Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s 2024 and our first Work in Progress Wednesday of the year.

We start this week with some Arab light horse from Andy. These plastic kits take a bit of assembly and we can see below Andy is building a fair number.

Next up and Phil continues on the construction of this years show game with a splendid manor house. The grid layout is apparently going to be part of the game.

We move on to David P with some additions to the growing corps of Russian and French troops.

Moving on and I’ve put the finishing touches to my miniatures for the retro paint challenge we are currently running. We will be putting up a separate page of the miniatures painted soon.

Sticking with the retro challenge and Tony F presents his work so far.

He has also been busy on some scenery projects, we have a small garden

and a farmhouse building with courtyard.

Finally for this week Tony F has also started work on some fantasy scenery pieces with the fountain.

That’s it for our first work in progress post of 2024, let’s hope it’s a productive year!