Retro-Work in Progress Wednesday

We have a slight change to our Work in Progress post this week, but we thought we’d do a review of the retro painting challenge society members have been engaged in.

The idea was to paint up some old Games Workshop miniatures in that classic 1990’s style. We will be auctioning off these miniatures at a later date for charity.

First up we have Stephen’s effort with a chaos thug and a classic plastic Space Marine.

Next Pete went for another  Space Marine and also a mean looking Minotaur.

Now we have Eric who’s played a lot of Warhammer 40K in his time. Eric went for a Space Ork and a Chaos Thug.

For my miniatures I ended up with what I thought were two Chaos Warriors but they turned out to be Evil Fighters from the GW D&D range.

We had a late entry from Tony F (that’s why they didn’t make the group shot)., Tony went for an ogre looking warrior (no idea on that one) and what I believe is a miniature from the Paranoia range GW produced.

This was a fun challenge and a wonderful nostalgia trip for us all.

We’ll post news of the charity auction once we’ve worked out how to run it.