Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we have another offering from the progress made by club members.

First up John has painted up some more ships. This time some English and Spanish Galleons.

English and Spanish Galleons

John’s amassing quite a fleet.

Next up Marcus has made progress on his alien plants. Still think these models are very nice and enjoying the colour scheme Marcus is going for.

Deadly Alien Vegetation

Andy has yet more Dark Ages miniatures on the go. If he continues like this he will have enough to stage … well the Dark Ages its self.

A small degree of progress on the Saxon Thegns. Skin and trousers painted.

And last but certainly not least this week, Eric has painted up a selection of Warhammer 40K Cultists.

First is a Corrupted Commissar with shotgun and sword, next is a chaos trooper with an autogun and last an acolyte of some description with a power claw thingy and a nasty looking axe.

See you next week with some more progress from the club members.