Work in Progress Wednesday

Here we are back with another selection from the club members on what they have been up to.

First we have Stephen’s impressive Hover Camper Van (above). Stephen went with a suitably retro colour scheme and has added some luggage items to the roof. Still a few stages to go – cargo and top, and weathering.

Matching up colours

Stephen has also decided to do some extra harbour/quayside sections, he just needs to remember what colours he used on the original.

Next up John has added a few more Bolivian infantry units to his Pacific war project.

John describes these as poorly equipped ‘ragged foot’.

Next up Mark has finished his hundred years war longbows.

Some men at arms that need basing.

And a camp to rest up after a long days march.

I cannot wait to see the whole of Mark’s army on the battlefield.

And last but not least this week, I managed to paint up my long lost Viking first purchased in 1985 and then lost for 36 years!

See you next Wednesday for more miniature goodness from the club.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Welcome to another Work in Progress Wednesday, as a complete contrast I’ll start this week with what I’ve been up to. Above you can see I finished my long dead warriors scatter terrain pieces, and below I have a re-discovered a Citadel Miniatures Viking from 1985 that I’ll be adding to my Viking Saga warband.

36 years old and still looking the part

Next up Mark has yet more 6mm units. Fist are some Roman infantry units.

Medium infantry ready to join the Roman army

Then we have some Hundred Years War Men at Arms and Longbowmen.

Hundred Years War English Men at Arms and Longbows

Finally from Mark a camp for his Greek 15mm army. This is a nice twist on the normal two tents and a wagon style camps we often see.

Camping at a ruined temple after a hard day on the battlefield

Next up Stephen has added to his Sci-Fi collection with a group of generic crew members.

More conversions for Stargrave

Marcus has been improving this years club game (technically last years game!) With more snowy terrain that will hopefully be ready to play at Broadside.

More Snowy Ground for Biggles!

And last but not least this week, Tony has continued painting his Lord of the Rings dwarf Grim Hammers.

Grim Hammers led by Bombur, who’s obviously spotted something to eat ahead of him

See you next Wednesday for another catch up with the club.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Bit of a bumper crop this week. Stephen has made progress on his hover Camper Van. Stephen has added luggage to the roof and undercoated it ready for the paint scheme.

What paint scheme will it be?

Next up Eric has painted up two fantasy miniatures. The first being a ranger miniature.

Old school feel to the Ranger

The second a warrior Eric will use for Warhammer fantasy or to add to a Dragon Rampant unit.

Flailing around?

Mark has gone back to his Hundred Years War army with the mass ranks of archers getting the painting treatment.

Hundred Years War archers

John has made progress on his Japanese buildings having added the thatched roof and wooden panels.

Japanese houses

And last but not least I’ve been looking at creating some terrain pieces to just act as battlefield dressing. Things that won’t have an effect in the game but break up the tabletop and set the scene. To start with I’m using some old Games Workshop skeletons as the fallen left behind after some ancient battle.

Unfortunate souls from a previous battle

See you next week for more from the club.


Work in Progress Wednesday

We start this weeks post with a unit of Dwarf Grim Hammers from Tony. He has 24 on the go at the moment.

Next up John has turned his scratchbuilding skills to some Japanese buildings.

Next up I’ve started building a Barrow, it’s made out of EVA foam with the next stages being to decide on a colour scheme for the rocks.


Barrow of foam

Stephen has decided to build a sci-fi camper van. Next step is to add a cage to the roof and fill it with cargo and luggage.

A Camper Van that Hovers!

And finally this week Mark has made more progress on his Spanish army. First up more cavalry.

Spanish Cavalry forces

Also some Infantry and Generals.


Tune in next week for more from the club.

Work in Progress Wednesday

First up this week Eric has painted two more Stargrave crew members, I could be wrong but these have the look of cannon fodder.

Next up Andy continues to wade through more of his medieval miniatures, this time with some progress on horses.

Mark has made some 6mm progress with his Spanish Napoleonic era forces.

Two cavalry units, a mixture of heavy cavalry, dragoons, hussars.

Mark also sent us progress his son Felix has made on his first Imperial guardsman.

Warhammer 40K Imperial Guardsman

And lastly this week, with the shows starting again Marcus has turned his attention back to the clubs current (Last seen at Cavalier 2020!) show game, first up some Yeti’s.

Copplestone Yeti’s

and some snow scenery made out of expanding foam.

Expanding foam terrain

That’s it for this week, catch you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Here we are with another selection of pictures from the club showing what we’ve up to. With the return of club meetings, projects are turning to the various games we have managed to start playing again.

First up Tony has been painting up some 15mm Brigadier characters, strangely enough from Brigade Models. He has also managed to complete another dwarf for his LOTR’s collection.

Kili the Dwarf

Next up I’ve been painting up some crates from the Mantic Dreadball range for use in various sci-fi games.

The selection of crates from the Dreadball Extreme box set

John has been painting up some 10mm Chilean and Peruvian Cavalry.

Regiments of Cavalry on the way

Lastly for this week Stephen has used up some old EM4 Colonial Marines miniatures and a bit of kit bashing to create some additional crew/gang members for use in games like Stargrave.

Effective bit of kit bashing to bring some old figure to life

See you all next week.



Work in Progress Wednesday

We’re back for another look at progress from the club members.

Above we have Mark having painted old stoney face himself who is just about done, just the base to be completed. Also Mark has completed more of the Pontic army with some swordsmen.

Mark’s youngest has also been slapping on some paint (mainly contrast paints)  to a block gang to go up against Dredd.

Start of a brightly coloured block gang

Next up I’ve been working on a piece of old wood I found to make a giant tree terrain piece.

The giant ancient tree 21cm tall and 7cm wide

The tree currently has a glossy finish because to help preserve the wood I applied a watered down coat of PVA glue.

Next up Tony has completed another dwarf to add to his ranks of LOTR’s miniatures.

Another dwarf in the war of the ring

Eric has also completed his Inquisitor Greyfax who will act as a Captain or first mate for Eric’s Stargrave crew.

Inquisitor Greyfax

And last but not least this week Stephen has made more progress on his Saracen army, this time some light Saracen cavalry.

Light Saracen Cavalry

See you next Wednesday for more progress.

WIP Wednesday 01/09/2021

A tad late today, apologies all. This week the vast majority of work was done by Eric, with one small addition from Tony. Where’s everyone else gone?

Eric says his painting mojo has really sunk it’s teeth into him at the moment, and he’s been prolific in his output. First up is Inquisitor Greyfax from Warhammer 40k, Eric says she’s a work in progress, and will make a great “psyker” captain for Stargrave in addition to appearing in his 40K army.

Inquisitor Greyfax

Next, an old piece of scenery he finally got round to paying attention to.

Ruined Cathedral?
Some random robot that was found in the desert just before the locals decided to handball him on to their transport. Will likely serve as a data loot cache marker for Stargrave.
Stargrave R2D2 data marker
And for a complete change of direction, some Roman Legionaries.
Early Imperial Romans

Back to the Sci Fi theme, a small Adeptus Astartes Reiver squad for either 40k or Kill Team (maybe Stargrave, who knows?)

Adeptus Astartes Reiver squad
And 3 x runners/recruits for Stargrave and a robot. The runners were kitbashed from 40k spares, the robot is based on Claptrap from Borderlands. Model by Crooked Dice Games.
Stargrave Runners and Robot

And, finally from Eric, some Stargrave Loot markers.

Stargrave Loot markers

It’s not quite an Eric monopoly this week, Tony has finished a few figures. He’s decided to start on Thorin’s Company, so here are Thorin, James Nesbitt Bofur and Gandalf.

Thorin, Bofur and Gandalf.

That’s it for this week, hopefully we’ll be back on schedule next Wednesday.

Work In Progress Wednesday

While Jeremey is away he handed the reins over to Andy for this week’s post.

Only four items to show this week, not sure if that is the effect of the weather, or that we have now resumed meetings.

First up, Tony continues his 15mm Sci Fi Des Res, made from an electrical pattress box, accessories from the Brigade range, and spares from the bits box.  He has added a few more greeblies including a radar dish, then started painting – undercoat, dark wash then some drybrushing. Front view above, rear aspect below.

Tony’s Des Res (Rear Aspect)

John has added a fourth base to his Chilean battalions for the War of the Pacific.

John’s Chilean Reinforcements (Pendraken 10mm)

Meanwhile Mark has done some more work on his Judge Dread figures and his 6mm Pontic army.

Mark’s Judges and 6mm Pontics

And his son, Felix, has been trying out GW Contrast Paints on his Mega City Block Gang.

Felix’s Block Gang

(Ed: In an earlier edition of this post I credited the Judge Dredd and Pontic work to Eric and his son in error. It should have been credited to Mark and his son. Apologies to all concerned.)

Finally, not so much WIP as just finished. The last of my Dark Ages foot, ready for a game last night at Milton Hundred.

Andy’s Gripping Beast Plastics Warriors

Well, that’s it for this week. Back into Jeremey’s safe hands next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and we have another selection from the club members.

This week we will start with Tony since he has been very productive, above we have Tom Bombadil to go with last weeks painting of Goldberry and below Tony has some more Rohirrim with some Helmingas.

Helmingas command figures

For the last contribution from Tony I’ll let his own words speak; “a small utility building made from an electrical pattress (the sort that fit into hollow partition walls – £1 from Wilko) dressed up with resin doors/windows/vents and other bits.”

Inventive use of other parts for a sci-fi building

Next up Mark has on his work table the last of his Pontic army, the fleshy bits done just the rest to go. Also recently purchased Judge Dredd miniatures have been started.

An eclectic mix from Mark

Any Finally this week John has made a start on Allies for Pacific war with some 10mm Peruvians from Pendraken figures.

Peruvian Foot

See you next week when Andy will be sitting in for me.