Work in Progress Wednesday

After a short break for Star Wars day we are back with another work in progress Wednesday.

We start this week with some 15mm Wars of the Roses artilery from Stephen. Stephen has also been modifying the bases on the rest of his WOTR army to add a hit/strength dice frame.

Next up Marcus has started on some Brigade and Dark Star 15mm models  for 5 Parsecs From Home solo gaming.

Tony has been working across genres with some 6mm sci-fi terrain to start with.

Followed by some Gondor Citadel Guard archers.

That’s it for this week, see you again next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Just a short work in progress this week. Above Tony has managed to finish the last dwarves to complete the company from the Hobbit.

Next up Andy has made some more progress on his WW2 Brits.

And last for this week, Eric has painted up an additional four Viking archers on top of last week’s efforts.

That’s it for this week, we’ll be taking a break next Wednesday from the WIP posts with something else but will be back the week after.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Welcome to another Work in Progress Wednesday. Above we start with Tony and his freshly painted Knights of Rivendell.

Tony has also been making some 6mm roads.

Next up Felix has made some good progress on his Polish army.

Eric has been as busy as usual, first up a standard bearer for his Chaos Warriors.

Then we have something Eric calls a Hellbrute.

And finally from Eric something slghtly different with some Viking archers.

See you next Wednesday.


Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s often feast or famine with the members projects and progress. Just a few offerings this week.

Above Eric has finished his Chaos Warriors.

Next up Andy has started a new project with some WW2 Brits.

Felix has continued his impressive run of putting paint on miniatures with some polish lancers.

And last for this week, I’ve finally returned to my balloon project. I’ve added more netting to some ballooons and finished the baskets. Next I have to start the assembly process.

That’s it for this week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and Eric is putting us all to shame again. Above and below we have something new with a couple of Aeronefs.

Next up some Chaos Warriors

And lastly from Eric this week an old Grenadier adventurer miniature.

Next up Stephen has been painting up some 20mm Gladiators for an arena game.

Mark has made a little bit of progress on his ancient greeks

and we end this week with Tony having painted up a new space fleet (that recently fought me to a draw!)

and some rather impressive 6mm sci-fi terrain

See you next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have another collection of things the members have been working on.

Above Marcus has painted up some sci-fi creatures. They are apparently a Northstar Stargrave creature (orange) and Lucid Eye Beyond the Savage Core guard “dogs”.

Next up we have a couple of dwarves. Firstly a dwarven wizard from Stephen.
And another dwarf wizard from Andy.
Andy has also painted up a victorian/steampunk figure.
and yet more 10mm Polish infantry.
Next up Felix has painted some napoleonic polish cavalry.

While Mark has made a start on some 15mm Ancient Greeks.

And last but not least Eric has completed a unit of mounted chaos marauders.
That’s it for this week, see you next wekend.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have another bunch of pictures showing what club members have been up to.
Above Tony has painted up some archers from Blackfoot Vale to add to his Lord of the Rings collection.

Next up Andy is painting more of his Polish Vistula Regiment.
Andy has also started painting up some more vikings and a wizard.
Eric has been busy again on some Games Workshop Marauders and something wonderfully named a Slaughter Priest.
Next up John has painted up some more galleys.

Stephen has been working on some fatigue markers to better match his Saga Crusades games, Stephen has also thrown in a converted miniature as a priest.
And finally for this week Marcus has started on a new project, here is a first attempt at some 15mm sci-fi terrain.
See you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

We start this week with a wonderful piece of work from Eric. This is apparently Wulfric The Wanderer in all his glory.

Another view of Wulfric

Next up John has made progress on his Japanese houses.

Andy is next up having finished some of his 10mm Polish.  There a lot more colourful than I imagined they would be.

Meanwhile Stephen has finished his skeleton cavalry and added a bolt thrower.

A rare treat for me this week, I’ve finally made a start on the last of my trees. These were from a store called ‘The Works’. Every year they have various sized christmas trees available very cheaply.

They come covered in snow and so following recommendations from other club members I sprayed them green.

Tony has also been working on some trees from ‘The Works’, but he still has the snow on his.

But Tony has also painted up a bear miniature to act as Beorn for his Lord of the Rings armies. Here Beorn is with the finished versions of Deorwine we saw in a previous WIP Wednesday.

That’s it for this weekend, see you next time.


Work in Progress Wednesday

Back to Wednesday after a slight hiccup last week.

First up we have an undead dragon from Stephen and below the start of some undead cavalry.

Next up Marcus has started on another toy sub model for his underwater adventures.

Next up Tony has painted yet another Lord of the Rings miniature. This time Déorwine, Chief of the King’s Knights and a sneaky addition of the Brigadier miniature from Brigade Models.

Now we turn to the progress Andy has made on his Polish forces.

And an assortment of Dwarves and Vikings.

Lastly for this week, John has returned to building some more Japanese houses.

That’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.


Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s been a quiet week at the society but we have a couple of things being worked on.

Above we have some more Chaos Marauders from Eric and below an interesting start to what is apparently a Games Workshop Culexis Assassin.

Next up I’ve finally made some more progress on my Napoleonic balloon project. Managed to get the netting onto four more balloons. Only five more to go!

And finally for this week, Marcus has added some foliage for his underwater games with some aquarium plants.

That’s it for this Wednesday, see you next week.


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