Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and another offering of what members are working on.

I’ll start with me for a change, above I’ve almost finished my Vikings. These are the quickest I’ve painted a group of miniatures for many a year. I need these for a game of Saga and so have put in the time to get them done.

Next up Mark has been painting an assortment of miniatures. The first being a bunch of mutants for judge Dredd.

Next we have an Elf Mage complete with fire spell effect. Apparently the spell effect comes as transparent plastic which Mark has painted with a suitable ink wash to look like fire.

Felix has also been doing a bit of painting with a Halfling Thief.

And lastly for this week Stephen has started a dungeon project. Stephen hasn’t decided what to do with the dungeon but promises there is more of this to come.

That’s it for this Wednesday, see you all next week.

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