and Hot start the Judge is set to batter his way through the field

A Monster truck from the Mexico City Penitentiary. Only very rich convicted Drug Barons get to drive this Monster for the Monster truck smash.

Grant Rutherford has surplus stock of this model and what better way to showcase its capabilities than a live race day!

Author: Brigadier Tony

Club Webmaster