Society Meeting 26 March 2022

A quick round up of last weekend’s games…

First up above we have a game of Sails of Glory. This game uses pre-painted ships that are 1/1000 scale I believe.

There was a FoG game with hundred years war English vs a force of Catalans mercenaries.

Now we move into space with a game of Full Thrust. This saw the players having to complete a mission involving capture or destruction of some ships caught up next to a moon that’s collapsed. One of the fleets used was entirely scratchbuilt.

It seemed to be a day with ships of one sort or another. Other club members were trying out Galley and Galleons rules for a forthcoming campaign set in the Mediterranean in the 15th century using 1/2400 scale ships either metal or 3D printed.

The forces being represented in the campaign are Genoa, Venice, Knights of St John, Ottoman, Barbary States and the Mamluk Sultanate.


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