Work in Progress Wednesday 29/06/2022

With Tony away on holiday and Jeremey under the weather, editorship of this week’s WIP Wednesday roundup falls to Andy.

Above we have part of John’s 15mm Spanish Village, under construction for the game he ran at our open day last Saturday (blog post on which to follow). More of his buildings below:

Tony’s also been making scenery, this time for his 6mm Hammer’s Slammers open day game, power pylons (3D prints), monorail tracks (resin and metal) and telegraph poles (homemade from cocktail sticks and plastic strip)

Finally, not so much “Work In Progress” as “Just Finished”, a couple of examples of Stephen’s fine paintwork, first a 75mm tall Reaper Bones figure representing Utgaard-Loki for Of Gods and Mortals. He’s still trying to find the right model for Jormungandr.

And a group of scary amphibians, coming to a Stargrave waterworld near you soon (well, August 27th to be precise).

That’s all for this week folks!

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