Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and some of the members are getting into their stride when it comes to progress on their projects.

We start above with some 3D printed terrain from Marcus. These pieces will be making their way to a game of Stargrave soon.

Next up and Peter M has been busy again scratchbuilding some more Space: 1889 cloudships.

These are US warships ‘Wasp’ and ‘Hornet’.

While here we have the Austro-Hungarian ‘Radetsky’ from a few angles.

Word on the street says these any many other cloudships are heading for the Salute wargaming show this Saturday (13th April).

Next up and we have more Vietnam stuff from Mark J and Felix. Firstly some US Marines.

An M113.

And a film crew ready to report on events, or possibly needing to be rescued!

And last for this week Eric has started on some 15mm Brigade infantry for our first look at Xenos Rampant.

See you next Wednesday.