Work in Progress Wednesday

The club slump after the holiday is definitely over, so much so that I’m going to save a few bits for next week.

First up John has finished the flour mill and we all agree he has done a wonderful job on the model. Considering John was following a very limited number of pictures. John has promised to do a step by step guide for a future blog post. But for now here is the completed mill.

This building is going to be an impossing sight on the tabletop

Next up Marcus has started on some new starships, Marcus told us “I put together some GZG “Crusty” starships. This is just a sample: 2 standard destroyers, a heavy destroyer on the right and an as yet unprimed conversion of a cruiser mated with the rear section of the heavy destroyer.”
Will be interesting to see what colour these go, I’m always facinated by the colours gamers chose for starship models.

A new fleet on the way

Tony has revied his flagging painting schedule to provide two offerings (saving the others for next week in case he flags again). The first being some more 6mm vehicles using Games Workshop contrast paints for the camoflague.

Spray undercoat of white, then an overall coat of Apothecary White followed by camouflage stripes of Militarum Green.

And to follow that some power pylons but I’ll let Tony describe the construction of these in his own words: “First up is this pair of Hornby power pylons. These are HO scale, about 8″ tall, and will serve for anything from 15mm Sci-fi to 20mm Gaslands or 28mm Zona Alfa.
They were pigs to put together – they’re quite old models and whoever designed them hadn’t heard of locating pins. Everything is butt joins or flat face-to-face joins, and it was very hard to get them all square and lined up properly. So much so that the first one I attempted to put together is currently being turned into a wrecked version, it was that bad…”

Apparently a challange to put together

And last but not least I finally managed to start slapping some paint on my last four 15mm Wars of the Roses units. I’m currently using the Sword and Spear rules and have the maximum number of standard units for an army so needed to look at the secondary units allowed.

Apart from the odd figure and commanders these are all from Essex Miniatures

The additional units will be one each of Welsh Longbowmen, Spearmen, Welsh Spearmen and Mercenary Crossbows.  As with the rest of my army I am specifically avoiding painting them all the same so I use one colour at a time and paint just one item on each figure before moving onto the next to get a real random feel to the unit.

That’s it for this week, join us again next week for more progress on these and other projects.