WIP Wednesday May 1st

Jeremey is a bit under the weather this week, so WIP round up duties fall to me.

It’s been a fairly active week for Society members.

First up we have club chairman Mark’s continuing work on his 28mm Vietnam project. Above we have a Riverine Patrol Boat, still WIP, and below a finished ACAV and SEAL boat.

28mm Vietnam

For the opposition, Mark’s son has painted up some “Charlie”.


Staying in Vietnam, but going down to 15mm, we have some of Stephen’s work.

15mm ACAVs and M114

For a bit of relaxation after the rigours of salute, Tony took a stone elemental that Jeremey sculpted, he did a simple basecoat-wash-drybrush-drybrush again job on it then filled in the etched runes.

Stone Elemental

Charlotte has been working on some terrain bits (and models) for Project Z and other games. A couple of billboards

Entertainment in the Zombie Age
Your Country Needs You!

And some modular road sections (complete with dodgy council line painting and potholes).

Modular road (complete with dodgy council line painting and potholes).

Peter has been kit-bashing some more Victorian Sci Fi Martian Cloudships, first up the Long Range Assault Carrier, H.M.S. Whirlwind, intended to deploy Royal Marine and Redcoat landing parties.

HMS Whirlwind readies mixed Royal Marine and Redcoat landing parties

Also recently launched from the Martian shipyards are the smaller  ‘V’ Class of Cloudship, the Martian Torpedo Boat (or MTB):

‘V’ Class  Martian Torpedo Boat (or MTB) HMS Valiant, Victor and Vulcan

Andy has finally got some painting mojo back, and has been working on a Salute purchase, some more figures for his Mexican Adventure forces.

Additions to Andy’s Mexican forces. Purchased and painted in less than 2 weeks!

Finally Marcus has been working on some air support for his Mant (ant-man) Army for Xenos Rampant (or other Sci Fi games)

Marcus’ VTOL

That’s all for this week, hopefully Jeremey will be back in charge next week.