Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have a few offering on club member progress.

Above and below we have some miniatures painted by John, this time some Cultists for a game of Perilous Tales.

Nice subtle colour scheme on the cultists

Next more progress from Andy on his Dark Age forces, here we have some more Saxon Thegns.

Another 4 Saxon Thegns out of a unit of 16

And lastly this week Marcus has added some paint and plant life to his Snap Dragon scenery.

The bunker in the woods

See you next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday and we start with club member Eric’s progress. Above we have some Romans for Broken Legions and below we have another Cultist.

Another Cultist for Kill Team

Next up Mark is now painting up some Pontic offensive spearmen.

While John has completed some bandits for Zona Alfa.

A blast from the past now with Marcus making a start on some terrain that happens to be from the old Snap Dragon range. Was a good range but no idea if you can still get it.

And finally some more Dark Ages progress from Andy.

That’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have another offering from the progress made by club members.

First up John has painted up some more ships. This time some English and Spanish Galleons.

English and Spanish Galleons

John’s amassing quite a fleet.

Next up Marcus has made progress on his alien plants. Still think these models are very nice and enjoying the colour scheme Marcus is going for.

Deadly Alien Vegetation

Andy has yet more Dark Ages miniatures on the go. If he continues like this he will have enough to stage … well the Dark Ages its self.

A small degree of progress on the Saxon Thegns. Skin and trousers painted.

And last but certainly not least this week, Eric has painted up a selection of Warhammer 40K Cultists.

First is a Corrupted Commissar with shotgun and sword, next is a chaos trooper with an autogun and last an acolyte of some description with a power claw thingy and a nasty looking axe.

See you next week with some more progress from the club members.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and John has been extremely productive for this one.

Above John has painted up some more Norse Gaels for Saga, and below we have some  Armada period ships John has based up for Galleys and Galleons.

But it doesn’t stop there, John has also made progress on two of his Spanish buildings.

Next up Marcus shares his current work bench with lots going on. We are all particularly interested in how his alien plants are going to end up. They look like great models.

And lastly I’ve made some progress on my dropship. I’ve managed to create a cockpit for it. Now just down to the paint job. I think I’m going khaki for the main colour.

See you all next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week we start with a surprise new project from Tony. He’s been collecting various makes of Star Wars toys and miniatures. The speeders are looking particularly good.

But  it doesn’t stop there for Tony as he has also painted up some 15mm crates.

Sci-fi crates to act as loot containers in Stargrave

And the crates don’t stop there, Stephen has used some more of the Robogear terrain and added some free cargo container paper model textures for the outside.

28mm Sci-Fi crates are a must for any respectable skirmish game

And last but not least this week, Marcus has made some more progress on his scratch built spaceship. Can’t wait to see what he chooses for a colour scheme.

The Soaring Sow is definitely taking shape

I really should make more progress on my own spaceship.

See you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week a couple of us have made progress on the spaceship building competition currently being run. Above is my latest progress. I was given the original model by another club member. It’s a toy of some sort and I ended up taking it apart and repositioning parts of it. I also added a hatch/entrance to the front of the ship. Next up I need to design some sort of cockpit and then choose a colour scheme.

“Soaring Sow” There will be a small cockpit on top. Now, if I can only get the wings to look anything but wonky from the front…

Marcus also showed the progress he has made. Named the Soaring Sow Marcus has gone for a complete scratch build. Be interesting to see where he goes with this.

Just the basing to do.

Also this week Mark has been working on an army of 6mm Pontics bought from another member of the club. These are all based up with just the actual basing material to do.

Thant’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well life got in the way of being able to post this morning, but better late than never here is this Wednesdays offering from the club.

First we have a plastic barn from Renedra that Tony has put together and painted.

Apparently the model is fairly simple to put together, consisting of 10 pieces.

John has been busy scratchbuilding but this time in 15mm for the Spanish Civil War period.

Five buildings done so far

And another example from John

Just need to cover the roof with Slaters Plasticard pantiles, add window shutters, doors and then do the basing

Next up Eric’s painting mojo is starting to return with a chaos marauder and viking looking nice and sharp.

A Chaos Marauder for Warhammer Fantasy/ Age of Sigmar and a spare Viking that I had left over from building a SAGA warband.

And finally for this week Mark showed progress on a spaceship and crew for a little competition we are running at the club.

The Rocinate, from the series the Expanse, just needing to add censor array and complete painting ship and crew, going to be space police theme.

Hopefully next Wednesdays WIP post will be on time. See you then.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and this week it looks like Andy and I have monopolised any progress being made.

I’ve managed to get my polystyrene ruins painted up. I’m sort of happy with the colour but will probably add a bit of moss to the ruined walls.

Ruined walls, just need a bit of moss

I purposely didn’t stick the wall pieces to a base so that I could position them in different ways on the tabletop.
I also had enough of the polystyrene to make some wall sections.

Wall sections, because every soldier loves having to climb over walls!

Andy has been busy finishing off his Space 1999 eagle.

Spiffing colour scheme and some nice transfer decal work

And as if we haven’t seen enough Dark Ages stuff from Andy he has started on some Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns.

Bodies stuck to bases and awaiting heads and arms. Shields will be painted separately and added when the figures are finished.

That’s it for this week, we’ll have more from the club next Wednesday.


Work in Progress Wednesday

This week we have some great work in progress stuff from Dave. He and club member Chris have been building scenery for the Infinity 28mm Sci-Fi game for a number of years, but it now looks like this has stepped up a gear.

A multitude of bits and bobs for a proper scratchbuild project

And of course sustenance is required when embarking on such building projects, especially when you can then turn your treats into yet more scenery.

We’re not suggesting for a moment Dave ate all of these Fondant Cremes

Next up I’ve started work on a set of ruins, I found some polystyrene that had a different structure to the standard packing stuff you get. This had much more defined pieces that to me looked like the sort of stone work you see in ruins of big walled buildings.

Just need to work out a good colour scheme for the stones, definitely not doing these grey

And finally out the other side of a work in progress project, Stephen has finished painting his Templars.

Not sure why they are in the clouds, but a good looking unit or two.

See you next week for some more spaceship action among other things.

3D Printed Coastal Fort

Colin gives us an update on his 3D Printing efforts.

I decided needed a coastal fort to accompany the Lepanto 3D printed galleys. Inspiration was this Turkish fort in Paphos, Cyprus which we visited a few years back.

Paphos Castle in Cyprus

So I put a design together in Tinkercad. This took about half an hour.

3D rendition of the castle

Here’s the painted first model I produced.

First version of the fort

I then updated the design with the extension of a rooftop building and added inserts for doorways and windows which will make the painting easier.

Updated design for the fort

Took just over 4 hours to print and used 30g of PLA which means it costs about 60p to produce.

I plan to make it my first upload to and see if it attracts any interest.