MWS Quiz Retrospective 16/09/2020

Here’s the third of Peter’s quizzes from last year. Answers Monday evening.

Pictures used are public domain or used under Creative Commons licence. Click the image to see attribution and details (after answering, of course)

Q01a: Which river in Greek mythology would travellers take to the Underworld

Q01b: What was the name of the Ferryman

Q02a: What was the home base of Stingray in the TV series

Q02b: From the same series can you name either the ruler of the undersea city of Titanica, or the code name of his surface agent.

Q03a : Which river separated Rome from the northern provinces of Italy, over which it was forbidden for a general to bring troops without permission of the Senate?

Q03b: Which Roman General’s crossing of it precipitated the civil war of 49BC

Q04a: At which major river crossing did Napoleon suffer his greatest losses in the retreat from Moscow in 1812

Q04b: Which French Marshal commanded the crossing operation and covering forces?

Q05a: What is the name of this aircraft?

Question 5a (Credit Tony Hisget. Click image for details)

Q05b: What is the name of its successor?

Question 5b (Public domain. Click image for details)

Q06a: Where did the first major naval battle of WW2 take place?

Q06b: Where did the Graf Spee take refuge after the battle?

Q07a: Who was the captain of the first submarine Nautilus?

Q07b: Where or when was the first operational submarine used in combat?

Q08a: Where was the first major land action of the combined allied armies fought against Imperial Russia in 1854?

Q08b Which river gave its name to the battle in autumn 1914 which stopped the German advance on Paris?

Q09a: Which combat over the river Derwent ended Scandinavian hopes in England?

Q09b: Which battle of ‘Black Week’ in the 2nd Boer War was fought at a river crossing?

Q10a: Which Indiana Jones film starred River Phoenix as young Indy?

Q10b: Where was Thoeden’s son Theodred killed?

Q11a: Which river did this bridge span?

Question 11a (Public Domain. Click image for details)

Q11b: Name any ludicrous attempts to destroy it after its capture by US Forces?

Q12a: Which club show game featured British ‘stay behind’ partisans in a 1940 ‘What If’?

Q12b: Several club games of the 2nd VietNam war featured riverine action. Which river was the primary focus?

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