Work in Progress Wednesday

Back for another Wednesday and again. We start this week with Eric and some GW miniature painted up as Robots for an upcoming Stargrave game.

Eric has also painted up some more nasty creatures for the game.

And some loot tokens and a pilot to join the crew.

Next up Stephen has finished his Hot Wheels van conversions into two 15mm grav vehicles and added some infantry.

Continuing with his Quar forces and Stephen has painted up an officer figure and did a conversion on the helmet to turn in into a bobble hat.

He has also finished painting up the hard going terrain piece he was working on.

Moving on and Andy has started working on some medieval slingers.

And lastly for this week, Marcus has turned his attention back to some aircraft miniatures with a pair of SU27’s.

And with that we will see you next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and the members are keeping up a steady pace on their projects.
We start with Felix and a US 57mm AT gun fighting in the snow.
Sticking with WW2 and Tony F has started on some 20mm Belgium’s.
I’ll let Tony explain what they are: “I’ve made a slightly random start – two S-Model Dingos for the recce troop and a Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) 25pdr and limber. I haven’t made any PSC kits before and was very impressed with these – they fit together perfectly and I had both built in 15 minutes.”

Change of scene now and Stephen has scratched an itch he’s had for a while to paint up some Quar.And Stephen has started on some terrain he is calling ‘Bad going’.

Marcus continues to add to his Stargrave miniatures, the first two adventurers.

A rather tooled up alien.

And finally a robot and potential hacker with data pad.

Next up we have Andy’s long running (no pun intended) Arab cavalry.

And finally for this week I’ve continued painting up some more of my 3mm sci-fi miniatures. This time some medium grave tanks.

That’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

This Wednesday has unsurprisingly been dominated by preparation made for the Open Day.

We start with Charlotte and some Project Z scenery. Nice graffiti of Jane MacDonald!

Here we see some shop fronts.

Art detail for the tattoo parlour.

And a group shot of the various survivors.

Next up and Tony F has been busy getting more terrain ready for a WW2 game. Apparently this type of monument is called a Calvary.

And some scratchbuilt hedges from sponge pads.

Followed by a nice walled garden.

and a little picturesque cottage.

Also for the WW2 game Phil has been put in charge of painting the armies while Tony F does the terrain. We start with the German infantry.

Followed by a touch of paint on the Cromwells.

And Bren carriers.

A change of genre now and I’ve continued painting up my 3mm sci-fi units, this time some grav tanks, dropships and a walker.

Staying with Sci-fi, Marcus has been busy painting up miniatures for a Stargrave crew.

And some more rather dramatic poses.

See you next Wednesday …

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have a bumper crop of progress this week. Much of it because of our Open Day this Saturday.

First up Tony F has been painting up more scenery for the WW2 game he is running at the Open Day. Above we have an impressive looking statue and below a walled church.

Next up and Phil has been busy painting up the British opposition for the WW2 game. Here we have a batch of Cromwells to be painted.

And some Humber armoured cars.

A switch of genres now and Stephen has done some conversion work on a Hot Wheels truck to turn it into a hover vehicle. I believe this is for a future game of Xenos Rampant.

On more familiar grounds he has also painted up a certain Castilian hero of old.

Moving back to WW2 and Felix has been painting up a Sherman and Greyhound.

And in answer Mark J has painted up some Volksgrenadier’s.

Lastly for this week we have Marcus and some more scratchbuilt sci-fi terrain.

That’s it for this week, see you on the next Wednesday.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Work in Progress Wednesday again and we start this week with a bumper crop from Eric. Above is a GW Necron flanked by some Harvesters from Wargames Atlantic.

Below are some side hustle objective markers, a monolith and broken robot.

Eric has also been painting up some scenery, this time some GW gothic sci-fi buildings.

Complete with customary skulls.

And lastly from Eric, he has painted up some crates and barrels to act as potential loot.

Now we turn to something from me, I’ve been painting up my 3mm sci-fi miniatures. I’m trying some Vallejo Xpress Color for the first time.
I didn’t paint over a white background but rather a base colour then applied the Vallejo Xpress Color. I’m quite pleased with the results, just need a bit of highlighting.

I’ve also been working on another tree unit for the Open Day, there will be 6 Ents forming the Wild Wood.

And sticking with the Open Day and Tony F has finished some buildings for his upcoming WW2 Open Day game.

See you next week for more from the members.

Work in Progress Wednesday

We are into June and with no sign of hobby defeating weather the members have been busy on projects.

I’m running a game using my scratchbuilt Ents at this years Open Day, but thought I needed to expand their ranks so went a little off script with the Entaur (that’s what I’m calling it) above.

And an Ent as a Forest Spider below, both need a bit more lichen added to their canopies, I’m hoping to pick some up at this Saturday’s Broadside Wargames Show.

I’ve also made some progress on the 2mm sci-fi town.

Next up and Stephen has been painting more Vietnam units, this time some VC forces.

Moving on and Tony F has been creating some scenery for his WW2 Open Day game. Starting with some fences.

And some smaller out buildings.

I’m assuming this is some sort of petrol station and garage buildings? I’ll have to ask.

And after painting up so many Vietnam figures Mark J has moved on to some German volksgrenadier’s.

That’s it for this week, see you at the next one.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Wednesday seems to have come around quickly, and for a rare moment let’s start with what I have on the painting table. Above are the mounted men at arms I’m painting up for the upcoming battle of Bosworth, you can even spot Richard getting ready for battle.

Next up I’ve started to paint up the 3mm sci-fi miniatures I sculpted. I’m revamping them so will be experimenting with new paint schemes, but I have lots of miniatures to do!

Lastly from me I have a set of Brigade Models Desert Sci-fi buildings, I’ll probably make some terrain diorama’s with these.

Now we move onto Phil who has dug out some old miniatures, this time his WW2 troops for a game at our open day. He is rebasing them and tidying up the original paint jobs.

Now we move onto Felix who has finished painting up a downed US crew and some NVA to hunt them down.

And lastly for this week Mark J has finished up another US Marine unit for a big Vietnam game.

And that’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday for some more miniature progress.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Here we are for another Wednesday and we start with Phil and a Quar force he has been assembling.

We follow that with Tony F and some loot tokens for Stargrave.

Next up and Charlotte has been busy putting together a building for an upcoming Project Z game.

This is going to represent the local supermarket.

And last for this week Marcus has been running more tests of his adaptation of the rules What a Tanker to a Sci-Fi setting.

See you next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have some new offerings from the members. We start with Eric and some Dreadball figures.

Next up Mark J has almost finished his Vietnam project with a School Building

And a Helicopter now mounted on a suitable base.

Now we have some more progress from Stephen on his castle

Andy has been ploughing on with his medieval Arabs, more light horse on the way.

And last but by no means least Charlotte has painted up a street gang, I’m assuming for an upcoming game of Project Z.

See you all next week.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and we start with Mark J and more progress on his Vietnam era Patrol Boat.

That is swiftly followed by Andy and his Mexican Peons.

A change of genre now and Stephen has been in a fantasy mood with some Wizards and their apprentices.

And he’s painted up some undead warriors complete with skeleton dogs.

Lastly this week and Tony F has been busy painting up miniatures for an up coming Stargrave game. We start with some nasty looking critters.

Moving on we have a Robot Butler.

A Sabretooth Tiger.

And a destroyed robot.

That’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday.