Work in Progress Wednesday

How is it already April? Although the weather doesn’t feel like spring the members have been busy again.

We start with Peter M and soaring above us is another Space: 1889 cloudship, this one is the Imperial German LuftSchiffe the ‘Valkyrie’, recently seen at the Salute 51 wargames show.

Speaking of shows Phil had a very small addition to the society show game Summer of 77, in the form of a freshly printer bridge for the railway station. We’ll have to see if someone got a picture of the finished one on the game.

Next up and I’ve been doing some work on my Wars of the Roses army. I realised my spearmen units were more often fielded as the heavy infantry version so I rebased them to fit with my other heavy infantry units.

And I’ve started on a command base to represent Richard III as our campaign is just one more battle away from Bosworth. The king and retinue are from Peter Pig.

Returning to Vietnam and Stephen has painted up a US Marine company before moving on to the Viet Cong troops.

And last but not least for this week Marcus has made some more progress on his sci-fi terrain pieces.

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you next Wednesday.