Work in Progress Wednesday

Bit of a bumper crop this week. Stephen has made progress on his hover Camper Van. Stephen has added luggage to the roof and undercoated it ready for the paint scheme.

What paint scheme will it be?

Next up Eric has painted up two fantasy miniatures. The first being a ranger miniature.

Old school feel to the Ranger

The second a warrior Eric will use for Warhammer fantasy or to add to a Dragon Rampant unit.

Flailing around?

Mark has gone back to his Hundred Years War army with the mass ranks of archers getting the painting treatment.

Hundred Years War archers

John has made progress on his Japanese buildings having added the thatched roof and wooden panels.

Japanese houses

And last but not least I’ve been looking at creating some terrain pieces to just act as battlefield dressing. Things that won’t have an effect in the game but break up the tabletop and set the scene. To start with I’m using some old Games Workshop skeletons as the fallen left behind after some ancient battle.

Unfortunate souls from a previous battle

See you next week for more from the club.


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