Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and here we have this weeks offering from the members.

Above Stephen has painted up some Elves from the Oathmark range of miniatures.

Next up Mark J has continued to expand his Saxon army.
And a mdf towerblock for a Judge Dredd game he is planning.
And finally for this week Eric has painted up a team captain of the Draconis All Stars neo-bot team for Dreadball.

Also Eric has painted up a rather impressive 3D printed miniature, apparently this is Helgor Haim from CustomForge UK.
See you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

After what seems like a very long break I’m back with the Work in Progress Wednesday post.

This week we start with Tony F who has been working on a crew for Stargrave. Above he has started on a Security detail, all from the Stargrave troops set.

Next up a Medic and hacker from the plastic Stargrave crew set .

Any finally First mate, captain, faithful robo-hound and robot navigator. The captain and dog are metal Diehard Miniatures, the other two are 3D prints.

Now we have some 6mm French from Mark H. It’s been a while for Mark to get some paint onto miniatures but we are pleased to see some progress.

Although given the size of his 6mm Napoleonic armies to date, I do wonder why Mark needs yet more!

And to prove a point this was a show game Mark put on way back in 2009!

That’s it for this week. See you at the next one.

WIP Wednesday 20/07/2022

A round up of our members’ recent work.

First up this week, Marcus has been finishing off several items. Above we have the two Brigade Models Shamen tanks featured as WIP last week.

He’s also finished off a hybrid, a Bars hull with a Sohei turret, also from Brigade Models.

A bit of a mash up, a Brigade Models Bars hull with the turret from a Sohei

And a couple of APCS from Old Crow, these have magnets inserted in the turret rings for various turrets not shown.

Old Crow APCs, turrets to be added.

Finally from Marcus, a group of old Tin Soldier Orcs, purchased some 25 years ago. (Ed: I wonder if that makes them the longest running project featured in our WIP Wednesday posts?)

Tin Soldier Orcs

Stephen has been working on some 15mm ECW figures, although the horrid hot weather has brought an end to most painting and modelling, so things have stalled. He still has two more pike and shot units and a unit of highlanders planned.

ECW Scots

The figures are shown on his new, A2 sized, cutting mat which he also considers a work in progress, to quote him: “A  new cutting board is a new relationship. And, like all relationships, it takes time and effort to develop a meaningful relationship. You have to share the good times, and the bad times. There needs to be spillages, and injuries. There needs to be difficulties and struggles. And only then can you say you have a life bond together.”

And finally, Tony has finished off yet another version of Gandalf, the ‘you shall not pass’ version, with some supporting Elf Archers.

Gandalf and Elf Archers

That’s all for this week folks, not sure what next week will bring, as the excessive heat does tend to sap the will to paint.

WIP Wednesday 13/07/2022

We have a few items to show this week, some members are slowly getting back into their painting, where others find this hot weather not conducive to painting.

Above we have Eric’s last 5 Imperial Roman Legionaries (28mm), which might get used in Broken Legions in the future.

Next up, Marcus has been working on some 15mm Brigade Models Shamen Hover Tanks. These were pressed into use last weekend in a What a Tanker game, there will be a write up of which shortly.

Marcus’ Brigade Models Shamen

Finally, Mark H has managed to get back to the painting table to finish off some 6mm French figures he started a couple of years ago. One and a half regiments of Cuirassiers, a foot battery and a batch of generals. Paintwork now finished, varnished and based. Just base texturing and flags left to do.

Mark’s 6mm French.

That’s all for this week.

Work in Progress Wednesday 29/06/2022

With Tony away on holiday and Jeremey under the weather, editorship of this week’s WIP Wednesday roundup falls to Andy.

Above we have part of John’s 15mm Spanish Village, under construction for the game he ran at our open day last Saturday (blog post on which to follow). More of his buildings below:

Tony’s also been making scenery, this time for his 6mm Hammer’s Slammers open day game, power pylons (3D prints), monorail tracks (resin and metal) and telegraph poles (homemade from cocktail sticks and plastic strip)

Finally, not so much “Work In Progress” as “Just Finished”, a couple of examples of Stephen’s fine paintwork, first a 75mm tall Reaper Bones figure representing Utgaard-Loki for Of Gods and Mortals. He’s still trying to find the right model for Jormungandr.

And a group of scary amphibians, coming to a Stargrave waterworld near you soon (well, August 27th to be precise).

That’s all for this week folks!

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and out of the blue we have a bumper crop from the members. Above we have a strange hover/truck/craft of some sort from Blotz  called a Luftblitzwagen.

Next up Mark J has painted more 2mm legions.

Mark’s also added to his Saxon ranks.

John L’s been busy getting his miniatures ready for the Society Open Day, first some mortar units.

And he has also been creating more buildings for the game.

Next up following the theme of getting ready for the Open Day John R has been painting some 6mm Hammers Slammers tanks, quite a few tanks in fact.

Tony F has also been working on his Hammers Slammers units to take John on.

Tony has also been putting together some scenery. Nice to see a bit of multiple levels.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.


Work in Progress Wednesday

Jeremey has briefly been sidelined, so Tony F takes over the WIP Wednesday reins this week.

The club’s gone relatively quiet lately – obviously everyone’s efforts went into the jubilee ! However, there has still been some progress – Mark J has employed his magnifying glass for his 6mm Saxons (above), then broke out the electron microscope for some 2mm Antonine for Strength and Honour, which are based on perspex.

Warbases’ 2mm Roman Legion (Mark J)

Marcus meanwhile has been working on some 28mm Spy-fi and 15mm Sci-fi miniatures.

The initial stages of some 28mm Spy-fi from Marcus (who, like Bond, seems to have an eye for the ladies !).
15mm Sci-fi from Marcus – mostly Brigade Models but with the odd interloper.

Jeremey has been converting a Copplestone figure to act as his Stargrave crew’s first mate.

Jeremey has named this image ‘Avon’ – a nod to the Blake’s 7 character perhaps ?

And finally, something from me – these were missed from the last WIP Wednesday post (about which I’m not bitter at all…) but since I’m in charge this week, I’m putting them in. First, it’s more additions to my Middle Earth armies – half-a-dozen elf spearmen to accompany the cavalry I painted a few weeks ago.

Six Rivendell elf spearmen

Next is my take on Radagast the Brown – it’s not either of the official GW figures which are rather expensive, but a Conquest Miniatures hedge witch. I added a bird from an OOP Celtos figure which is positioned as if the wizard is talking to it, painted up as a falcon.

Talking to the birds…

And to round things off, another small piece of 6mm desert terrain, an oasis made from 3mm Foamex, a sand/paint/PVA texture, cheap palm trees from eBay and clear PVA for the water.

Water, water everywhere.

Work in Progress Wednesday

We’re back with another work in progress Wednesday. First up this week we have a first look at the miniatures I’ve choosen as a Stargrave crew. They are all from Copplestone Castings, I loved the old Grenadier miniatures marines Mark Copplestone sculpted. I’m going to convert them with different weapons and some alien bits.

Next up Mark and Felix have been busy with a Saxon Brigade and more Polish Lancers.

And last for this week Eric’s Game’s Workshop pile is (possibly) getting smaller. This time we have a Primaris Space Marine and Chaos Cultist.

And a Primaris Intercessor Sergeant.

See you next week.

Work In Progress Wednesday

A tad late today, sorry folks, but here’s the latest update on member’s painting.

First off, Stephen is painting up some sample packs to test the waters on a couple of projects he’s been umming and ahhing about for the last year or so.

Above you can see some 15mm ECW Scots from Peter Pig.

He’s also trying to find his WW2 mojo, he’s undecided on figure size, but wants to focus on infantry actions rather than tanks.

First off we have some Warlord Games 28mm Late war British infantry, a recent free sprue from one of the wargames magazines.

WW2 British

And changing size, some Russians based up for Crossfire, also from Peter Pig.

WW2 Russians, for Crossfire

Eric continues to work on some Games Workshop figures, a chaos marauder and cultist:

Chaos Marauder & Cultist.
Chaos Marauder & Cultist

Mark has been working on his 6mm Saxon 1809 army, Ist Corp division Generallieutenant Polentz, brigade Generalmajor Lecog, Prinze Celement, von Low and von Cerrini regiments. Basic uniform colour and regimental facings done, flesh, weapon, knapsack and bases to do, you can see the rest of the division in the background including some cuirassiers

Saxon 1st Corp, division Generallieutenant Polentz

That’s all folks, we’ll be back next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

After a short break for Star Wars day we are back with another work in progress Wednesday.

We start this week with some 15mm Wars of the Roses artilery from Stephen. Stephen has also been modifying the bases on the rest of his WOTR army to add a hit/strength dice frame.

Next up Marcus has started on some Brigade and Dark Star 15mm models  for 5 Parsecs From Home solo gaming.

Tony has been working across genres with some 6mm sci-fi terrain to start with.

Followed by some Gondor Citadel Guard archers.

That’s it for this week, see you again next Wednesday.

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