Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s the first Work in Progress Wednesday of 2022 and we start the year with a bumper crop.

Eric has found his painting mojo again, above we have some Games Workshop Chaos Cultists.

Next up from Eric we have a rather snazzy looking dino warrior (apparently a Blacktooth Suppressor from Reaper Miniatures) and Theddra Skullscryer from Games Workshop.

Followed by some Games Workshop Chaos Marauders.

And lastly from Eric another Games Workshop miniature Custodian Guard Shield Captain. Never dared paint a miniature gold myself so kudos to Eric for this one.

Next up are a whole bunch of Vikings from me. These are 16 Viking archers and 16 Bondi warriors from Crusader Miniatures. I’m painting these up for SAGA.

Now we move on to Andy who has made progress on his Poles, in his own words “A little more work on the Poles, muskets, packs and greatcoats and fusilier company pom-poms done”.

Tony managed a last ditch effort to reach his target of 50 Lord of the Rings miniatures painted in a year. Here we have three more dwarves from The Hobbit (Dwalin, Dori and Gloin).

Then 3 orc berserkers, clearly in the middle of a workout down the gym.

And lastly from Tony a great looking Arathorn and a dwarf king.

Last but by no means least for this week, Stephen has added to his Sci-Fi collection with a couple of droids, another space dinosaur (must be all the rage) and a converted dog miniature as a sabre toothed pug.

See you next week …

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