Work in Progress Wednesday

Wednesday seems to have come around quickly, and for a rare moment let’s start with what I have on the painting table. Above are the mounted men at arms I’m painting up for the upcoming battle of Bosworth, you can even spot Richard getting ready for battle.

Next up I’ve started to paint up the 3mm sci-fi miniatures I sculpted. I’m revamping them so will be experimenting with new paint schemes, but I have lots of miniatures to do!

Lastly from me I have a set of Brigade Models Desert Sci-fi buildings, I’ll probably make some terrain diorama’s with these.

Now we move onto Phil who has dug out some old miniatures, this time his WW2 troops for a game at our open day. He is rebasing them and tidying up the original paint jobs.

Now we move onto Felix who has finished painting up a downed US crew and some NVA to hunt them down.

And lastly for this week Mark J has finished up another US Marine unit for a big Vietnam game.

And that’s it for this week, see you next Wednesday for some more miniature progress.