Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have a bumper crop of progress this week. Much of it because of our Open Day this Saturday.

First up Tony F has been painting up more scenery for the WW2 game he is running at the Open Day. Above we have an impressive looking statue and below a walled church.

Next up and Phil has been busy painting up the British opposition for the WW2 game. Here we have a batch of Cromwells to be painted.

And some Humber armoured cars.

A switch of genres now and Stephen has done some conversion work on a Hot Wheels truck to turn it into a hover vehicle. I believe this is for a future game of Xenos Rampant.

On more familiar grounds he has also painted up a certain Castilian hero of old.

Moving back to WW2 and Felix has been painting up a Sherman and Greyhound.

And in answer Mark J has painted up some Volksgrenadier’s.

Lastly for this week we have Marcus and some more scratchbuilt sci-fi terrain.

That’s it for this week, see you on the next Wednesday.