Work in Progress Wednesday

Just a few offerings for this week. I’m blaming the heat. It certainly saps creativity and painting.

Above we have some space fighters from Stephen (really need to find out who makes these). And below Stephen has been creating more Loot tokens for Stargrave.

Physical and Data Loot ready to be salvaged

I’ve also been creating Loot tokens for Stargrave only I went with some blank indented dice and some free sci-fi textures to turn them into Loots tokens.

The dice were undercoated first before the textures added, then some dry brushing to get them blended in.

After about 10 years of sitting in a box I also managed to stick some previously purchased plastic aquarium plants into the start of a jungle.

Multiple plastic plants stuck together with the hot glue gun

And finally this week Andy has made a bit more progress on his medieval Sergeants.

The heat is definitely slowing down painting

See you next week for the next glimpse of our club activity.


Work in Progress Wednesday

We start this week with Tony having made painting progress on Mos Arun in 6mm. Looking forward to having this in a game.

Nice little settlement, unless it’s full of vile scum!

Next up Marcus has been working on a 15mm GZG Moongrunt unit and Ral Parthia Battletech Rommel tanks. Marcus said “Nominally around 10mm I think, but perfect as heavy AFV’s in 6mm”.

15mm Moongrunt and 10mm tanks

Eric is up next with some conversion work he is doing on a potential Stargrave crew.

Conversion work in progress

Eric explains the work being done “Old 40k Space Marine scouts with some head swaps. The guy with the yellow armour also has a right and left arm from a Mantic Forefather mini and his head is an old 40k daemon head with some reshaping”.

Stephen has created another unit for his Moslem army. This time some Hashishin.

Nice looking Hashishin unit

And last for this week Andy continues work for the forestry commission with some rebasing.

Rebasing the curse of wargaming, but sometimes useful

See you next week …

Work in Progress Wednesday

A steady stream of activity from club members at the moment. I did wonder if it would slow down as people run out of projects, but no sign of that for now.

Above we have Stephen’s superb addition to a new Saga force in the shape of some Saracen cavalry.

Next up Tony has made progress on Mos Arun as it is now known.

6mm Mos Arun with the start of the paint job

Andy continues with his Medieval soldiers with the start of some mounted sergeants.

The remaining Fireforge Foot and Mounted Sergeants, this will make a Lion Rampant unit of each, a unit of bidowers and a couple of spares.

Andy has also decided to rebase some trees onto bigger bases.

MDF discs at the Works, £2 for an assortment of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm diameter discs each about 1mm thick. There were just under 40 of each size.

Not last this time I’ve been putting hair nets on balls to make some progress on my Napoleonic Balloon Project.

If you buy a pack of three onions in the supermarket, the net packaging is enough to make two balloons

And last but not least for this week, Marcus has asked if his discovery of some old Ground Zero Games 6mm tanks is worthy of a mention. it is but mainly because these are likely to end up adding to Marcus’ sci-fi version of What a Tanker!

Always good to rediscover some miniatures you thought were lost

See you all next week for more work in progress.


Work in Progress Wednesday

Marcus starts us off this week with progress on some 15mm Sci-fi miniatures. Above we have some alien critters (definitely look the part) from Bombshell minis .

Next up some 15mm New Israelis from Ground Zero Games

New Israeli troops

And finally some robots, robo scouts from Critical Mass (now Ral Partha) and Alternative Armies (monkey).

Scout and Monkey (sounds like a 1980’s band)

Tony has made more progress on his 6mm sci-fi town, now with ground texture added.

Inner city development

John has finished his new crew for Kontraband (the doggy makes an appearance).

Good Doggy

Andy has made more progress on his medieval sergeants, well he has actually finished these now as they were getting stuck in at the Medway Rapture Gaming & Creative Festival last weekend. I haven’t asked how they got on.

Sergeants and Crossbows

And finally for this week let’s end on a load of rubbish. I created a landfill rubbish tip from real rubbish around the house that I was not able to recycle.

Copped up rubbish and a hot glue gun later

So on that rubbish note, that’s another Work in Progress Wednesday in the can, we will see you next week for more tips (ok I’ll stop now).

Work in Progress Wednesday

On time this week so let’s have a look at this Wednesday’s offerings.

Above we have some Ghulams from Stephen for use with Saga/Lion Rampant and below the Emir and his Imam.

Next up Eric has been painting more Space Marines to add to his WH40K army and for Kill Team

Primaris Space Marine

With still a few more to go …

John has added to his Kontraband forces for Zona Alpha.

Second from left is the Leader, and is an Empress Chechen with head swap. Rest are Eureka minis with Anvil Industries backpacks

Tony has laid the foundations of a new 6mm sci-fi town. The town is currently the size of an A4 sheet of paper but Tony says he has big plans for this.

6mm town in the making

And last but not least this week, Andy has made some progress on his medieval units.

Slow but steady progress

Catch you all next week.


Work in Progress Wednesday (bit late)

Well this week got away from me. It galloped off in the distance before I had a chance to jump on.

Late it maybe, but here’s this weeks efforts from the club. Above is the star of the show, Tony’s contribution to our Stargrave scratchbuilt spaceship competition. This one is going to be tough to beat.

Next up Stephen has finally attained some scrub terrain features, often over looked is a bit of scrub, so well done Stephen.

Nice looking bit of scrubland with many game uses

Next up Andy has moved on from the Dark Ages (when did that actually end?) and is in the medieval period with some medieval sergeants.

Most figures are Fireforge plastics, but the standard bearers (who don’t have their standards yet) are 1st Corps

Marcus has continued painting up 6mm tanks to go with the modification of the Two Fat Lardies rules ‘What a Tanker’ he has been working on.

Some Brigade Models tanks, but also some Brigade Model turrets on unknown old tank hulls

And lastly (becoming a tradition now) my further efforts for a Napoleonic era balloon, I changed the net to something more in scale with the balloon.

Complete with Pendraken Miniatures 10mm British Infantry

Next week should be back on schedule with Work in Progress Wednesday actually being on Wednesday.



Work in Progress Wednesday

Just a couple of offerings for this week, the heat must be getting to everyone!

Above Andy has completed his Saxon Thegns to use as either 4 points of SAGA Hearthguard, or 2 units of Dux Bellorum Shieldwall.

Next up mark is fast approaching the basing stage for his Pontic Spearmen

Ranks of Pontic Spearmen

And lastly, I’ve finally made some initial progress on a Napoleonic era balloon. I have a game in mind so this is the first prototype.

Up, up and away!

That’s it for this week, hopefully it will cool down enough to enable painting of miniatures without the paint drying on your brush!

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have a few offering on club member progress.

Above and below we have some miniatures painted by John, this time some Cultists for a game of Perilous Tales.

Nice subtle colour scheme on the cultists

Next more progress from Andy on his Dark Age forces, here we have some more Saxon Thegns.

Another 4 Saxon Thegns out of a unit of 16

And lastly this week Marcus has added some paint and plant life to his Snap Dragon scenery.

The bunker in the woods

See you next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday and we start with club member Eric’s progress. Above we have some Romans for Broken Legions and below we have another Cultist.

Another Cultist for Kill Team

Next up Mark is now painting up some Pontic offensive spearmen.

While John has completed some bandits for Zona Alfa.

A blast from the past now with Marcus making a start on some terrain that happens to be from the old Snap Dragon range. Was a good range but no idea if you can still get it.

And finally some more Dark Ages progress from Andy.

That’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have another offering from the progress made by club members.

First up John has painted up some more ships. This time some English and Spanish Galleons.

English and Spanish Galleons

John’s amassing quite a fleet.

Next up Marcus has made progress on his alien plants. Still think these models are very nice and enjoying the colour scheme Marcus is going for.

Deadly Alien Vegetation

Andy has yet more Dark Ages miniatures on the go. If he continues like this he will have enough to stage … well the Dark Ages its self.

A small degree of progress on the Saxon Thegns. Skin and trousers painted.

And last but certainly not least this week, Eric has painted up a selection of Warhammer 40K Cultists.

First is a Corrupted Commissar with shotgun and sword, next is a chaos trooper with an autogun and last an acolyte of some description with a power claw thingy and a nasty looking axe.

See you next week with some more progress from the club members.