Work in Progress Wednesday

Marcus starts us off this week with progress on some 15mm Sci-fi miniatures. Above we have some alien critters (definitely look the part) from Bombshell minis .

Next up some 15mm New Israelis from Ground Zero Games

New Israeli troops

And finally some robots, robo scouts from Critical Mass (now Ral Partha) and Alternative Armies (monkey).

Scout and Monkey (sounds like a 1980’s band)

Tony has made more progress on his 6mm sci-fi town, now with ground texture added.

Inner city development

John has finished his new crew for Kontraband (the doggy makes an appearance).

Good Doggy

Andy has made more progress on his medieval sergeants, well he has actually finished these now as they were getting stuck in at the Medway Rapture Gaming & Creative Festival last weekend. I haven’t asked how they got on.

Sergeants and Crossbows

And finally for this week let’s end on a load of rubbish. I created a landfill rubbish tip from real rubbish around the house that I was not able to recycle.

Copped up rubbish and a hot glue gun later

So on that rubbish note, that’s another Work in Progress Wednesday in the can, we will see you next week for more tips (ok I’ll stop now).

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