Work in Progress Wednesday

The club slump after the holiday is definitely over, so much so that I’m going to save a few bits for next week.

First up John has finished the flour mill and we all agree he has done a wonderful job on the model. Considering John was following a very limited number of pictures. John has promised to do a step by step guide for a future blog post. But for now here is the completed mill.

This building is going to be an impossing sight on the tabletop

Next up Marcus has started on some new starships, Marcus told us “I put together some GZG “Crusty” starships. This is just a sample: 2 standard destroyers, a heavy destroyer on the right and an as yet unprimed conversion of a cruiser mated with the rear section of the heavy destroyer.”
Will be interesting to see what colour these go, I’m always facinated by the colours gamers chose for starship models.

A new fleet on the way

Tony has revied his flagging painting schedule to provide two offerings (saving the others for next week in case he flags again). The first being some more 6mm vehicles using Games Workshop contrast paints for the camoflague.

Spray undercoat of white, then an overall coat of Apothecary White followed by camouflage stripes of Militarum Green.

And to follow that some power pylons but I’ll let Tony describe the construction of these in his own words: “First up is this pair of Hornby power pylons. These are HO scale, about 8″ tall, and will serve for anything from 15mm Sci-fi to 20mm Gaslands or 28mm Zona Alfa.
They were pigs to put together – they’re quite old models and whoever designed them hadn’t heard of locating pins. Everything is butt joins or flat face-to-face joins, and it was very hard to get them all square and lined up properly. So much so that the first one I attempted to put together is currently being turned into a wrecked version, it was that bad…”

Apparently a challange to put together

And last but not least I finally managed to start slapping some paint on my last four 15mm Wars of the Roses units. I’m currently using the Sword and Spear rules and have the maximum number of standard units for an army so needed to look at the secondary units allowed.

Apart from the odd figure and commanders these are all from Essex Miniatures

The additional units will be one each of Welsh Longbowmen, Spearmen, Welsh Spearmen and Mercenary Crossbows.  As with the rest of my army I am specifically avoiding painting them all the same so I use one colour at a time and paint just one item on each figure before moving onto the next to get a real random feel to the unit.

That’s it for this week, join us again next week for more progress on these and other projects.

Work in Progress Wednesday

After taking last week off, club members have struggled out of the holiday slump with details of what they have been working on (there’s actually a lot going on but the club members are being hopeless at taking pictures!)

First up Marcus’ son has been trying a bit of miniature painting. We think these sci-fi troopers are a very good start.

Next up Marcus is going to teach a bit of dry brushing

Then Sean surprised us with pictures of his 6mm Viking raiders. These most definitely look the part, even more so when we learnt the ships are actually paper models.

Vikings on Tour!

And lastly for this week, I’ve done some more work on the pieces of plasterboard I acquired (ahem) with a wash of black paint to give that real ruined look.

First of the painted ruin pieces

Hopefully the club will continue coming up with projects in 2021.


Work in Progress Wednesday

During this holiday period we still have a bit of progress being made by club members.

John continues building up his Zona Alpha city with some more progress on the warehouse.

A roof and windows next for the warehouse

But John has also teased us with the beginning of construction on a mill/ironworks.

The beginning of the iron works

Feeling like I should also be making stuff, I’ve turned to that icon of art and crafts, the egg box.

Finally doing something with an egg box

Despite looking like some sort of sci-fi power station I’ve never bothered to use egg boxes for fear that on the tabletop they still look like egg boxes. But having used this one over the holiday period I felt I should see what I can do. It was a box of 15 eggs so avoids the dozen/half dozen look. But lets see what I can do with it.

And finally Steve has almost finished his new Dwarven army most likely to be used with the Dragon Rampant rules.

Just a couple of units to go

That’s it for 2020’s WIP Wednesdays. Let’s see what 2021 projects the club members can come up with.

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week Steve puts us all to shame with his continued hobby output.

First up he has already finished painting up his dwarves and heavy support in the form of a giant bear.

He’s behind you!

And out of the blue he has also found time to make himself a neat dice box. Bought for just £2 from the shop ‘The Works’, Steve created some compartments and a tray insert.

You can never have enough dice.

Next up John’s Zona Alfa city continues to expand with the start of a new warehouse. I’m sure this will look as good as the previous office block.

A warehouse for the Zona Alfa city

And finally I’ve started the plastering stage for my 15mm Tudor style buildings for Wars of the Roses games. As per my normal method they are made from EVA foam with the wood beams cut from coffee stirrers.

Tudor buildings soon to echo with the clash of swords and arrows

I thought I’d go for bathroom sealant to plaster in between the beams but it’s a nightmare so will need a rethink as I have seven buildings to do.

Given the current lockdown status we may well have another WIP post next week.


Work in Progress Wednesday

The club is definitely slowing down production as we approach the Christmas Holidays. And quite right given this year, although I suspect a few hobby related presents might see a resurgence in the new year.

First up Mark has made more progress with his Panzers.

More panzers get the camouflage treatment

And out of the blue mark also mentioned starting to slap some paint on a hundred years war project.

The English start to assemble

Steve shared this picture of a dwarven force on the painting table, but there was no mention of last weeks 6mm sci-fi force. After saying he had nothing to paint it seems Steve is queuing the projects up.

New Dwarvern Force on the Way

Steve got these Dwarves from Conqueror Models.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy using some old rock style clay I had for rubble piles. After using the hot glue gun to stick them together I coated the whole thing with PVA glue.

Air Drying Clay, left to dry and broken up for industrial style rubble

I’ve also resurrected my old 10mm dungeon to finally finish the project.

One half of the 10mm Dungeon

Slightly embarrassing that this project was started 17 years ago! Still made some progress at last.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It was troopers and gaming aids for this Wednesday.

Steve finally managed to get around to rebasing some troopers, as Steve himself says “A while ago I decided to strip and re-paint some EM4 plastic colonial marines. I also cut away the old guns and bought some replacements.

EM4 Plastic Troopers with Weapon Swaps

John L has also been painting troopers in the form of a group of Spetsnaz he actually won in a Zona Alfa competition.

Footsore America Spetsnaz

And finally this week Tony F has created for himself some stat trackers for Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings Stat Trackers

Tony explains these far better than I could: “I’ve made some gaming aids for Lord of the Rings games; these are stats trackers to record the special abilities of heroes and commanders using small D6. The original was 3D printed and then I’ve made moulds and cast them up in resin. The lettering and army badges are raised to make them easy to paint. I’ve painted some in appropriate colours for each army, and I’ve painted the ‘W’ for Wounds in red to differentiate it from the ‘W’ for Will (the other stats are Might and Fate).”

It will be interesting to see how these work. Tony is still looking at how to add the heroes name to the tracker.

Work in Progress Wednesday

Another Wednesday and the club has picked up the pace again.

First up Steve has a real mixed bag, starting off with some dinosaurs originally intended for a Valley of Gwanji type game. Then we have some Templars.

Templars for Outremer

and finally after bemoaning a lack of miniatures to paint Steve presented the start of a new 6mm sci-fi force from Brigade Models.

New 6mm army on the way

Next we have Marcus making some progress on some more Dreadball miniatures.

Nemion Spheres team

In a rare display of what’s on his workbench Phil shows us the start of a rather substantial burial mound in the works.

The start of a huge burial mound

Any finally a bit more paint daubing from Andy on his assortment of Dark Ages miniatures.

Bit of colour for the Dark Ages

Good to see progress continuing and new projects starting. Which reminds me I need to get back to that dungeon I’ve been putting off for 17 years!

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week has seen a marked slow down in progress reported from the club, typical given this week I’ve actually done something.

Therefore first up I’ve been using some old branches from the garden to make a petrified forest. I’m going for a selection of tree stumps to represent either the remnants of a dead forest or one after shelling or some form of barrage. I’ve got 19 trees and a few fallen logs.

The start of the petrified forest
Next up we have an impressive construction from John L as he continues to build up his battlefield for Zona Alpha. He’ll have a whole city by the time lockdown ends!
Office block in progress

And finally Andy continues to make further progress on his dark ages figures. Once he’s done I might well show each of these stages together from start to finish.

More progress on the Dark Ages

Let’s see if next week shows an increase in productivity, if nothing else I should have finished my forest.

Work in Progress Wednesday

This Wednesday’s work in progress sees another week packed with miniatures.

This week Tony F opens with a Rohirrim standard bearer, to keep his hopes of a LOTR figure a week going.

Lord of the Rings Standard Bearer

Next up Andy has continued making progress on his various Dark Age figures.

The multitude of Dark Age miniatures

Eric has managed to finish his crew for Zona Alfa and they are looking pretty good.

The whole crew – “Mad” Gregor, Dimitri, “Big” Mik, Vasily The Kid, Arkady (the leader).

Eric has also managed to put together some critters in the form of Zombies.

The zombies, George and Mildred

And last but not least John L has given us a sneak peak of some newly based Chilean Infantry, just waiting for a bit of vegetation.

Chilean infantry

John mention the following “A new rule book for the Pacific War 1879 – 1885 is out so I might give this a look.” So here’s hoping John gives us some more pictures of this projects.

Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday and the club seem to be as productive as ever.

First up we have Mark J taking a quick break from his WW2 Germans with this 6mm Slammers Zaporowskiey tank from Brigade Models. Mark says he’s been experimenting with a paint scheme based on the cold war British Berlin Brigade.

6mm Slammers Zaporowskiey tank

Next up Tony F has managed to get some paint on the mountain of Lord of the Rings Figures he has accumulated. In his own words “I failed my one-a-week Lord of the Rings target last week, but made up for it with two this week. On the left we have Rumil, an Elf from Lorien, brother of Haldir – he gets a brief mention in The Fellowship.”

On the right is Harry Goatleaf, gatekeeper of Bree. In the books he was in league with Bill Ferny and joined the ruffians in the Scouring of the Shire, while in the films he was ridden down and killed by Ringwraiths early on, figure is from eBob.

Andy has lined up a selection of dark age figures, undercoated them and started with the skin basecoat.

The start of another batch of Dark Age figures

Eric continues to assemble his Zona Alfa miniatures with another member of the crew.

Another figure to add to the Zona Alfa crew

And last but not least Steve has gone back to building scenery, or in this case a nice set of ruins.

Simple but effective ruins

Let’s hope the club members can keep up this level of painting and modelling. If you would like more information about the projects you see just let us know and we will quiz them on your behalf.